Italian Candy

Italian Candy – Authentic Sweet Adventure

When we think of Italian candy, the first thing that comes to our mind is the taste of anise, licorice, limoncello, and glacial mint. Those flavors and varieties are the key ingredients of authentic Italian candy. Candy from Italy can be very different from what we are used to. 

Let’s review the brief history of Italian candy and take a look at the most popular Italian sweets of all time. In the end, we’ll also discuss the most famous Italian candy brands that tend to make high-quality chocolate, candies, and other sweets. 

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Italian Candy Names

  1. Ferrero Rondnoir
  2. Ferrero Rocher
  3. Raffaello
  4. Baci
  5. Cakebites by Cookies United
  6. Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies 
  7. Coffee-Filled Hard Candies by Sperlari
  8. Italian Torrone
  9. Lemoncella Hard Filled Candy by Fida
  10. Herbamelle Amarena Fabbri Black Cherry
  11. Sicilian Red Orange Filled Candy by Serra
  12. Gocce Licorice-Flavored Candy by Fida
  13. Bonelle Jelly Candies by Fida
Italian Candy Authentic Sweet Adventure

Brief Confectionery History of Italy

Italy is a very rich country, associated with delicious and unique food and art. Italian candy has a long history that goes back to the time of the Romans. Some sources state that back in 447 A.D., “sweet treats” were used in ceremonies and celebrations. Others disagree and say that it even goes back to the 12000’s. At that time, Persians and Arabs used sweet mixtures for medical treatments. Anyway, it seems like Italian candy has very deep roots. 

In Italy, we can find hard candy, soft candy, and hard candy containing fillings. Italians have this great way of making “candied fruit”. Small pieces of fruit are soaked in sugar syrup and preserved. Candies and fruits were actively used in the 16th century. Today, it is actively used for making Italian Panettone and Cannoli.

Even though chocolate was not invented in Italy, the practice of chocolate making is huge here and chocolate has been made for centuries now. The first chocolate was actually made by the Aztecs and Mayan cultures, located in Mexico. Antonio Carletti was the first to discover chocolate while visiting Spain. After going back, he started doing experiments on chocolate in Italy. Eventually, cocoa beans were really hard to find. So, smart manufacturers started using hazelnuts in the cocoa to “stretch” chocolates. 

A lot has changed in the Italian candy industry nowadays. Here are some of the most popular Italian candy and chocolate that are the most highly demanded treats throughout the entire country.

Ferrero Collection

Ferrero Collection

Without a doubt, if you ask any Italian, they will certainly tell you that the most loved and popular chocolate in Italy is the Ferrero Collection. The Ferrero Collection is an assorted confection. It includes three types of chocolate: “Ferrero Rondnoir,” “Ferrero Rocher,” and “Confetteria Raffaello”. 

1. Ferrero Rondnoir

Ferrero Rondnoir

Ferrero Rocher was first introduced to the market in 1979. The sweet ball of chocolate is covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The filling is made from whole roasted hazelnuts that are surrounded by a thin wafer and it is all dipped in chocolate. The chocolate itself is sold in 42 countries, and every year, roughly 3.6 billion pieces are sold.

2. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher was first introduced to the market in 1979. The sweet ball of chocolate is covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The filling is made from whole roasted hazelnuts that are surrounded by a thin wafer and it is all dipped in chocolate. The chocolate itself is sold in 42 countries, and every year, roughly 3.6 billion pieces are sold.

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3. Raffaello


Raffaello was manufactured in 1990. Unlike Rocher and Rondnoir, it is completely white and looks like a snowball. And well, it does not consist of even a bit of chocolate. Like others, it has a spherical wafer shell inside. The sphere is filled with milk cream and almonds. A “snowball” is surrounded by a coconut layer. 

Keep in mind that Rafaello does not contain lactose, so people with lactose intolerance can enjoy it too. 

4. Baci


One of the most popular Italian sweets is “Baci”. The name is translated as “Kisses”. Baci is hazelnut chocolate. The recipe for this Italian candy was created by Luisa Spagnoli. At first, it was called “Cazzotto,” which means “punch.” After some thought, the producers thought that it would be much better to name the candy “Kisses”. Because instead of “Can I have a punch”? A person would ask, “Can I have a kiss?” It sounded much more beautiful and romantic. So the name “Baci” worked perfectly and stayed around. 

