Are you looking for an informative database to find out all you need to know about your favorite snacks, candy, cereals, drinks, or gums? Then Snack History is ready to become your everyday entertainment destination!

Snack History strives to be an informative website that provides useful blogs about the candy industry in the US and the entire world! We aim to develop a place where candy lovers from different corners of the globe meet each other and share practical tips about their favorite snacks and food to globalize the snack industry even more!

Who We Are

Snack History was founded by snack and candy enthusiasts with one simple objective: to help people get accurate information about various types of candies and snacks.

But why “snack history”? Because we write blogs and provide factual information about the history of the candy era, legendary individuals who contributed to developing today’s diverse candy industry, and candy brands that have been on the market for more than a century.

What’s more, we sort our specific types of candy by decade to help you understand how candy production looked from the 1920s to the 1990s.

In short, we’re a team of individuals who are passionate about confectionery, chocolate, snacks, and even cereals. And we want to share our diverse knowledge and years of experience with you! 

Our Audience

The audience of Snack History consists of people from all corners of the globe who have one simple thing in common: passion and a deep interest in snacks. Our website is targeted at everyone, regardless of their background, profession, origins, or values. We thrive to provide useful information about snacks for candy lovers, shoppers, families, researchers, students, or casual readers.

This means that no matter who you are or where you are, you can join Snack History and entertain yourself by reading fascinating stories or discovering unbelievable facts about your favorite candies!

What We Offer

If you’re into the candy industry, you probably understand that finding 100% accurate information about snacks isn’t easy. That’s why we decided to offer precise and up-to-date information about your favorite foods.

With us, you can read fascinating blogs about international candies from over 15 different countries. We help you learn about the history of candy by creating articles about candy legends and veteran candy brands, as well as enlightening you with interesting news about different snacks and their manufacturers.

Here you can find locations where you can buy specific types of candy, read nutritional information about them, and get to know their marketing strategies too. What’s most exciting, we understand our readers’ interest in secret menus, and that’s why we provide the latest information about secret menu items of different restaurants and food chains!

Keep in mind that Snack History also offers an opportunity to read about seasonal candy, so as not to miss specific variations of your favorite candy when important holidays approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is ambitious: to become the largest and most informative database about snacks, candies, and drinks that is also interesting and fun. We strive to become a place for everyone to gather and learn everything about snacks and candy.