Swedish Candy

Swedish Candy – Chewy, Flavorful and the Adventure

Did you know that Swedish people are crazy in love with sweet treats? The average Swede consumes a whopping 16 kilograms of Swedish candy a year. And the reason for it is the fact that they have one of the best candies in the world. That’s true!

Swedish candy culture is surely unique, and you will be surprised to discover all the incredible varieties of candy and sweets made in Sweden. 

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Swedish Candy Names

  1. Ahlgrens Bilar Original & Saltlakrits
  2. Toms Ferrari Bilar
  3. Malaco Djungelvral Salty Liquorice
  4. Haribo Nappar & Sura Colanappar
  5. Kanderade Haxvral
  6. Mormor Lisas Cocos
  7. Malaco Pim Pim (Lakritsbåtar & Hallonbåtar)
  8. Plain Marabou Chocolate
  9. Marabou Swiss Hazelnut
  10. Marabou Nougat
  11. Kex Chocolate
  12. Plopp
  13. Swedish Fish
  14. Kina
  15. Skum Svampar
  16. Gelehjartan
  17. Fazer Dumle
Swedish Candy

Introduction To Swedish Candy Traditions

Swedish candy is widely known as “godis,” which is a Swedish word for candy, and it has an important role in Swedish people’s lives. Every nation loves candy, but Sweden is a real winner in this case. They even have a special day for eating the candy they adore!

Special weekday to enjoy the candy!

Swedish kids and adults love to choose candy at the end of the week – and this is called a “cozy Friday” – Fredagsmys. After Swedish people finish their busy Friday, they head to a special place called “Lösviktsgodis,” where they can get their favorite candy. 

All this candy-gathering tradition is for a reason: to enjoy it on “Lördagsgodis,” as they refer to sweet Saturday! You don’t have to worry, you can eat delicious Swedish candy any time of the week. It’s just a tradition most Swedish people follow.

What’s the Story Behind “Lördagsgodis”?

You may ask, why does Swedish candy have a special weekday? We all love candy, but this is the case when too much love is somehow dangerous for our health, so, even though this incredible Swedish candy deserves to be loved, Swedish people had to take some measures to avoid health issues caused by eating too much candy. 

The story behind it is pretty interesting. In the 1940s, the Swedish government conducted unethical studies, also known as the Vipeholm experiments, where they tested the effects of sugar overeating on teeth. The part that makes it unethical is that for these studies they used asylum patients with mental illnesses.

The results were terrific, so the government suggested people cut down on their candy consumption to one day per week – Saturday. And that’s how the Lördagsgodis were born.

Do you want to know more about Swedish candy? Then let’s take a look at the most popular Swedish sweets of all time.

Top 17 Swedish Candy You Should Try

After an interesting story about the Swedish candy intake tradition, you should get to know what kind of candy Swedish people eat on this special candy day. Let’s check out some incredible Swedish candy and which ones you should try!

1. Ahlgrens Bilar Original & Saltlakrits

Ahlgrens Bilar Original & Saltlakrits

This sugary, strangely-shaped candy will surprise you with both its taste and its appearance! The word “bilar” means “car,” and guess what? Gummies are shaped like cars, too. 

Ahlgren Bilar is one of the most popular candy bags in Sweden, and it represents the world’s best-selling car since 1953. The original version of the candy is pastel-colored with a chewy texture. The classic version is very sweet and has an incredible marshmallow flavor, and if you are a fan of chewy candy-like, Hi-chew then you should consider trying this Swedish candy as well!

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There is another version of this Swedish candy—the Saltlakrits. The shape and the texture are the same as the classic one, but the difference is that it comes with a salty licorice flavor. 

These candies are one of the best-selling candies in Sweden and are widely enjoyed by both kids and adults. If you want to feel like part of this amazing country or just want to try something different, this candy will help you satisfy your sweet cravings!

2. Toms Ferrari Bilar

Toms Ferrari Bilar

Well, this is another car-shaped candy in Sweden that is very popular. The candy Ferrari Bilar is bigger than the Ahlgrens Bilar. It has a chewy candy, but not with an overly soft texture. And as you might have already guessed, this incredible gummy candy is shaped like a Ferrari race car. 

