French Candy

French Candy

What comes to your mind first when you think of France? Probably delicious pastries and French candy that have been around for a long time. France has been famous for its delicious pastry making around the world, and it is no wonder that the country has been associated with sweet treats and confectionaries worldwide. 

It is true that French pastries are some of the most valuable in the world, but French candy has also been an important part of sweet-making history. 

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French Candy Names

  1. Dragees
  2. Boulets
  3. Carambar Caramel
  4. Regal’ad Candy
  5. Nougat
  6. Croissant
  7. Creme Brûlée
  8. Macaron
  9. The Eclair
  10. Patrick Roger
  11. Hirsinger
  12. Richart
  13. Reese’s 
  14. Pop Tarts
  15. Lucky Charms Cereal
  16. Dr. Pepper
  17. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
French Candy

The Most Popular French Candy

There are about 600 varieties of French candy, and while French pastries are the most popular in the world, each region of France has developed its own types of sweets using the ingredients that are available in the region.

There are huge varieties of French candy to choose from, and they will definitely satisfy every taste because of their unusual but rather fascinating flavors. Here are some of the most famous French candies, which express French nature and traditions perfectly. 

1. Dragees  


Dragees are also known as Confetto Malbas or Jordan Almonds. They are bite-sized French candy that consists of almonds coated with sugar and honey. They are usually used as decorations at special events, where the colors of the Dragees match the theme of the celebration. 

Dragees are one of the most well-known symbols of the city of Verdun. The modern version of this popular French candy was created in 1750 by the Parisian confectioner, Pacquet, who transformed them into a smooth candy.

2. Boulets


When you look at the Boulets, they look like the popular Whoppers, but the inside is slightly different. Boulets are chocolate-covered hazelnut candies, and the hazelnuts themselves are coated with sugar. 

It is a historic and emblematic French candy, from the city of Montauban, which is in the south of France. They were inspired by the cannonballs, which were ordered by Louis XIII to attack the city, but the city was resistant and did not surrender. 

3. Carambar Caramel

Carambar Caramel

Carambar has been around since 1954 and has become one of the most popular French candy over the years. If you enjoy the taste of caramel and Milky Way and 100 Grand Bar are among some of your favorite candies, then the Carambar Caramel stick is definitely for you!

It is simpler, just a caramel-flavored candy, which got its name from mixing two words: caramel and bar. You can only find Carambar in France, so it will also be a great souvenir to take to your home and share the taste of France with your friends and family.

4. Regal’ad Candy

Regal’ad Candy

This sweet, chewy French candy will probably remind you of the popular Starburst, which is also a fruit-flavored, colorful chew that people enjoy. Regal’ad is produced by the Krema brand and offers a variety of flavor choices like cherry raspberry, apricot, lemon, orange, and strawberry. 

It’s a French confectionary classic from childhood that will give you a nostalgic feeling and brighten your day with colorful bite-sized chews.

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5. Nougat


Are you a Nougat lover? When you think of Nougat candy, Big Hank Bar probably comes to your mind first, but did you know that Nougat was created in France? This chewy, sweet French candy is from Montelimar and has been very popular since 1701. 

Nougat has been the basis for many chocolate bars or enjoyed by itself for a very long time around the world. It’s such a popular French candy that people include it as a special Christmas treat in the Provence region. 

History of French Pastries

History of French Pastries

Who can resist the smell of freshly baked, delicious Croissants or Eclairs that come from the little bakeries, while walking down the streets in France? It took centuries of crafting and perfecting to create the iconic pastries that took over the world.

Everything started with the French people’s desire to finish up their dinner with something sweet. Initially, fruits and cheese were served after a meal in France, but people were still craving something sweet. That opened the doors to creating French pastries and confectioneries. 

It all started as early as the 13th century when in 1270 Regnaut-Barbon registered the status of oublieurs. They were the ancestors of confectionery and pastries. The profession of pastry chef started to materialize in the 16th century, and famous sweets like macaroons and sponge cakes were introduced.

Here is the history of some of the most iconic French pastries. Which one do you enjoy the most? 

6. Croissant


A Croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry of Austrian origin that is mostly associated with France. It was referred to as kipfel, and the first recorded history was brought to Paris in the 1830s by August Zang from Austria.

The modern Croissant was developed in the early 20th century. It got its name from the historical crescent shape. Crescent-shaped bread has been made since the Renaissance and crescent-shaped cakes since antiquity. Croissants have long been a staple of French patisseries and bakeries. 

7. Creme Brûlée

Creme Brûlée

Creme Brûlée is also known as burned cream, burnt cream, or trinity cream, and is virtually identical to Crema Catalana. There has been a debate on how this iconic sweet originated, but one theory suggests that Crema Catalana, whose origins date back to the 14th century, inspired chefs throughout Europe. 

A Creme Brûlée is a dessert with a rich custard base topped with hardened caramelized sugar. It became extremely popular in the 1980s. Before then, the term “creme brûlée” was unknown. Today, it is one of the most beloved French desserts and according to Business Insider, it’s the most mouthwatering dessert everyone should try in France. 

8. Macaron


A Macaron, or otherwise known as a French Macaroon, is a sweet, meringue-based confection. They were introduced in France by the chef of the Italian queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance. It was not until the 19th century when the typical macaroons were introduced, with the filling of ganache, buttercream, or jam. 

