Slime Licker Candy

If you follow the trends or Tik Tok, then you have most certainly heard of the latest candy trend – Slime Licker candy. This candy comes from a brand known as Toxic Waste and since it debuted on Tik Tok and has trended there, it has been nearly impossible to find anywhere. It’s certainly out … Read more

Push Pop

Push Pop are some of the most unique candies that are on the market today and they have been around since the 80s. This is one of those candy varieties that is very memorable to people of a certain age as Push Pops were a hugely popular item during the 90s. These colorful and fun … Read more

Abba Zaba

Abba Zaba candy bar is one of the most memorable candy bars on the market. Not only is the name zany and memorable, but the taste profile and design of the candy bar are also totally unique. This is a candy bar that is also sold with a really memorable and silly wrapper which adds … Read more

3 Musketeers Candy

The 3 Musketeers candy is a classic and popular candy that can be found almost anywhere in the US. It is a common candy bar to be offered to kids as Halloween candy and it is sold in many sizes for your enjoyment. This is one of the best candy bars in this category and … Read more

Curly Wurly

The Curly Wurly is actually a British candy but it has always been popular in the United States, as well as several other countries. This classic snack is just another delightful addition to the Cadbury brand. If you know much about Cadbury, you already know that they really do know a little something about making … Read more


Small candies that can be eaten by the handful are some of the most enjoyable candies on the market. There are many candies that are made using this format, but Sixlets are one of the most well-known of these candies. You will find that there are many versions of candy that have been made to … Read more

Candy Mascots – Top 10 Of All Time

The taste of candy has been with us all since childhood. A  long time ago, in the history of advertising, you could not have sold a product if you did not have your mascot associated with your brand. These mascots were as real to us as the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, and we trusted … Read more

Candy Myths and Truths

Most of us adore candy, and it’s a fact. However, the internet is full of false information about sweets. Have you heard that eating chocolate is bad for your health? Do you think that no type of candy can be healthy and that eating too much chocolate can cause skin problems? Then, you’re probably among … Read more


This really delicious candy bar has been around for many years and it is sold around the world. This is a Cadbury product today and it is one of the few crunchy toffee-flavored candy bars in existence. This is not a common flavoring or texture profile in candy bars these days, so Crunchie stands out … Read more