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Korean Candy – 11 Traditional & Modern Sweets You Must Try

Even if you’ve tasted candies from various different countries, we bet you’ll agree that Korean candy is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Koreans take snacking seriously and have created some of the world’s most delicious treats and snacks. Considering that Koreans simply adore rice, it’s not really surprising that many of the popular Korean sweets include rice. But there’s indeed much more than that!

Whether you prefer chips like Fritos, small biscuits like Ritz Crackers or simple chocolate cookies, chances are high that the Korean candy industry will meet your needs because they produce pretty much everything! However, Korean versions of traditional candies have something that makes them stand out from international candies.

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If you want to find out what Korean candy tastes like and what is unique about Korean sweats, then you’re at the right place! In this article, we’ll provide a list of Korean snacks you should eat right away. Take a look at the following ready-to-eat snacks and consider purchasing them online. Keep in mind that you can enjoy these Korean candies from the comfort of your own home in this way.

Korean Candy Names

  1. Choco Pie
  2. Pepero
  3. Corn Chips
  4. Honey Twist Snack
  5. Pumpkin Candy
  6. Pepero White Cookie Sticks
  7. Custard Cake
  8. Ace Cracker
  9. Chocolate Pie and Rice Cake
  10. Butter Waffle
  11. Choco Heim
  12. Korean Sugar Candy (Dalgona)
  13. Chrysanthemum Bread (Gukhwappang)
  14. Korean Pancake (Hotteok)
Korean Candy 11 Traditional & Modern Sweets You Must Try

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Top 11 Korean Candy You Should Try

Now we’re about to review the most popular Korean candy of all time. No matter where you live, you’ve highly likely tasted some of the most famous Korean sweets, such as Choco Pie, Pepero, or Chocho Heim. However, if you don’t, take a look at our small descriptions and decide which of them you’d prefer to taste first!

1. Choco Pie

Choco Pie

Chocolate biscuit lovers are well-aware of how popular this delicious small Korean candy, Choco Pie is. Choco Pie is one of Korea’s most well-known snacks. It’s nearly impossible to meet a Korean who hasn’t heard of chocolate pies. The reason is that they’re an important aspect of Korean culture, almost like a national symbol.

A choco pie is a small cake that consists of two round chocolate layers that feel and taste like marshmallows. Even though the term “choco pie” belongs to America, this cookie became so popular in South Korea and Japan that many people today consider it a traditional Korean candy. Some of the most popular Korean candy brands that produce various types of choco pie are Orion and Lotte.

2. Pepero


Have you ever liked a snack so much that you thought it deserved a holiday dedicated specifically to it? In fact, that’s how Koreans feel about Pepero because it does have its own holiday. This Korean candy is an integral part of Korean culture. It’s a small biscuit stick that contains chocolate on the outside. This time as well, Pepero is produced by the famous Lotte Confectionery Corporation. 

This Korean candy has been in production since 1983 and is still one of the Korean people’s favorites. Nowadays, the company makes tons of variations of Pepero using different flavors and shapes. Some of the most common ones in Korea are milk chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, and peanut butter flavors. You would adore this Korean candy if you like anything dipped in chocolate.

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3. Corn Chips

Corn Chips

For Cheetos fans reading this, we have another option: Korean Corn Chips, which are essentially chocolate versions of classic cheese puffs. These corn puffs are sweeter than the traditional Korean snack called “Azuki Bean Rice Ball,” and they’re ideal for sweet fans who won’t settle for anything less than total enjoyment. Combine these with Pepero for an unrivaled chocolate feast! So, if you enjoy chocolate in any form, you will highly likely like the taste of this Korean candy as well.

4. Honey Twist Snack

Honey Twist Snack

Honey butter chips really turned the Korean snack industry upside down: they’ve been sold out almost everywhere since their release. It’s no wonder that when they’re in stock, people buy them by the box to ensure they don’t run out! The Honey Twist Snack is one of the most widely spread honey butter chips in Korea. Korean snack lovers who know the taste of Honey Twist Snack are certain that it’s hard to find a honey snack as tasty as these honey butter chips throughout the entire country. 

Even more. Did you know that local celebrities enjoy getting exclusive Honey Twist Snack bags to promote and take pictures with them? If you didn’t, then you should know that this Korean candy is a famous snack. You might like this Korean candy if you like: we don’t even know, because we haven’t been able to find a bag! Presumably, honey butter.

5. Pumpkin Candy

Pumpkin Candy

It’s that time of year once more… The weather is cooling down, the days are shortening, and you’re going to get smacked in the face with pumpkin flavor in a variety of foods, drinks, and candles. If you enjoy riding the pumpkin train every fall, this is the snack for you. 

These rice-based biscuits are light and fluffy on the outside, with a dense and sweet pumpkin inside. They’re so sweet that they’re individually wrapped, most likely to keep you from eating more than one or two at a time. But don’t allow a snack manufacturer to teach you how to live your life! While you’re enjoying the change of seasons, embrace the pumpkin love and dip into a bag of these snacks. We recommend eating this Korean candy while sitting on a park bench surrounded by orange foliage. Still, it’s completely up to you!

6. Pepero White Cookie Sticks

Pepero White Cookie Sticks

We’ve already told you about Pepero, one of Korea’s most famous treats. If you like the original Pepero, you must try the Pepero white cookie sticks, which is one of the most popular varieties of the original Pepero. These Pepero snacks, which are similar to Hershey‘s Cookies and Cream Snacks, are coated in white chocolate and chocolate cookie pieces, giving them a bit more texture than traditional chocolate-dipped Pepero. 

