New Coke Returns

In a stunning announcement, the failed “New Coke” will be returning on Thursday, 5/23/2019. This is apart of a promotion for the web television series Stranger Things.

The news is rather shocking, as New Coke was an embarrassing failure for the company, despite many people liking the new edition of Coca-Cola. However the point is that this is something that company “would not do” as apart of the promotion.

New Coke was originally released in the year 1985, and was intended to replace the original formula of Coca-Cola. Like many companies seeking to attract business, New Coke was an attempt at an improvement of the original product. Rather then receive praise, the company took heavy criticism from many and swiftly reverted to the old formula. Although some people liked New Coke, the product only lasted 79 days. The fallout from the debacle may be why the words “Classic” and “Original Formula”/”Original Taste” are seen on original coke flavor containers.

This is a pleasant surprise however, as now people get a chance to try New Coke without the worry about it replacing the original version.

The company website states that “Coca-Cola will release a limited number of 12-oz. cans of New Coke – yes, the same recipe from 1985 – as part of a bundle when shoppers buy at least two limited-edition Stranger Things Coca-Cola or Coke Zero Sugar 8-oz. glass bottles at” Other reports state that free cans of New Coke will be able to be received in upside down themed vending machine in select locations.

There does not seem to be any plan on this “old new” soda returning permanently, but who knows? One can always speculate, and maybe the Coca Cola Company may use this event to gauge interest on the product and consider making New Coke more available in the future, perhaps even under a new name to ease customers concerns about their beloved classic Coke remaining the gold standard for the soda brand.