Chick O Stick

If you have ever wanted to eat a candy that is like a candy bar without the chocolate on the outside, the Chick O Stick candy is the right choice for you! This is a really unique candy style that offers you a really strange but delicious taste and texture experience. This candy has been … Read more

Mamba Candy

Fruity, juicy, chewy, delicious – all of these words have been used to describe Mamba candy and they are all absolutely right. Originally launched in the German market, this candy has been popular since the day it debuted.  Mamba Candy History Mamba has a long, steady history behind it. This candy was originally produced in … Read more

Tootsie Roll

Almost everyone has tried this yummy little candy and most people keep it at the top of their list of favorite candies. This is a classic treat that is still passed out at Halloween and given to kids for Easter candy and other holidays. This is a candy that has been manufactured for longer continuously … Read more

Trix Cereal

Trix cereal is familiar to many people. This is one of the most popular cereals in the world and for good reason. It is sweet, fruity, and delicious and offers fun shapes as well as creative branding. There are not many other kinds of cereal that are so recognizable and many people are familiar with … Read more


Pringles is a brand of saddle-shaped potato crisps. The Pringles brand has had an interesting ride through history and is known for its unique can that Pringles chips come in. The can that contains the chips are designed to prevent crushing and help keep Pringles intact and uniform for the consumer. Pringles comes in many … Read more

PEZ Candy

PEZ is a candy that comes in the form of small bricks. PEZ is sold in colorful aluminum packages, each containing multiple small “brick-shaped” PEZ candies. PEZ is often eaten from toy candy dispensers that can take many forms. These toy candy dispensers will release or stick out a piece of PEZ candy, one at … Read more


M&Ms are small chocolate candies that are in the shape of something like a button. M&Ms are different colors and have a candy shell around the chocolate center. M&Ms were invented in the year 1941 and come in many different varieties. M&Ms have the letter “m” on one side of the candy, and come in … Read more

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are colorful small candies and are a type of hard candy. Jolly Rancher comes in a variety of different colors and flavors. They were first made in the year 1949, and since then new flavors and spin-off products for Jolly Rancher have been produced. This candy has enjoyed some popularity since its release, … Read more