Valentine’s Day Candy

Valentine’s Day Candy – History and Origins of the Love Holiday

Valentine’s Day, or otherwise known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is a holiday for expressing love, affection, and care for your loved ones. The origin of the actual holiday is unknown, but the Valentine’s Day celebration has been around since the 14th century. There are many legends and stories about how it became the day of lovers. 

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays when people exchange chocolate and other varieties of candy as gifts to show their love to special people.  Along with flowers, greeting cards, and many more, candy is also associated with Valentine’s Day celebrations. It’s hard to find couples who don’t give each other heart-shaped chocolate boxes or Valentine’s Day candy to show their love and affection.

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First Valentine’s Day Candy Sweet Names

  1. Cadbury Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box
  2. Conversation Hearts
  3. Swedish Fish Hearts
  4. Dove Chocolate Hearts
  5. Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts
  6. Ring Pop Valentine’s Bag
  7. SweeTARTS Heart Gummies
  8. Pink and White Nerds
  9. Fun Dip Valentine Candy
  10. Smarties Love Hearts Candy Rolls
 History and Origins of the Love Holiday

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

saint valentine

Are you interested in where modern Valentine’s Day has roots in the past? There are various theories on how Valentine’s Day became associated with couples and their love. According to one theory, it is the modern version of the Pagan festival of Lupercalia, which was the celebration of fertility and the beginning of spring. 

Another story goes back to ancient Rome and the priest who later became known as Saint Valentine. He was the protector of the couples who were chased for their romantic relationship.

Legend of Saint Valentine 

st valentine

There are several stories about who Saint Valentine was. According to one of them, in the third century, Valentine was a Roman priest who performed secret weddings against authorities. He was imprisoned in the house of a nobleman because of his secret wedding rituals. 

While imprisoned, he healed his captor’s blind daughter and caused the household to convert to Christianity. Later, he was tortured on February 14. Before that, he sent a letter to the girl he healed, with a signature that said: “Your Valentine.”

Another theory suggests that Valentine was a bishop during the same period, and he was also associated with secret wedding ceremonies. 

There is not actually a romantic story behind Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, it only became associated with love at the end of the Middle Ages. But despite the story, today, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love.

Roots in the Pagan Festival


In ancient Rome, Lupercalia was a wild Pagan festival celebrated on the 15th of February. There is no evidence that Lupercalia morphed into Valentine’s Day, but it is a very popular theory that a lot of experts share. 

While Valentine’s Day is all about gifts, chocolate, and flowers, Lupercalia was more of an earthy festival, with its roots at least as early as the 6th century B.C. The name of the Pagan festival comes from “lupus”, a Latin word for wolf. It is probably referencing Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, who, according to the legend, were raised by the female wolf. 

Valentine’s Day Symbols

cupid card

Everyone agrees that Valentine’s Day is unimaginable without greeting cards and the cupids that are drawn in most of them. Most of the gifts include special cards with them, with loving quotes or even poems written on them. Have you ever wondered how people started giving greeting cards to each other? Or who is the Cupid that became an essential symbol for Valentine’s Day?

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Greeting Cards

greetings card

Valentine’s Day became a popular celebration around the 17th century. By the 18th century, it was very common for friends and lovers to exchange handwritten notes or tokens to show their affection. Later in the 1900s, printed cards became very popular among those who were not eager enough to express their feelings directly. 

Esther A. Holland was the first one to sell mass-produced Valentine’s Day greeting cards in America. She was known as the “Mother of Valentine”. 

Valentine’s Day is the second-largest card-sending holiday, according to the Greeting Card Association. What kind of cards do you prefer for Valentine’s Day? Do you make them yourself or just buy pre-made cards for your loved ones?



On Valentine’s Day cards, Cupid is usually portrayed as a naked cherub. For the Romans, he was always a little boy, who was following his mother’s wish to make people fall in love. He is flying around with a little arrow, shooting at people and making them fall for each other.

Cupid has been known since ancient mythology and was initially considered to be a man who had more powers than any god. Valentine’s Day was becoming popular during the 18th century, so in the 1900s, Cupid became linked to the holiday for his love-creating abilities. 

Cupid is now a symbol of love and Valentine’s Day greeting cards usually feature it on them, which is inspired by the renaissance paintings of Cupid.

Buy Valentine’s Day Candy

First Valentine’s Day Candy Sweets

valentines chocolate

For a long time, chocolate has been considered a love food. Since ancient times, it has been a highly valued luxury that later became part of everyday life and, most importantly, an essential part of holidays like Valentine’s Day. Chocolate has a long history of being associated with Valentine’s Day.

People give them as special gifts to their lovers, share them with family or friends during the holidays, or just enjoy them by themselves. Have you ever wondered what the first Valentine’s Day candy ever created was?

1. Cadbury Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box

Cadbury Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

In England, the Cadbury family was very famous for selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. They were also very famous for their candy innovations. Creating Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes was one of them. 

Back in 1861, the Cadbury Company created “fancy boxes,” which were exactly what they sounded like. They decided to sell their chocolate in heart-shaped boxes and marketed it as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

The boxes were decorated with Cupids, roses, hearts, and other romantic imagery, which made them an instant hit. Cadbury heart-shaped boxes were the first ever created, and from then on, they became part of the holiday’s custom.

2. Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts

The Conversation Hearts have been around for more than a century. This popular Valentine’s Day candy got its start around the time of the Civil War. The original candy was called “Cockles.” There are romantic messages on each heart-shaped candy. 

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The Candy Hearts that we know today have been on the market since 1902 when the company printed sayings on candy shapes. The sayings are updated every year. Conversation candy hearts are used in various crafts, such as cake decorations, Valentine’s Day gifts, etc. What do you use candy hearts for? Do you have a favorite saying about these popular sweets?

Most Popular Valentine’s Day candy 

Like most holidays, candy plays an important role on Valentine’s Day. At the beginning of February, you’ll see that stores are filled with various love-themed candies, which are perfect for gifting to loved ones and bringing Valentine’s Day spirit. Popular colors for sweets include red and pink, which are usually associated with lovers. There are huge variations on popular Valentine’s Day candy, but here are some of the most popular ones. Which one is your favorite?

3. Swedish Fish Hearts

swedish fish hearts

Swedish Fish Hearts have been around for several years. Although there are various Swedish Fish flavors, heart-shaped ones take on the classic flavor. 

Valentine’s Day is all about red or pink heart-shaped sweets, which are fun to give as gifts or enjoy yourself. If you already enjoy the flavor of original Swedish Fish, then you’ll be a fan of Swedish Fish Hearts on Valentine’s Day, which will bring the extra holiday spirit around the 14th of February.

4. Dove Chocolate Hearts

dove chocolate hearts

If you want to show your love, Dove Chocolate Hearts will definitely help you with this. It’s a popular Valentine’s Day candy that has a classic milk chocolate flavor and comes in a special holiday package and the shape of hearts. 

Each chocolate is individually foil-wrapped with a lovely message, which will help you make Valentine’s Day even brighter. They are ideal to include in Valentine’s Day gifts or holiday candy bowls. 

5. Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts

Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts

What do you do if your significant other is not a fan of chocolate? Chocolate is not the only Valentine’s Day candy that will help you express your love. Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts are small, chewy fruit gummies with flavors of cherry, strawberry, and watermelon. 

Even though they are not chocolate, Jelly Hearts can be used as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, especially for those who are not really into chocolate.

6. Ring Pop Valentine’s Bag

Ring Pops come in special bags for Valentine’s Day. There are thematic color pops in this bag, which is individually wrapped and makes it easy to personalize this Valentine’s Day candy for loved ones. 

In the Valentine’s Day edition, there are red and pink ring pops, which taste like cherries and strawberries. This iconic candy is a perfect gift to include on Valentine’s Day. If you can’t get a real ring on Valentine’s Day, get a Ring Pop for your sweetheart.

7. SweeTARTS Heart Gummies

SweeTARTS Heart Gummies

Who would say no to another heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy? SweeTARTS offers special heart gummies for the holiday. They come in two colors: pink and purple, and there is also a mixed one that is half pink and half purple. 

Along with being delicious treats, they are a fun way to express love and to share them with your Valentine.

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8. Pink and White Nerds

If you are looking for thoughtful, fun, and exciting Valentine’s Day treat, Nerds candy special edition might interest you. They come in a special box that says “to,” “from,” which is a great way to add extra romantic spirit when giving away these little candies. 

There are two flavors in each box: pink and white, which taste like strawberries and punch. Which one is your favorite?

9. Fun Dip Valentine Candy

Fun Dip Valentine Candy

Do you send Valentine’s Day cards or do you just give people candy on Valentine’s Day? What do you say about cards full of Valentine’s Day candy? Fun Dip offers both at the same time. 

The special Valentine’s Day edition has small messages on the package and fun quotes on each marshmallow flavored stick. There are two flavors: Cherry-Yum-Diddly and Razzapple Magic. Additionally, each package features “to” and “from” labels, which makes it more exciting.

10. Smarties Love Hearts Candy Rolls

Smarties Love Hearts Candy Rolls

Do you remember the conversation candy that was popular at the beginning of the 20th century? It has not lost popularity since then. Smarties offer a special conversation candy-like edition for Valentine’s Day, which is a sweet-tart candy engraved with romantic messages like “Sweet Thing,” “Pretty Eyes,” etc. 

If you are not eager enough to express your feelings to your special one, Smarties will help you share your thoughts with him or her. 

Valentine’s Day Candy Commercials

Bottom Line On Valentine’s Day Candy

For centuries, Valentine’s Day has been connected to love and romance, but it was not always as romantic as it is today. The pagan festival of Lupercalia, in which Valentine’s Day is considered to have roots, was very violent. Over the centuries, February has become the month of couples and loved ones. 

Of course, like other holidays, customs and traditions play an important role in the Valentine’s Day celebration. People love to give gifts to each other. Husbands make their wives happy with flowers. Young lovers exchange Valentine’s Day cards with special messages written on them. Chocolate is an essential part of Valentine’s Day candy. 

At the beginning of February, you can feel that the romantic spirit is around every corner. Stores staff their shelves with special Valentine’s Day candy editions in red and pink. There is usually a huge assortment to choose from. Some of the sweets are especially for couples, while others are just fun to eat on Valentine’s Day. 

In modern times, Valentine’s Day has become a worldwide holiday. It’s not only couples who try to make each other happy, but families also have special traditions, like candy exchanges and greeting card giveaways, for Valentine’s Day. It has become a holiday to celebrate love, care, and affection. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy to share with your loved ones?

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