Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are one of the most well-known and popular candies in the US and this is for good reason. There are few candies that are this much fun to eat and you have been missing out if you have never tried this tasty and fun candy snack. Pop Rocks are an eating experience as … Read more

Hedgehog Crisps

Hedgehog Crisps sound like they might be made from a nontraditional flavor source – dare we say a pretty cute flavor source? But don’t worry. No actual hedgehogs were used in the making of Hedgehog Crisps. The potato crisps (aka chips in the United States) were actually flavored with pork fat and herbs, common flavor profiles … Read more

Runts Candy

Fruit candies are often some of the most enjoyable candies that you can buy. Runts are a pretty and colorful fruity candy and they are even shaped like the fruits that they were made to mimic. These little Runts candy with their glossy finish and their fruit shapes are some of the most popular fruit … Read more

Nesquik Cereal

Many of us fondly know Nesquik cereal for things like chocolate milk or perhaps even strawberry milk. Their fun commercials and mascot bunny stick out to many of us, children and adults. They notoriously have chocolate powder and strawberry powder but they continue to add to their lineup of tasty treats.  Now, Nesquik has cereal … Read more

Quisp Cereal

Quaker Oats introduced Quisp, a sugar cereal that had a flavor similar to the iconic Cap’n Crunch, in 1965, and it was on the market nationwide until the late 1970s and then again in 2012. Quisp cereal was introduced with a sister cereal called Quake, which also had a fairly short life on the market, … Read more

Wonka Bar

If you loved the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you probably always wanted to try one of the Wonka bars that the movie was centered around. These candy bars were of mythical status in the movie and everyone want to get a golden ticket out of one of the candy bars they bought so … Read more

Satellite Wafers – UFO Candy

These small and spherical candies known as Satellite Wafers are really unique and not that many people know about them in the US. They are very popular in the UK and in Belgium and they got their start when the space race was first attracting a lot of national attention in many countries. Science Fiction … Read more

Oh’s Cereal

Oh’s cereal hit American grocery shelves in 1980, a latecomer to the breakfast cereal competition when compared to some of the iconic cereals that debuted a half-century earlier. And Oh’s! in their original conception didn’t last particularly long, either. Quaker Oats first manufactured Oh!s in “Crunchy Graham” and “Honey Nut” varieties. In 1988, they were … Read more

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles is a colorful, crispy rice cereal originally marketed with fruit flavors including orange, lemon and tangerine. The Post cereal company introduced Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles at the same, and they were the first cereals to be created based on a television series. The show that inspired these popular cereals was none other … Read more

DOTS Candy

If you love chewy little fruit candies that are bite-sized you probably always grab a box of DOTS candy at the store. This is one of the most addictive and delicious fruity candy treats on the market today and many people will tell you that they have loved this candy since childhood. DOTS are a … Read more