Astro Pops

Astro Pops came onto the snack food market following the rise of interest in space due to the race to the moon in the 60s. These are classic candies that have a lot to say about what was important and exciting to adults and kids alike during the 1960s. Not everyone will remember these classic … Read more

Kaboom Cereal

The General Mills Company has been a leader in the cereal industry for a reason. They’ve turned out some really incredible cereals over the years and Kaboom is just one of those. This cereal was fun, delicious, and even loaded with vitamins. Does it really get much better than that?  Kaboom History Kaboom was released … Read more

Swedish Fish

Some people aren’t big fans but many of us remember growing up with Swedish Fish and still turn to these fun chewy candies to enjoy when we want that little something sweet. Swedish Fish have been around forever, it seems.  One of the interesting things about this unique candy is that they are labeled as … Read more


This delightful candy was not always known by this name. You might know them as SweeTarts. These sweet and sour candies were originally created in the 60s under the moniker which was later changed to Shockers when the stronger and more sour version was made. This was owing to the surprisingly sweet and sour notes … Read more


Starburst is a soft fruit-flavored candy in the form of a type of taffy. They come as rectangular or “box” shaped pieces of individually wrapped candy in a variety of colors and flavors. Starburst themselves are chewy, interesting to look at, and generally are fruit-flavored. Starburst is advertised as being made with real fruit juice, … Read more


Sprite is a clear soda with a lemon-lime flavor and is known for its green color branding. Sprite is caffeine-free, crisp tasting, and has had a wide fan base since its introduction in 1961. Sprite is often thought to be a close competitor to 7 Up, another caffeine-free lemon-lime flavored soft drink. Sprint has a … Read more


Pop-Tarts are toaster pastries that are eaten as breakfast food or as a snack. Pop-Tarts are rectangular in shape, fairly thick, and contain filling inside of them. Many varieties of Pop-Tarts exist, many of them containing a coating of hard frosting on one side of the Pop-Tart. Pop-Tarts was first made in the year 1964, … Read more

LemonHead Candy

LemonHead is a tart candy about the size of a gumball. LemonHead candy was first invented in the year 1962 and has become popular for its sour and sweet taste. LemonHead is vaguely shaped like a lemon and is yellow in color. Lemonheads pack a strong lemon flavor but are not overpowering in their taste. … Read more