100 Grand Bar

100 Grand Bar

100 Grand Bar

The 100 Grand Bar is a candy bar made from chocolate, caramel and crisped rice. The 100 Grand Bar was formerly called the $100,000 Bar before it adopted the newer moniker. The 100 Grand Bar was spoken verbally as the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar" before the 100 Grand Bar name took hold. The trademark for 100 Grand Bar suggests that it was invented in the year 1964, though the true date of its release is not completely clear. The 100 Grand Bar’s primary ingredient is milk chocolate, which is popular in the American candy market. This candy bar has been the center of many gags and jokes, such as people saying they will give away 100 Grand, with people thinking it is cash, only for it to be the 100 Grand candy bar. This has spawned a bit of consternation, but nonetheless, the 100 Grand Bar remains a popular product and has competed well with other candy bars in its range, such as the Crunch Bar. You can read more information about the 100 Grand Bar below, such as its history, flavors, and where to buy it.

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100 Grand Bar History And Information

The 100 Grand Bar was first invented around the year 1964. While the exact date is not known for sure, trademark information shows that the Nestle company filed trademark information for the 100 Grand Bar in the year 1964. The 100 grand bar is made from ingredients such as milk chocolate, crisped rice, and caramel. The crisped rice is similar to candy bars such as the Crunch Bar, which was reported at one time to be closely matched in popularity to the 100 Grand Bar. This candy bar was once called the $100,000 Bar and was verbally referred to as the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar" before it was renamed in the mid-1980s. In South Africa the bar was called “1,000,000”, perhaps due to currency value differences and perceptions of that value. The 100 Grand Bar is thick, rough with crisped rice embedded into the outer layer of chocolate, and contains caramel in the center of the candy bar's length.

Initially, 100 Grand was produced by Nestlé, the one who trademarked it. However, Nestle ended up selling off many of its candy products to the company Ferrero SpA. Ferrero bought the 100 Grand Bar as well as many other candy products from Nestle in 2018 for about 2.8 Billion Dollars. The sale allowed for Ferrero to use the Nestle name on the acquired products for a limited time, about a year, but then it seems that the Nestle name will be removed from products such as the 100 Grand Bar and other product from the deal.

Redesigns for the 100 Grand Bar packaging is nothing new, however, as the packaging has changed significantly since the candy bar’s introduction. Originally The 100 Grand Bar was called “$100,000” and had the tagline “A Fortune In Flavor!” on it; The package had white, red, and brown bands of color and the words Nestles Caramel Crisp written above $100,000. Later editions of the package design for the candy was mostly red and had a picture of a young boy on it as a mascot for the brand. Eventually, the boy was no longer used on the package, and over time the packaging for the 100 Grand developed further, with the name being changed and it adopting the now familiar red, white, orange and brown color scheme.

The name “100 Grand” is set up a rather nicely for pranks, though someone people can get upset about them. A Radio Station was sued when a Kentucky woman who thought she won $100,000 in a radio station giveaway found out that her prize was really a Nestle's 100 Grand candy bar. The woman was under the impression it was 100 Grand in currency, and after winning she found out that it was the candy bar instead. TV shows such as “The Office” have used the 100 Grand bar for jokes as well, playing on the name.

Various flavors of 100 Grand have been produced, such as 100 Grand Dark and 100 Grand With Peanuts, in edition to special versions with limited time packaging art. A Spin-off product in the form of a 100 Grand bar version of Edy’s ice cream has been produced. The 100 Grand bar’s slogan is "That's Rich!", and has used other slogans as well, such as A Fortune in Flavor”. The 100 Grand allegedly had its name inspired from a game show. Multiple sizes of 100 Grand have been made, such as super sized and miniatures.


The Company That Makes 100 Grand Candy

The company that makes the 100 Grand candy bar is Ferrero SpA, an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products. Ferrero bought the rights to “100 Grand” in a deal that saw many candy products being transferred to Ferrero from Nestle in the year 2018. The deal was for around 2.8 Billion dollars, with Ferrero being allowed to use the Nestle name on the candies they acquired for 1 year.


The Year 100 Grand Was Invented

The year the 100 Grand bar was invented is around 1964, although it is not totally clear, the trademark information for what is now called the 100 Grand bar was filed at that time. When originally invented, the candy bar was called $100,000.


The Company That Invented 100 Grand Candy

That company that first invented and produced 100 Grand candy is Nestle, a Swiss multinational food and drink company. At the time they called it $100,000 before changing its name to 100 Grand.


Name Change

The name 100 Grand is not the original name for the product. Originally the candy bar was called $100,000 when it was first released to the public. The name change took place in the mid 1980’s mostly likely around 1985 to 1986. After that time the name became what it is now, 100 Grand. In South Africa this candy bar’s name was $1,000,000.


Info On Buying The 100 Grand Bar

The 100 Grand Bar can be purchases both in stores and online. Buying from stores is fast and easy, and buying online is a good way to buy 100 Grand Bar in bulk or if there are no stores that sell the candy around your location. Some stores that sell 100 Grand bars are Walgreen’s and CVS; You can check out a larger list of stores that may sell 100 Grand bars by checking below. You can also check out offers on buying the 100 Grand bar online by checking below.


Stores That Sell The 100 Grand Bar

Here are some stores that may sell the 100 Grand Bar

  1. Walgreen’s

  2. Stop And Shop

  3. CVS

  4. Rite Aid

  5. ShopRite

  6. Staples

  7. Walmart


Buy The 100 Grand Bar Online Now

You can buy the 100 Grand Bar online by checking these offers below.


Buy 100 Grand Bar Products From Ebay

Here are some 100 Grand Bar products for sale from Ebay!


The Types And Flavors Of The 100 Grand Bar

Here are some of the different types and flavors of 100 Grand Bar.

  • 100 Grand Bar With Peanuts

  • 100 Grand Dark Chocolate Bar

  • Edy’s Ice Cream - 100 Grand Bar version. (Spin-Off Product)


Watch 100 Grand Bar Commercials

Here are some TV commercials of the 100 Grand Bar

This commercial is from when the 100 Grand Bar was called the $100,000 Bar.

1996 100 Grand Bar commercial.


1979 commercial for the 100 Grand Bar, then called the 100,000 Dollar Bar.


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