Ring Pops

Ring pops are one of the most iconic and recognizable treats that you can find on the market. These delightfully fun candies are totally unique in that you can wear them on your hands as you enjoy them. This candy offers you the chance to pick your favorite color “jewel” for your ring and then … Read more

ZotZ Candy

ZotZ candy is a unique and really fun candy that is made with a fizzy and sour center encased in a hard candy shell. These candies are fruity and delightful and the center is sour and bubbly. The contrast of the two kinds of experience makes ZotZ memorable. ZotZ comes in cherry, watermelon, grape, orange, … Read more

Whatchamacallit Candy Bar

The Whatchamacallit is a chocolate bar made with peanuts and layered with caramel. It has a strong peanut butter taste to it mixed with a nice combination of chocolate and caramel to back it up. Made by the Hershey company, the Whatchamacallit has maintained a popular following despite not being as well known as the … Read more


Twix is a cookie (or biscuit for some) that consists of a shortbread-like substance covered with ingredients like chocolate and caramel. Made using ingredients such as Enriched Wheat Flour, this candy bar is very chocolaty, crunchy, and just begs for a drink when eaten. Twix was first produced in the United Kingdom under the name Raider … Read more

Sherbet Dip Dabs

Sherbet Dip Dabs are lollipops that come with sherbet powder. You lick on the otherwise fairly normal-looking lollipop, and then stick it into the sherbet powder. The sherbet powder gives a fizzy sensation that adds to the overall flavor of the lollipop. Some people like to use the lollipop to shovel the fizzy sherbet power into their … Read more

Marathon Bar

The Marathon Bar was a popular chocolate bar that covered a long piece of caramel. It had a distinctive twirled or curly shape to it. The Marathon Bar was known to last a long time when eating it, helping earn its name. It was a popular snack but also a bit short-lived as well. The … Read more

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is a piece of taffy candy that comes in various flavors. First called Beich’s Caramels, eventually, the candy was renamed Beich’s, Laffy Taffy. This is a generally small candy that is somewhat soft, very chewy. Laffy Taffy comes individually wrapped, and is a color that helps identify the flavor, such as red for … Read more