Ice Breakers Candy

Ice Breakers candy is really more like a breath mint. There are many varieties of this candy and you will love the freshness of all of them that cannot be found in any other candy. You will also probably really enjoy the cute and stylish containers of these candies because they will fit right into … Read more

dnL Soda

7-Up has always been a classic. But do you know what happens when a classic brings something new to the world? You get a classic with a twist. While these specialty options sometimes don’t last, they are certainly worth a glance when they do. And many of us have memories of those classics that can … Read more

Cry Baby Gum

Cry Baby Gum is a unique gum product that is actually a Tootsie Roll product. Chewing gum has always been very popular in the US and there are many different kinds of gum on the market that will take care of your breath-freshening needs as well as offer enjoyable taste profiles for your needs. For … Read more

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is one of the most famous Pepsi products, but not because of its success. It was one of the stranger things that Pepsi made and marketed in the 1990s and the very fact that Pepsi thought that making a clear version of its classic dark cola style product was a bit boggling, even … Read more

Baby Bottle Pops

Everyone loves a good lollipop or a lollipop spin-off, right? Baby bottle pops are just that. This lollipop variety gives you a unique combination of a lollipop that looks like a baby bottle nipple and a bottle full of flavored powder to dip into.  Yum!  Baby Bottle Pop History The baby bottle pop was introduced … Read more

NutRageous Bar

If you like nuts and you like Reese’s then you most definitely will like the NutRageous candy bar.  The NutRageous candy bar is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The chocolate on top of the peanut butter caramel center is hard to resist. And hey, how can you resist this bar when it’s a … Read more

Sour Punch Straws

This delightfully sour candy is a favorite with people who love these kinds of candies. Sour candies are often hard to eat because they are messy, but the shape and design of these little candy straws make them really easy to eat and enjoy in any situation. If you love sour candy, these little snacks … Read more

Warheads Candy

Warheads are an extremely sour candy that comes in several flavors. The candy itself comes as small ovals, in a variety of colors. First introduced in the year 1975, Warheads candy is well known for being a top choice for those seeking a purely sour candy. While many candies are advertised as sour, most of … Read more