This “Swedish” candy is actually made by a Danish candy company, Toms. The brand produces some of the most popular dummies and chocolates across the Nordic region, but since Swedish people love it so much, it’s kind of become an important part of their candy culture. 

If you want to try the original Ferrari Bilar, you should look for the red-colored candy. As a result, you’ll get an incredible raspberry flavor. And if you want to dive even deeper, there is a cola-flavored version, too.

3. Malaco Djungelvral Salty Liquorice

Malaco Djungelvral Salty Liquorice

Continuing the theme, this is another gummy candy. Made by the Swedish candy brand Malaco, this candy is also like other gummy candies already mentioned; it has a chewy texture and is salty licorice-flavored since it is covered in a layer of salty licorice powder.

And another interesting thing is that, unlike other car-shaped candies, these candies are shaped like little monkeys! If you aren’t a big fan of race cars, then this is a good option for you to try!

4. Haribo Nappar & Sura Colanappar

Haribo Nappar

These are soft gummies that, surprisingly, are shaped like old-fashioned dummies. This colorful candy pack is very popular in Sweden; you can see it in almost every pick ‘n mix across the country. 

The candy is ring-shaped, which makes it fun for kids to eat since they can hold this incredible candy by putting it on their fingers like a ring. Nappar has a few different flavors, including cola, marshmallow, licorice, and fruit flavors. So there’s no need to overthink it; simply choose your favorite.

The story of the candy continues with another variation, Sura Colanappar. These are cola-flavored lollies with a salty-sugar coating. That gives them an incredibly unique flavor.

5. Kanderade Haxvral

Kanderade Haxvral

Kanderade Haxvral is a combo of sweet and salty licorice logs, and the interesting thing is that it translates as “Witches Scream!” The candy is hugely popular in Sweden with its incredible flavors of soft and chewy black licorice candy.

Well, you are a salty licorice lover, right? Then you need to visit Sweden right away! You shouldn’t miss the chance in life to try this amazing Swedish candy.

6. Mormor Lisas Cocos

Mormor Lisas Cocos

If you aren’t a big fan of gummies, then your time has come. Have you missed delicious sweets made with love by your grandma? These Grandma Lisa’s coconut chocolate truffles will remind you of your sweet childhood memories. 

These little chocolate candy balls are dusted with grated coconut, which gives them an amazing taste. If you still haven’t decided if you like it or not, just wait for the other ingredients! 

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To make perfect Grandma Lisa’s cocoa, they use oatmeal, sugar, skimmed milk powder, and even more! It contains traces of hazelnut and peanut! By mixing all of these ingredients, you get an amazing Swedish candy that no one should miss!

7. Malaco Pim Pim (Lakritsbåtar & Hallonbåtar)

Malaco Pim Pim

Pim Pim” is another popular Swedish candy made by Malaco. The candy is widely known as Hallonbåtar in Sweden. Get to know this sailboat-shaped candy, with raspberry flavor and a chewy but not overly soft texture. The candy is a real heaven for fruity treat lovers since it is quite fruity and flavorful!

Another variation of the candy is “Liquorice boats” or “Hallonbatar”. It is like a Pim Pim, but it has a sweet licorice flavor. But guess what? Sometimes you can even find the two of these amazing candies combined. 

8. Plain Marabou Chocolate

Plain Marabou Chocolate

You might know Swiss chocolate better than Swedish chocolate, but trust us! Think of Swedish chocolate as a hidden gem and discover the amazing flavors of pure Nordic sweet treats.

Marabou is one of the most famous chocolate manufacturers in Sweden, and plain marabou chocolate won’t disappoint you. The bar is a real masterpiece that suits even the pickiest of eaters. 

The key to its specialty is in its simplicity; the candy is just for everyone! This plain, good old chocolate bar will leave you surprised!

9. Marabou Swiss Hazelnut

Marabou Swiss Hazelnut

Say hi to another incredible Swedish candy from Marabou. Marabou Swiss Hazelnut comes in all kinds of flavors and is adapted to every kind of sweet lover. Whatever you like or dislike, the Marabou chocolate list will have something just for you.