Macarons gained fame when two Carmelite nuns during the French Revolution were seeking asylum in Nancy. They were baking and selling macaron cookies to pay for their housing.

9. The Eclair

The Eclair

The Eclair was initially called “Petite Duchesse, probably because it was invented by Marie Antoine Careme, pastry chef for French royalty in France in the 19th century. 

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They are made with choux pastry, filled with pastry cream, and topped with chocolate or caramel icing. They have been very popular since their introduction, maybe because Eclairs can satisfy everyone’s desire with their variety of fillings like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, fruit mousse, etc.

The Most Popular French Chocolatiers

Making chocolate has become more of an art than a culinary skill over the years. A lot of things matter if you want to create the best chocolate, like texture, aroma, shape, and smell. French chocolate is indeed less known than the ones from Sweden and Belgium, but chocolatiers in France have truly created something valuable.

Chocolate first arrived in France from Spain in 1615. Since then, chocolate fever has spread quickly throughout Paris and all of France. Chocolate drinks and chocolate candies have become very popular and in high demand.

Here are some of the most popular chocolatiers that still exist today. 

10. Patrick Roger

Patric Roger

Patrick Roger is one of the most popular chocolate makers in France. He is referred to as France’s own Willy Wonka. Patric himself says that he is a chocolate artist. He’s very famous for creating huge, life-size chocolate sculptures, which are mesmerizing as well as very delicious. 

Roger usually travels around the world to discover new textures and flavors, to continue amazing people with his creations. 

11. Hirsinger


Hirsinger Chocolatier was founded over a century ago. Everything began in June of 1900 when Auguste Hirsinger bought a pastry shop, and since then, the Hirsingers have been one of the best French candy makers throughout the country. 

It’s a family business that has been handed down from father to son over the years. Hirsinger is famous for making special treats like panettone tartlets and chocolate-coated spice cookies with salted caramel. 

12. Richart


Richart is a family business that has been around since 1925. It was founded in Lyon, France, by master chocolatier Joseph Richart. Richart was inspired by contemporary art, which played a huge role in his chocolate-making techniques, like including more colors and patterns. 

Richart chocolates use only the finest ingredients to achieve the fascinating flavors of their notable French candy. Richart offers huge varieties of chocolate, even grouping them into families according to their fillings.

The Most Popular International Candy in France

There is no doubt that French treats are some of the most exquisite and delicious in the world, but like all nations, French people also enjoy some very popular international candy from time to time. 

It’s true that they might not be surprised with the flavors and textures of different kinds of sweets from around the world, but aren’t you interested, rather than in fascinating pastries, in what satisfies Parisians’ sweet tooth? Here are some of the most popular candies that the French enjoy.

13. Reese’s 

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

No one will be surprised that Reese’s has the top spot on the popular candy list. They are simple, chocolate-covered, peanut butter cups, but as some people say in France, they have never found a candy equivalent to Reese’s. It’s hard to believe if you’ve tried French candy, right?

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14. Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts Cherry

Pop Tarts are fun, delicious, and a great French snack. They can be crunchy, or very soft if you heat them in the microwave. The variety of flavors makes them more popular. Pop Tarts are one of the most popular among children. French people enjoy oreo-flavored Pop Tarts the most. 

15. Lucky Charms Cereal

Lucky Charms Cereal

You probably associate French breakfast with freshly baked goods such as croissants and macaroons, as well as a delicious aroma wafting through the house, but it turns out that the French, like many Americans, eat Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. Why not? Cereal with little marshmallows in it is always a fun idea.  

16. Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper Can

It’s hard to find a person who does not enjoy a glass of cold, sparkly Dr. Pepper on a hot day. French people are no exception. Along with their special sparkly champagne and noble wines, they usually love Dr. Pepper, and it’s one of their favorite drinks.

17. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

hersheys chocolate bars

Last but not least, iconic Hershey’s bars take a deserved place next to France’s finest chocolates. Who can resist the temptation to try delicious Hershey’s bars or Hershey’s kisses and enjoy them with their friends and family? Popularity increases as Hershey’s offers huge varieties of flavors and fun choices for holidays. 

Bottom Line On French Candy

France has a very long history of pastry and candy making. People have been enjoying delicious French treats for centuries. Starting from being the ending part of the meal, French sweets have become one of the most popular around the world. One might even say that they are visiting cards of French culture. 

As we mentioned, some of the finest French candy has been a symbol of historical regions for many centuries. As they spread throughout the world, they brought pieces of French history with them. 

One of the world’s best chocolate makers is undoubtedly from France. Using the finest ingredients, and getting inspiration from art, they have made chocolate making and art itself. People have been enjoying the amazing flavors and textures, as well as the beautiful palettes and colors of French chocolate, for many years. 

Can you imagine visiting France and not looking into small bakeries, which are usually full of delicious smells coming from popular French pastries? French pastries, which began as a part of history, are now a part of the culture and an essential part of special occasions and celebrations. When it comes to the holiday season, there are baked goods and colorful chocolate bars on every corner of French streets.

No matter what kind of treats you enjoy, French candies are sure to satisfy every taste. We can say that French chocolatiers and confectioners have really been revolutionary in candy-making history. And still, which French treat is your favorite? Please, share your opinion with us. 

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