Nerds Candy

Nerds have been a popular candy for decades. They are a fun little candy that you can just pop a handful in your mouth or mix and match flavors however you like. Sometimes Nerds candy can be a little sour and other times they can be very sweet.  They have added many popular flavors over … Read more


This delightful candy was not always known by this name. You might know them as SweeTarts. These sweet and sour candies were originally created in the 60s under the moniker which was later changed to Shockers when the stronger and more sour version was made. This was owing to the surprisingly sweet and sour notes … Read more

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is a piece of taffy candy that comes in various flavors. First called Beich’s Caramels, eventually, the candy was renamed Beich’s, Laffy Taffy. This is a generally small candy that is somewhat soft, very chewy. The candy comes individually wrapped, and is a color that helps identify the flavor, such as red for … Read more

Fun Dip

Fun Dip is a candy that comes in a pouch. It includes a candy-based stick and powdered candy that you dip the stick into after licking. It is a completely contained snack, everything you need is in the pouch. The candy stick is included in one pouch, and one or more separate pouches include candy … Read more