The packaging of the candy was unique; there was a love note in each piece. And there is actually a love story behind the creation of Baci. 

This Italian candy is made from all-natural ingredients. It consists of cocoa butter and vanilla flavoring. Baci is gluten-free, kosher candy, and halal certified. Candy is widely used during the Christmas holidays and celebrations.

5. Cakebites by Cookies United

Cakebites by Cookies United

Cakebites is an Italian candy that represents actual cake. It is like a cake in one bite. There are three-layer almond cake cookies. There is raspberry jam between the layers. All this is dipped in chocolate, as are the “rainbow cookies,” as they are known in Italy. Chocolate candy really looks like a rainbow with its vibrant colors and taste too. The brand also created a little grab-and-go packaging. 

Cake bites have three flavors: Classic Italian Rainbow, Ultimate Party Cake, and Cinna-Crumb Streusel. 

6. Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies 

Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies 

Coffee candies are some of the most widely admired candies, especially in Italy. And if you wonder which is the coffee candy that Italian people are fascinated about the most, the answer is Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies. 

This Italian candy is manufactured by Cedrinca. It has a unique cappuccino coffee flavor. The candy is gluten-free and made with natural ingredients. The outside shell is made from caramel and is crunchy. It has an alluring espresso and cream filling. A mix of coffee and smooth milk really creates a sweet festival.

7. Coffee-Filled Hard Candies by Sperlari

Coffee-Filled Hard Candies by Sperlari

Sperlari is one of the essential candy producers in Italy. They manufacture hard candies that contain Lavazza espresso coffee cream and have an amazing taste and texture. The brand is known for its nougats. 

This particular Italian candy comes in a bag with small bite-size pieces wrapped individually. It is very easy to carry around, and coffee lovers can enjoy its taste and flavor anytime. Candy has a hard shell and a liquidy, creamy filling inside that creates a perfect duo and texture.

With Love from Italy – Healthy Italian Snacks

Do you know what the one thing that all Italian candies have in common? In fact, Italian candy brands try to produce as healthy a treat as possible. As a result, most of the candies are gluten-free. There are no artificial flavors or colors found, they are extracted from the fruit. That’s why Italian candy really is something special.

Here are some of the healthiest Italian sweets that tend to be popular not only in Italy but throughout the world.

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8. Italian Torrone

Italian Torrone

Italian Torrone is a soft nougat candy that is especially popular during the holidays. Candy consists of sugar, honey, egg whites, almonds, and hazelnuts. The textures of this Italian candy are different and can vary from soft to crunchy. It can also be covered in chocolate. Many Italians actually make the Torrone at home, so the recipes are different too. 

The origin of Torrone is not certain. However, some state that nougat candy comes from Ancient Rome. Actual documentation of Torrone goes back to 1441, in the city of Cremona. Candy was actually used during the wedding ceremonies. It’s no wonder why Italian people enjoy giving Torrone to each other on Valentine’s Day.

9. Lemoncella Hard Filled Candy by Fida

Limoncella Hard Filled Candy by Fida

Lemoncella candy is the one that will definitely open the taste buds. This sweet treat has been on the market since 1973. The candy is bright yellow and tangy. One more time, this candy proves that the classic is always elegant and loved. This Italian candy has a shell that is crunchy, and inside the shell is a liquidy lemon liquor. 

10. Herbamelle Amarena Fabbri Black Cherry

Herbamelle Amarena Fabbri Black Cherry

Herbamelle Amarena candy has a very good fruity cherry flavor. Candy has a dark red color, a representation of cherry. Candy is made from all-natural ingredients and is gluten-free. 

The packaging of the candy is white and blue. Decorations in blue create a feeling of a renaissance and are really beautiful to look at. The brand actually has a variety of candy flavors, such as fresh mint, eucalyptus, and cranberry honey drop candies.

11. Sicilian Red Orange Filled Candy by Serra

Sicilian Red Orange Filled Candy by Serra

Sicilian Red Orange Candy is manufactured by the Serra Company. The brand was established in 1947 by Florent Serra and Loredana Ferrari. Currently, the business owner in the family is

Candy has a very delicate taste. It has a hard shell, which is filled with creamy red-orange juice. This sweet treat is gluten-free and all-natural, without any artificial flavors or colors. Candy consists of sugar, glucose, orange juice essential oil, citric acid, and natural flavor.