The white chocolate coating is also a little sweeter than the milk chocolate coating, so expect a pleasant treat the next time you eat these! When you’re out and about and looking for a quick dessert, grab yourself a pack of white cookie sticks. If you like Oreos or anything with a cookie and cream flavor, you’ll enjoy this Korean candy too.

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7. Custard Cake

Custard Cake

A custard cake is another famous Korean candy. However, if you thought that custard cakes were Korea’s signature snacks, then you’re mistaken because custard cake is actually a Filipino cake made with chiffon cake. The snack usually has caramel and brown sugar syrup on top and is sold in most bakeries in South Korea. In this case, as well, the most popular Korean candy brands, Lotte and Orion, compete with each other to produce the most delicious custard cakes. Lotte’s version is called “Happy Promise Custard Cakes,” while Orion produces “Custard Soft Cup Cakes.”

These small Korean cakes are exactly as delicious as they seem, with a light and fluffy sponge cake filled with creamy and sweet custard that will fill you up while also satisfying your sweet craving. This Korean candy is adaptable and can be served as a breakfast treat or as a late-night dessert. If you like Little Debbie‘s snack cakes of any kind, you’ll like different versions of custard cakes too.

8. Ace Cracker

Ace Cracker

Everyone who likes crackers or biscuits will highly likely enjoy this Korean snack called Ace Cracker. As Korean candy lovers suggest, it’s best to taste this Korean candy alongside coffee called “mix coffee.” The reason is that the crackers are so salty that you’ll definitely have to look for water in order to avoid drying out your mouth. 

Ace Cracker is created by the popular South Korean confectionery brand Haitai. The Ace Crackers they produce are also known as “legitimate crackers.” Usually, the company uses high-quality wheat flour, milk, salt, sugar, and some rising agents to create this snack. Ace Cracker from Haitai has been in production since 1974 and still manages to remain popular among Korean people. You will like this Korean candy if you enjoy snacks such as crackers and chocolate and are indecisive about the type of snack you’re in the mood for.

9. Chocolate Pie and Rice Cake

Chocolate Pie and Rice Cake

You’re probably aware that all of life’s most delectable treats contain sugar, wheat, or oil in some form. We’re happy to tell you that Korean sweet cakes contain all three of these delectable components! Chocolate Pie and Rice Cake is one of the most popular Korean sweet cakes that contains premium-quality chocolate. Surprisingly, this cake contains only two ingredients: Rice Cake and Chocolate. Besides, the cake is filled with soft chocolate cream.  

So, if you’re looking for something quick and sweet, Korean Chocolate Pie and Rice Cake is a great alternative to traditional cookies and candies. They’re also a relatively inexpensive dessert choice that can be found almost anywhere. Pick up a bag of these delicious cakes the next time you’re on the run and need to raise your blood sugar. If you enjoy this Korean candy, you’ll also like wafers with vanilla flavor.

10. Butter Waffle

Butter Waffle

What is the ideal mid-morning snack? Something light and sweet that, of course, goes well with your cup of coffee! Look no further: The Korean Butter Waffle is a delectable snack that pairs well with a steaming cup of coffee. Because they’re prepared with honey, these flaky biscuits have a tiny sweetness to them, and if you dip them in your morning coffee, they’ll dissolve in your mouth. 

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This snack is particularly great for satisfying an early morning hunger because it’s light enough to fulfill your snack craving without getting you too full or destroying your appetite if you’ve had a heavy breakfast (or if you have a huge lunch coming up). Also, while we’ve been praising butter waffles when served with a hot beverage, they’re also delicious on their own, so don’t be put off if you don’t have any coffee on hand.

Start your day off well by incorporating Butter Waffles into your daily ritual. If you like those little Madeline cookies that go well with coffee, you’ll enjoy this Korean candy too.

11. Choco Heim

Choco Heim

And last but not least, another popular candy in Korea is definitely the wafer snack called Choco Heim. It’s a chocolate cream filled with wafers and hazelnuts. These sweet snack biscuits are wrapped individually in order to help you carry them wherever you go and satisfy yourself whenever you feel hungry. 

Therefore, Choco Heim is ideal for on-the-go snack times. So, you can enjoy a Heim Cream-Filled Wafer while relaxing in your favorite chair or taste different variations. Chances are high that you’ll like this Korean treat so much that you’ll find it hard to stop once you start trying it. That’s why you’re free to eat as many as you want.

Top 3 Traditional Korean Candy You Can Try When You Visit Seoul

12. Korean Sugar Candy (Dalgona)

Korean sugar candy dalgona

Dalgona isn’t just a coffee trend – also known as ppopgi, and it’s an old-school sweet that many Koreans grew up with. Dalgona stalls used to be ubiquitous on Seoul’s streets, but their numbers have been steadily declining over time before rising in popularity again due to its feature in the hit TV series The Squid Games.

13. Chrysanthemum Bread (Gukhwappang)

Chrysanthemum bread (gukhwappang)

Despite its chrysanthemum-like appearance, this bread has no resemblance to the flower. Instead, it has a similar flavor and texture to Japanese taiyaki.

14. Korean Pancake (Hotteok)

Korean pancake hotteok

Hotteok is a popular Korean street dish consisting of brown sugar, cinnamon, almonds, and seeds wrapped into pancakes. However, many people are unaware that it is derived from the Chinese shao bing, which was introduced to Korea during the Qing Dynasty when Chinese traders frequented the country for trade.

Bottom Line On Korean Candy

As you can see, both international and indigenous Korean candy tend to be very popular in this country. We hope that after reviewing the list of popular Korean candy, you feel closer to Korean culture and the candy industry. Do you have a favorite Korean candy that isn’t on this list? Or maybe you’ve already decided which Korean candy you’re going to taste next. Let us know your preferences in the comments below!

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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