This is one of the best-known and most familiar candy bars in the US. The candy bar has been around since 1930 and has delighted people who love nutty, caramelly and chocolatey treats. Snickers bars are still sold everywhere in the US, from movie theaters to grocery stores. This is one of the most familiar … Read more

Nerds Candy

Nerds have been a popular candy for decades. They are a fun little candy that you can just pop a handful in your mouth or mix and match flavors however you like. Sometimes Nerds can be a little sour and other times they can be very sweet.  They have added many popular flavors over the … Read more


This candy was originally introduced in 1978 and had an entirely different name. The silly name of this candy bar was changed from Whatchamacallit but the general identity of the candy has always been pretty much the same. This is a really memorable bar for people who were kids in the 70s and it continues … Read more

Swedish Fish

Some people aren’t big fans but many of us remember growing up with Swedish Fish and still turn to these fun chewy candies to enjoy when we want that little something sweet. Swedish Fish have been around for forever, it seems.  One of the interesting things about this unique candy is that they are labeled … Read more

Ring Pops

Ring pops are one of the most iconic and recognizable treats that you can find on the market. These delightfully fun candies are totally unique in that you can wear them on your hands as you enjoy them. This candy offers you the chance to pick your favorite color “jewel” for your ring and then … Read more

Jujubes Candy

This little fruity candy is a staple at movie theaters and is available in vending machines and candy stores all over the US. These simple little snacks are delightfully chewy and brightly colored ad they have not changed much since the first years that they were sold. There are indications that this candy has been … Read more


Kool-Aid is perhaps one of the longest standing popular drinks in history. It’s incredibly affordable to use and it comes in tons of different flavor options as well.  This term inspires excitement and maybe some great memories of a childhood with a red mustache from the glass of Kool-Aid you enjoyed after playing outside or … Read more


This delightful candy was not always known by this name. You might know them as SweeTarts. These sweet and sour candies were originally created in the 60s under the moniker which was later changed to Shockers when the stronger and more sour version was made. This was owing to the surprisingly sweet and sour notes … Read more

Tootsie Roll

Almost everyone has tried this yummy little candy and most people keep it at the top of their list of favorite candies. This is a classic treat that is still passed out at Halloween and given to kids for Easter and other holidays. This is a candy that has been manufactured for longer continuously than … Read more

Trix Cereal

Trix cereal is familiar to many people. This is one of the most popular cereals in the world and for good reason. It is sweet, fruity, and delicious and offers fun shapes as well as creative branding. There are not many other kinds of cereal that are so recognizable and many people are familiar with … Read more