On the list of unusual candy bars that many people have loved for years, the Zagnut tops the list. This candy bar with a silly name is made in a very unusual way and offers a similar taste profile to a Mounds Bar. This is not a candy flavor profile that is reflected in many … Read more

Whistle Pops

This is one of the most unique candies on the market for a whole variety of reasons. There are many candies that are made all around the taste that they offer, but there are few food items or candy items that are made just because they can be used as a toy. Cereals and many … Read more


These delightfully crunchy and salty crackers are some of the most popular and well-known crackers on the market today. There is something delightfully wholesome about Triscuit crackers and you will probably realize that you can’t think of any other kind of cracker that is like these unique little snacks. Crackers are plentiful on the market, … Read more

Space Food Sticks

Space food sticks are linked indelibly with the first trips to space and they were very popular in the space race era due to this connection. If you have not heard of these snacks, that is because they were discontinued in the 1980s when the original space race craze officially ended. This being said, they … Read more

Sir Grapefellow

There are not many kinds of cereal that have been made by General Mills that did not experience long-term success. The company is famous for creating memorable and exciting cereal blends and styles that were often paired with silly and fun mascots. General Mills has sold some of the same cereals since the early 1900s … Read more

SweeTarts Ropes

If you haven’t tried SweeTarts Ropes, you are missing out. This is a fairly new candy and they take a mix of a Twizzler style candy and fill it with some delicious and delightful flavor and mix it together into this chewy, sweet rope with a classic sweet-tart flavor.  SweeTarts Ropes History SweeTarts Ropes have … Read more

Oh Henry!

Candy bars are some of the most popular and well-known kinds of candy that people have experienced in their lifetime. Candy bars often make a big impression and even basic candy bars are still preferred by many people over some of the more unique candies that are on the market. The Oh Henry bar is … Read more