Klondike Bar

Ice cream treats are some of the most enjoyable snacks that you can buy. For people who love ice cream, what could be better than adding some toppings or a chocolate layer to make the ice cream even better. If you have ever wanted to enjoy a really simple but delicious ice cream bar, this … Read more

Aniseed Balls

Candies have evolved greatly over time to become the sweet treats that they are today. Originally, candies were not intended to be eaten for enjoyment and were instead made to deliver medicines. There are various candies that have evolved over the years from humble beginnings as medicinal products. Aniseed balls were likely used in this … Read more

Alter Eco Chocolate

Alter Eco Chocolate is a product that is made by Alter Eco trading. This is a new product that has been created to be fair and responsible. Sustainable foods are getting increasing attention and since the early 2000s, these kinds of products have become more and more well-recognized for their excellent features and flavor. If … Read more

After Eight Mints

The real name of this candy product is After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins, but most people know them as, “After Eights”. This product is really well-known in the UK, but it is also sold in the US. Chocolate after dinner mints like this are always really popular, but this mint product stands out more than … Read more