Top 5 Snacks to Enjoy on Horse Racing Tracks

Top 5 Snacks to Enjoy on Horse Racing Tracks

Sports lovers are well aware of the vibrant atmosphere on horse racing tracks when the crowds are cheering for their chosen horses. Perhaps not surprisingly, snacking on delicious food is an integral part of this experience. 

Usually, local food is available at horse racing events and spectators have various opportunities to satisfy their taste buds. But let’s be honest, some snacks are more convenient than others if you want to enjoy the race without missing a single moment.

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The best horse racing snacks are those that are both practical and delicious. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 favorite snacks of horse racing enthusiasts.

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Snacks to Enjoy on Horse Racing Tracks

1. Classic Hot Dogs

Classic Hot Dogs

Sandwiches and burgers are some of the most common snacks that are usually served at horse racing events. But we have to admit that a simple, classic hot dog is an even better option when it comes to watching the races. Among other fast food options, a warm, soft bun filled with juicy sausage is indeed the easiest thing you can eat in a huge crowd.

A while ago, some horse racing enthusiasts were even claiming that eating a classic hot dog helped them get into the spirit of the race and make the right choices. That’s why we think that the process of checking out free horse racing picks today might go more effectively if you indulge in a classic hot dog while you’re placing bets.

2. Pretzels


We can’t think of a better snack to eat at horse racing events than pretzels. It’s especially convenient if you’re thinking of bringing your favorite chip brands with you instead of eating at fast food stands. The best part about this snack is that you can easily pair it with a variety of dips, such as classic mustard, warm cheese sauce, or spicy dips like queso. 

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While most of the snacks, chips, and fast food options are considered unhealthy, you might find it surprising that pretzels do have some health advantages. As a matter of fact, they contain iron and specific B vitamins. What’s more, they are good for your gut and you can easily digest them. Keep in mind that pretzels are also relatively low in calories, which means that you won’t have to worry about weight gain while snacking on Rold Gold Pretzels, Flipz Pretzels, or any of your favorites.

3. Churros


Churros is definitely the best possible snack option for anyone who has a sweet tooth and wants to have fun while watching horse racing. This Spanish snack may look like a basic fried stick but warm chocolate sauce for dipping can actually change your mood during the game. Again, this snack is practical to eat while keeping your eyes on the horses you’re betting on or cheering for. 

Similar to pretzels, you can easily share Churros with your friends and family. That way, you’ll turn the race day into a memorable social experience.

4. Fried Chicken Bites

Fried Chicken Bites

While we can’t deny the convenience of all the snacks discussed above, it’s equally true that you need to receive enough proteins during horse racing in order to manage concentration and get prepared for your desired win. Having that in mind, experienced horse racing enthusiasts often keep fried chicken bites with them while watching their favorite horses compete. 

Wondering which type of fried chicken bites are more suitable for horse racing? Well, it can be either KFC type bites, frozen brands like On-Cor Chicken Nibblers and Perdue Chicken Nuggets, or even homemade versions. In either case, you should choose a snack that’s both satisfying and easy to eat. Even though they’re bite-sized, they can actually offer your needed protein boost.

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5. Horseshoe Cookies

Horseshoe Cookies

Everyone has tasted hot dogs, pretzels, churros, or chicken bites at least once. These snacks are ideal for horse racing but they’re not special — none of them symbolizes horse racing. Therefore, if you feel that this day is so remarkable that it deserves a dedicated snack, you’ll definitely like the idea of horseshoe cookies. 

Traditional horseshoe cookies are made with simple sugar cookie dough and shaped into the form of a horseshoe. If you decide to bake them yourself, you can even add colorful sprinkles, chocolate, or even edible gold dust on top. As people believe, a horseshoe cookie is a symbol of good luck. While we can’t guarantee that your horse will win the competition after eating a horseshoe cookie, at least it will spread joy, which is why it’s worth trying. 

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you should be prepared to grab your favorite snacks and watch as the horses race on that special day you’ve been looking forward to for so long. And if you haven’t decided when you’re going to watch horse racing, then you have plenty of time to get prepared. In either case, it’s certain that after you bet on your favorite horses, you’ll need something to indulge yourself in to handle your excitement.

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