The Most Popular Snacks in America in the 1960s

Have you ever wondered what the favourite snacks were for The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles in the 60s? While many people remember the 1960s as the era of peace and flower power, it is also the decade when food science rapidly grew; this led to the invention of dozens of snack drinks and foods, with some still around today. In this article, we will take you back to the sixties and check out some of the most popular snacks in America in this time period.

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The Most Popular Snacks in America in the 1960s
Popular Snacks in the 1960s
Name of SnackOwnerDate of Creation
StarburstMars, Incorporated1960
Kaboom CerealGeneral Mills 1969
LemonheadsFerrara Candy Company1962
Astro PopsLeaf Brands1963
Now and LaterFerrara Candy Company1962



Produced by The Wrigley Company, Starburst is a box-shaped, fruit-flavoured taffy. Originally known as Opal Fruits, it is among the first treats introduced in the sixties. Mars, Incorporated, the owner of the company, introduced Opal Fruits in the US as Starburst in 1967, and it quickly gained popularity.

The name change emphasised the burst of flavour the candies provided while drawing attention to The Space Race, a competition between the Soviet Union and the US that led to the 1969 moon landing. 

Starburst has tantalised the taste buds of many Americans with its memorable flavours and different varieties, including Summer Blast, Very Berry, FaveREDs and Tropical. Which one is your favourite? You have probably heard of the Starburst advertising slogan “Unexplainably Juicy,” which the brand has used since August 2016.

Kaboom Cereal

Kaboom Cereal Box

This enjoyable snack with oat cereal shaped like smiley faces will take you down memory lane. When Kaboom cereal hit the US grocery store shelves in 1969, many teens and tweens incorporated it into their breakfast because it was nutritious and filled their bodies with energy. 

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In addition to clown faces, this circus-themed vitamin-fortified breakfast cereal contained marshmallows shaped like stars, elephants, lions and bears. The marshmallow animals made Kaboom Cereal even tastier, making the milk more fragrant and sweeter. 

Produced by General Mills, the mascot of this cereal was a smiling clown. Did you love this cereal because of its mind-blowing flavour or high nutritional content? Unfortunately, General Mills discontinued this vitamin cereal in 2010.



These round, lemon-flavoured candies have a soft sour shell, sweet coating and hard candy core. This snack combo debuted 61 years ago (1962) when the Chicago, Illinois-based candy manufacturer Nello Ferrara invented it. Other flavours that became favourites among Americans during the ’60s include:

  1. Appleheads – This exciting twist on Lemonheads provides a powerful apple punch. 
  2. Cherryheads – Chewy Lemonhead candies pack fruit flavours in a lip-smacking chew. 
  3. Grapeheads – Lemonhead candies, which come with a tart grape flavour. 

These candies are often available in their standard 1 cm size, but you can also find the single-sale 3 cm version.

Who would not want to try these little yellow candies that don’t contain fat and gluten? They also pack a strong punch of flavour and have a tart burst that gradually dissolves into sweetness. Because they are freeze-dried, Lemonheads have a crunchy texture. You’ll undoubtedly love the bind-mending experience that these snacks provide.

Astro Pops

Astro Pops on Display

Calling all UFOs and astronomy lovers! This delicious retro treat resembles a three-stage rocket. Astro Pops’ birth was in 1963 when two rocket scientists left their jobs to create the Astro Pop.

The 1960s was perfect timing for them because this was the era when the Space Race competition was in full force. Kids enjoyed sucking the candy out of these cone-shaped lollipops while dreaming of visiting outer space. These nostalgic lollipops will win over your taste buds because they are available in various flavours, including the original ones: pineapple, passionfruit and cherry. 

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Ellia Kassoff purchased the company Spangler Candy in 2010, and it became part of Leaf Brands. This resulted in the expansion of the Astro Pops franchise, and it now includes Astro Pops Sodas and the smaller bite-sized pieces Astro Pop Asteroids.


Pop Tarts Cherry

Pop-tarts hit the shelves in 1964 after Kellogg’s introduced them to the US market. It consists of a sweet filling packed inside two layers of rectangular pastry crust. They used to be unfrosted until 1967, when the company started releasing frosted varieties.

Pop-tarts do not need refrigeration and often come in pairs in Mylar. While they are sold pre-cooked, it does not mean that you cannot warm them. You can heat them in a microwave for 3 seconds or toast them in a toaster on the lowest setting. These toaster pastries are ideal for on-the-go breakfast or snack time.

Currently, there are 20+ standard Pop-tart flavours. These include:

  • Frosted grape: The Pop-tart packs a perfect balance of grape filling and frosting. 
  • Frosted raspberry: This delicious treat has raspberry-flavoured goodness put on the inside.
  • Frosted hot fudge sundaes: These visually appealing toaster pastries feature a smooth vanilla filling, chocolate crust, fudge and vanilla icing and colourful sprinkles. 
  • Frosted S’Mores: Packed with irresistible chocolate and marshmallow flavour, these toaster pastries have a graham cracker crust similar to a s’more.

There’s something for everyone. So which flavour satisfies your taste buds?

Now and Later

Now and Later Candy

Chances are, everyone has tried these bright and bold fruit-flavoured taffy-like mega-chewy candies in your life. Manufactured by Ferrara Candy Company, Now and Later are known for their signature texture that starts off hard and slowly becomes softer as you chew it. 

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This little candy was born in 19992 in Brooklyn, NY (via Old Time Candy). Ferrara used to warp and sell these hard yet chewy taffies in sleeves, with the idea behind it being that people could enjoy some now while saving the rest for later. Indeed, this simple premise has stood the test of time.

Ready for a taste explosion? You can choose from 12 flavours available in Chewy and Traditional varieties.

The Sixties Most Popular Snacks Bottom Line

Some of the most nostalgic snacks come from the 60s, as they quickly became a staple in the lunch boxes of many Americans as soon as they were available in the US market. People used to go to Rock N Roll concerts or watch their films with their favourite snacks, which came in different flavours and varieties to suit each taste bud. Did any of these treats inspire nostalgia and bring back memories associated with it?

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