12. Gocce Licorice-Flavored Candy by Fida

Gocce Licorice-Flavored Candy by Fida

Gocce licorice-flavored candy is manufactured by Fida Company. Candy is both sweet and bitter. The anise flavor coming from it, combined with the licorice, is just perfect. Just like many other Italian candies, it has a hard shell, filled with soft licorice extract, and a nice center. 

Gocce Licorice-Flavored Candy is gluten-free and the recipe for it comes from Calabria, the region rich with the best licorice roots.  The wrapping of Gocce candy is purple.

13. Bonelle Jelly Candies by Fida

Bonelle Jelly Candies by Fida

Bonelle is a sweet and soft gelatine candy that is 100% vegan candy. (without animal gelatine). The brand uses high-quality ingredients in the candy. Free of artificial flavors, it has absolutely natural flavors. Vegetables that are used to make gelatine are found in the pulp and peel of the fruit. Candy is also gluten-free. There are the following flavors of the candy: cherry, orange, lemon, and strawberry.

Most famous Italian Candy Brands



The Elah Company was founded in 1909 in Genoa. The creator of the company and the author of the idea was Francesco Ferdinando Molie. The company was producing creamy desserts. The candy by Elah remains all-natural like it was at the beginning. They do not contain dyes, and all the flavors and ingredients are natural. 

The design of the package is colorful and eye-catching. There is a brand logo where a woman is wearing a very old, ancient costume and is serving cake. The logo was created by Francesco himself. Since then, it has not changed and still remains the same. 

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Famous Elah brand candies are Kremliquirizia Licorice & Cream Toffee, Kremcaramel Candy, Toffee Mint Licorice, etc.



Ambrosolli is one of the most famous candy brands in Italy. It has a long history that is strongly connected to honey. The founder of the company was Giovanni Battista Ambrosoli, who founded his confectionery in 1930. His main motivation was to make honey the main ingredient in candies and make it available to everyone. His passion was beekeeping, and he turned it into an opportunity to create something unique. 

Back then, the main advertisement was for radio, and it contributed significantly to the company’s success. They presented candy as being suitable for the treatment of sore throats. Famous ambroxol candies are Filled Honey Candy, Ambrosoli Mentitas, and Ambrosoli Caramelle Miele.



Rossana is an Italian candy brand, founded in 1926. The founder of the company was Luisa Spagnoli. The brand was eventually acquired from Perugina-Nestle by Fida and is currently manufactured by Fida. For four generations, Rossana’s signature candy has been loved by people. Manufacturers pay a great deal of attention to the ingredients. The product has halal certification. 

The name of the brand comes from the famous figure of Roxanne, a woman loved by Cyrano de Bergerac. The red-wrapped woman represents the woman’s dress. The wrapping has golden writing on it, and the shape is a parallelepiped. Rossana’s signature candy has a solid shell with a milk casing and a creamy filling with almonds. There are two variations: one is the classic candy, and the second one is with chocolate filling. 

Rossana’s products include Perugina Caramelle Ripiene Rossana, Rossana Caramelle al Cioccolato, and Rossana Crema Spalmabile. 



The Galatine candy brand was established in 1956. The Italian brand was created by Polenghi Lombardo. At first, the brand was a milk producer; later on, it was sold to Sperlari. At the beginning of 2021, Sperlari and its three brands, including Galatine, became part of Italy’s “Historic Trademarks of National Interest.”

Later on, the brand started manufacturing “Milk Tablets.” In 1996, round Galatine candies were introduced to the market, and they became really successful and famous. Many things have changed since the first brand appearance. However, the white color of the candy and its charm have remained the same. Candy consists of almost 80% milk. which makes it rich in calcium. Candy is actually gluten-free. 

Currently, the products manufactured under the brand name are the Classic Milk Galatine, Milk and Chocolate Galatine, Milk and Strawberry Galatine, and Milk and Biscuit Galatine. 

Bottom Line

Like many other things, Italy must be very proud of its confectionery history. Culture has its signature on every national brand. There, you can get the unique, authentic tastes that will cure any “sweet tooth”. The chocolate-making methods and use of hazelnuts, licorice, anise, and many other ingredients make the candy authentic. And let’s not forget that it is really heaven for candy lovers. 

Which Italian candy would you love to taste and why? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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