Clark Bar

The Clark bar is somewhat little known, but it is definitely worth knowing about. It has earned its self many fans over the decades. The Clark Bar is a candy bar made with milk chocolate and peanut butter. Clark Bar has a very unique taste to it, it has a crisp when bitten and has a … Read more


Cheez-Its were first introduced in 1921 by Green and Green Company, and yield a loyal fan base history for quite some time. Cheez-Its are rectangular baked crackers that are made from cheese, wheat flour, paprika and other secret ingredients. The cheesy taste and orange color are two of the hallmarks that give Cheez-It its name. … Read more


Bit-O-Honey is a honey flavored taffy candy bar that has almonds inside it. They are sweet, taste wonderful, and the honey adds something that is often not found in taffy candy bars. It is a nice change of pace from other taffy candy that tend to use chocolate in the mix, such as the Heath … Read more

BB Bats

BB Bats are a rectangle shaped piece of taffy on a stick, a taffy lollipop or ”sucker”. This large taffy lollipop comes in several flavors, such as Banana and Strawberry, and is a rather large sized for a lollipop, much more so then the small lollipops you can get for free at the bank. BB … Read more

Apple Jacks Cereal

Apple Jacks cereal is a crunchy sweet breakfast cereal, though often enjoyed as a mid-day snack as well. Apple Jacks has a easy to recall name, and is distinguished by its orange and green color cereal O’s. Apple Jacks has a apple and cinnamon taste that is appealing with milk. It is a fairly popular … Read more

Almond Joy

Almond Joy is a candy bar that consists of ingredients like milk chocolate, almonds, and coconut. Almond Joy has almond-embedded chocolate wrapped around what appears to be a form of diced coconuts. The center of this candy is very soft due to the coconut inside of it, while the outer shell of chocolate and almonds … Read more

5th Avenue Bar

5th Avenue is a candy bar that was first invented in the year 1936. It is a brown colored and rectangular shaped candy bar, made of milk chocolate and containing crunchy peanut butter on the inside. The 5th Avenue bar is crunchy, and tastes strongly of chocolate and peanut butter. The original 5th Avenue bar … Read more

100 Grand Bar

The 100 Grand Bar is a candy bar made from chocolate, caramel and crisped rice. The 100 Grand Bar was formerly called the $100,000 Bar before it adopted the newer moniker. The 100 Grand Bar was spoken verbally as the “Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar” before the 100 Grand Bar name took hold. The trademark for … Read more