Coca-Cola Announces New Flavor. Coca Cola Orange Vanilla.

For the first time in about a decade, The Coca-Cola Company is bringing customers a new flavor of coke to try:

Coca Cola Orange Vanilla, the recently announced flavor, will be hitting shelves Feb. 25 across the United States and will be available in both 12-ounce cans, and also 20-ounce plastic bottles. The new flavor of Coca Cola will also be available in a zero sugar form.

Soda fans have had a bit of a mixed reaction, perhaps because orange and vanilla seem like a bit of an unusual combination, though some fans seem excited.

Reddit has been buzzing with talk about the new flavor, much of it negative, but Reddit has always been a tough crowd. This does not detract away from some looking forward to trying to new flavor after learning of its existence.

The new Coke Orange Vanilla comes with an added orange colored top area to the classic style of its coke can, and has a picture of an orange slice depicted on the can’s artwork.