Milky Way

The Milky Way is a candy bar that is made of nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate for its North American version. The Milky Way bar was introduced in the year 1924, and by 1926 there were to versions available. Both chocolate nougat with milk chocolate coating, and vanilla nougat with a dark chocolate coating versions have been created. The Milky Way has enjoyed a lot of success in the American candy market, with both full size and miniature sizes being available to the public.

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Milky Way

Milky Way Bar’s History And Information

The Milky Way’s main ingredients are milk chocolate, made from sugar, cocoa butter, skim milk, and milkfat. In addition, other ingredients in the candy bar are corn syrup, sugar, and palm oil to make the taste sweeter. Frank Clarence Mars is both the founder of the MAR-O-BAR company, better known today as the Mars. Inc corporation.

Mars incorporated was created in 1911 in Tacoma, Washington. His very first candy bar invention was the Milky Way Bar in 1923, which came in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. He created a simple yet delicious hard chocolate coating around a nougat center. In the very beginning, the chocolate coating was actually supplied by the Hershey’s chocolate. The bars were originally wrapped by hand, as wrapping candy in the 1920’s was a new phenomenon when it came to packaging and selling candy. It was first sold in 1924 and had over $800,000 in sales for the bar in the first year. The Milky Way bar was advertised in 1925, as a having more malted milk content than a soda fountain double malted milk. The idea of the invention of the Milky Way was that you could enjoy milk chocolate, often found in drink substitutes at the time, in an affordable (10 cents) delicious candy bar. The idea of putting malt flavored taste in chocolate was because of the malt that was used to create milkshakes. The Milky Way bar name became trademarked by Mars Inc. in 1925. In 1926, the company was moved to Chicago Illinois and shortly thereafter, by 1929, the Milky Way bar was the best-selling candy bar in the United States.

The backstory on the inventor of the Milky Way starts with a young man with a big dream. Franklin Clarence Mars was a son of a gristmill worker and started looking for various opportunities to support his young son, Forrest Mars. Someone who once started as a salesman for chips soon turned around to start one of the biggest well-known successful companies that lasted over 100 years later. Sometime between 1882, the year of his birth, and 1910, Frank set off to learn as much as he could about the candy making business in both Tacoma and Seattle. After much struggle between his divorce and small capital, he was nonetheless determined to drive a successful candy-making business. He started making small but popular butter-cream candies in his very own kitchen.

Mars encountered a revelation and took notice of the exploding post-war obsession with the chocolate craze that soon led him to create his very first chocolate bar- the Mar-O-Bar. This gave him a foothold in the candy-making industry and soon took off is the very invention of the Milky Way Candy bar made at N. Oak Park Ave in Chicago, Illinois. Some very peculiar and unsuspecting ingredients in this Milky Way Candy bar were said to contain “sunlight and fresh air”, as seen in one of the first ever advertised print ads for the Milky Way bar. The highlight behind why sunlight and fresh air were ingredients in the making of this bar is due to the notion that Mr. Mars created his candy homemade in the very kitchen in which he lived with the windows open allowing him to bake the most delicious chocolate bar he would fathom.

The Milky Way brand extended into variations beginning in 1936. The Forever Yours bar is actually a spin off of the original vanilla version made in 1926. The Forever Yours bar was first made in 1936 and includes chewy (not creamy) caramel, fluffy vanilla nougat, encased in bittersweet dark chocolate. This candy bar eventually ended up being discontinued in 1979. Not long thereafter, in 1989 this vanilla bar was reunited with the Mars Inc. company and was renamed as Milky Way Dark bar. The very same bar was renamed again in 2000 to what is now known as the Milky Way Midnight bar, which can be seen on the website. This delicious bar is featured with vanilla flavored nougat, caramel and dark chocolate.

The Year The Milky Way Bar Was Invented

The Milky Way bar was invented in the year 1924, and by 1926 there were 2 versions available.

The Company That Makes The Milky Way Bar

The company that makes the Milky Way bar is Mars, Incorporated, a American global manufacturer of confectionery and the maker of Snickers, the Mars Bar, and Twix.

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