Planters Peanuts

Planters Peanuts are a brand of various types of peanuts in a variety of preparations. Planters Peanuts have been around since the beginning of the 20’th century, and are often considered a classic staple of peanut brand snacks. Consisting of varieties such as Honey Roasted or Dry Roasted, Planters Peanuts are a humble yet happy … Read more

Mars Bar

The Mars bar is a candy bar made from chocolate, and depending on the region its produced can include either nougat or roasted almonds. There are 2 versions of the Mars bar, the original being from the U.K, and another version sold in the United States. The Mars candy bar has many fans but is … Read more

Heath Bar

The Heath Bar is a combination of milk chocolate and toffee. It has been around since around the 1920s. It is a sweet and chewy candy that is somewhat hard and is made with 2 types of different types of confectionaries. You can find information about the Candy Bar here such as its history, where to buy … Read more


Fritos are corn chips made by deep-frying extruded whole cornmeal. Fritos come in the form of long, skinny, wavy strips of corn chips, usually golden-orange in color. Fritos has a texture that is almost like tortilla chips but is different in its own way. Frito‚Äôs comes in its original flavor, as well as other varieties … Read more

5th Avenue Bar

5th Avenue is a candy bar that was first invented in the year 1936. It is a brown-colored and rectangular-shaped candy bar, made of milk chocolate and containing crunchy peanut butter on the inside. The 5th Avenue bar is crunchy and tastes strongly of chocolate and peanut butter. The original 5th Avenue bar had almonds … Read more