Sno-Caps are small chocolates that are in the shape of a dome or “cap”. They are dark in color, but are covered in white sprinkles. Sno-Caps taste like chocolate with sprinkles on it, and are slightly bitter tasting. Sno-Caps were first invented in the year 1927. The box that Sno-Caps are sold in is brown and white and have writing on them that says that Sno-Caps are semi-sweet. You can read more information about Sno-Caps on this page.

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Sno Caps

Sno-Caps History And Information

In 1927, Sno-Caps candy came into existence for the very first time. it was introduced as small pieces of semi-sweet chocolate sprinkled with white snowy nonpareils. The now Nestle company trademarked Sno-Caps was actually invented under the Blumenthal Chocolate Company.

The founder’s parents of this company entered the United States from Bavaria Germany in 1849. Joseph Blumenthal founded the Peerless Extract Company in 1895, and officially became a business called the Blumenthal brothers extract Company in 1900. By 1909, the cocoa sale and powder production began. One year later the Blumenthal Bros manufactured both chocolate and cocoa in Bridesburg, Philidelphia.

The company’s best-known candies that were introduced in the 1920’s are the Goobers (1925), and Raisinets (1926), and eventually the Sno-caps (1927). As sales grew further, they even expanded their company by purchasing additional real estate in 1948. They began producing holiday candy in 1951 and issues public bonds for investors beginning in 1958. Even with this success the company faced some financial and legal issues that resulted in the eventual end of the Blumenthal company. One such example is an employee who sued the company in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 1968, claiming extreme dust and heat conditions in the workplace. By 1969 Ward Chocolate Company acquired Blumenthal company and Blumenthal family was no longer in control.

When Ward chocolate was under control of the company that produced these candy brands, they faced some serious legal issues. In 1974, the company began secretly manufacturing products outside of the U.S and kept about $5 million from being disclosed in income. The over-turn of the company and its candy products went through quite the windmill of company ownership. Again in 1981, the brand was later purchased by the Chicago-based Terson Company. Later on, the Nestle company acquired the brand in 1984 from the Terson Company and received the rights to market the brand and ensure its legacy for the candy would still live on. Nestle has acquired many brands since the nineteenth century. Nestle’ is a Swiss global food company with around 2,000 different brands. In 2018 the brand was purchased by Ferrara Candy Company.

In 2015 it was made available to the public sphere that a trademark for the candy, Sno-caps candy, a candy produced by the USA Nestle company was filed. This trademark ensured the Sno-caps candy name and production was protected by the trademark under the full extent of the law.

The Company That Owns Sno-Caps Candy

Sno-Caps is owned by the Ferrara Candy Company. In 2018 the brand was purchased from Nestle by Ferrara Candy Company, a division of Ferrero SpA.

The Year Sno-Caps Was Invented

Sno-Caps were invented in the year 1927 by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company.

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