Not surprisingly, classic flavors like mint and orange are everyone’s favorites, but if you want to go even further, try the Daim, Salt Licorice, or Oreo varieties. And speaking of Oreos, you know what? Many people think that Oreo O’s originate from Sweden due to the “O” but actually, it’s a popular American cereal that has nothing to do with Sweden. Well, remember to not miss a chance!

10. Marabou Nougat

Marabou Nougat

Let’s keep up with marabou! This incredible Swedish candy is especially for nougat lovers. And do you still wonder what taste it has? Then just imagine a heap of almonds surrounded by chocolate. That’s what it is, and nougat lovers will not be disappointed by this Swedish take on.

11. Kex Chocolate

Kex Chocolate

This is the Swedish candy that has found its way into every generation of Swedish people; I’m not sure how that’s possible. Then imagine stacks of thin, crunchy wafers lined with and coated in delicious chocolate. That’s why it deserves to be tried by everyone!

And you might like the fact that the candy’s recipe hasn’t changed since the beginning of its history. That’s why it is often connected to nostalgia, so are you ready to feel nostalgic? Try this classic Swedish sweet treat and you will thank us later!

12. Plopp


What about some toilet humor? This is the Swedish chocolate bar that will make you giggle. Plopp is manufactured by the chocolate manufacturer company Cloetta and it consists of milk chocolate with a soft caramel center. The candy is very famous in Sweden and deserves to be known throughout the world.

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13. Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish

If you think that sweets are the only thing that Swedish people adore, you’re mistaken because Swedes pretty much adore the popular snack called Swedish Fish or “pastellfiskar,” as they call it. In Swedish, this word translates as “pale-colored fish” word by word. But actually, Swedish Fish is a tasty fish-shaped gummy produced by a famous candy brand Malaco. 

Even though Malaco is a Swedish confectionery company, surprisingly, this snack was introduced in the USA back in the 1950s. One of the reasons why people liked this snack was that it was labeled as “fat-free”. But still, a lot of people doubted whether it really didn’t contain any fat or artificial ingredients. 

14. Kina


This is another amazing Swedish sweet treat that consists of small, delicious rice puffballs that are covered in chocolate. And we warn you, once you start eating it, it’s almost impossible to stop! 

This is the candy you take with you while visiting the cinema! At least if you are fed up with popcorn, Kina won’t disappoint you!

15. Skum Svampar

Skum Svampar

Skum Svampar, meaning “foam mushrooms” in Swedish, is little marshmallow bites, and they are shaped like cute mushrooms. They have a chewy texture but are not overly soft. These pink and white lollies are a favorite for everyone in Sweden, and they’re a must-have item for “Lördagsgodis.”

The first thing you see when you buy the candy is a very happy elephant on the packaging that leaves you with a smile on your face. This is one of those Swedish candies that kids enjoy.

Malaco Snore represents long, thin, hollow ropes and has a chewy texture. The popular flavors are strawberry, caramel, and sweet licorice, so you can enjoy any of them with pleasure!

16. Gelehjartan


Gelehjartan is translated as “jelly hearts,” so pick this up for your loved one! They are very popular as a pick ‘n’ mix candy, but also as an elevated version that has better flavor and can be made by hand. 

This Swedish candy is soft and juicy, and you can enjoy it in different flavors, but we suggest you try the usual one, raspberry, which is covered with a layer of sugar that gives it a whole new taste.

17. Fazer Dumle

Fazer Dumle

This old Swedish candy will surprise you with its flavor! You can find it wrapped as a single bite or as lollipops, depending on what kind of packaging you like. 

A Dumle is a soft toffee that is covered with milk chocolate. There is no difference between these two types of Dumle, except that the lollipop version is slightly chewier.

Bottom Line

In Swedish candy culture, there is a place for every kind of candy lover. Whether you prefer creamy, rich, or flavored chocolate, there’s a Swedish chocolate brand for you to try and love. 

While other candies are popular worldwide, all these colorful, funny, and incredible-flavored Swedish candies are waiting for their time to become celebrities all over the world, and this future is not that far!

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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