Wax Lips Candy

Have you ever had a really great time with those funny-looking candy teeth that you can wear? You find them a lot around Halloween. But what if we told you that you can find wax lips to have a ton of fun with and they are a candy too!  Wax Lips candy is something that … Read more

Reese’s Bites (History & Marketing)

Have you ever had the pleasure of having Reese’s Bites? Reese’s Bites were one of the most delicious offerings that Hershey’s ever had. For some people, the cancellation of this candy is a tragedy that is still felt today. Keep reading to learn more about Reese’s Bites, why they were discontinued, and other delicious Reese’s … Read more

Godiva Chocolate (History, FAQ & Commercials)

Nearly everyone knows about how delicious Godiva Chocolate is. This is one of the best-known chocolate brands in the US and also in other countries. This is a consistent product that offers various different flavor combinations, all made with luscious and creamy chocolate. Godiva is one of the chocolate products that people think of as … Read more