Fruity and bite-sized candies are always really enjoyable. There are many candies that might fit this description, but none of them are as good as Smarties. These treats are chocolatey and fruity and crunchy all at once and they offer really delicious fruit shells that are not common in chocolate candies. These candies have been … Read more

3 Musketeers Candy

The 3 Musketeers candy is a classic and popular candy that can be found almost anywhere in the US. It is a common candy bar to be offered to kids as Halloween candy and it is sold in many sizes for your enjoyment. This is one of the best candy bars in this category and … Read more


On the list of unusual candy bars that many people have loved for years, the Zagnut tops the list. This candy bar with a silly name is made in a very unusual way and offers a similar taste profile to a Mounds Bar. This is not a candy flavor profile that is reflected in many … Read more

Life Savers Candy

Life Savers candy are one of the most iconic candies around. Almost everyone has had these delightful little treats at one time or another in their life and they continue to be some of the most popular candies of all time. This classic candy that is ring-shaped has continued to be created in much the … Read more


One of the best-known and most familiar candy bars in the US, Snickers! The candy bar has been around since 1930 and has delighted people who love nutty, caramelly and chocolatey treats. Snickers bars are still sold everywhere in the US, from movie theaters to grocery stores, and are one of the most familiar products … Read more

Unicorn Pops

Unicorn pops are delightful treats that are full of fruity flavor. The unicorn pop has been around since 1932, when it was first made by Adams & Brooks, Inc. This delightful and whimsical candy captured the imagination of children who believed that they were really consuming a unicorn’s horn and possibly gaining magical powers by … Read more

Krackel Bar

Crisped Rice in chocolate has been a delicious treat that consumers have enjoyed for over 80 years, thanks to Krackel and the Crunch bar. Of course, people can enjoy this type of chocolate candy outside of these two brands. Still, these are the heavy hitters that have made this chocolate treat so popular. Keep on … Read more

Tootsie Pops

Tootsie Pops are often called the world’s most popular lollipops. And it’s for good reason, too; they taste great! Tootsie Pops have been around for decades and they are still going strong. They are a lot like normal lollipops, but they have a thick shell that surrounds an extremely chewy chocolate Tootsie Roll in the … Read more