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KFC Secret Menu – Top 12 Hacks You Should Try (2024 Update)

Secret menus are an important part of today’s food culture, especially for fast-food restaurants like KFC. If you are a fan of the regular menu of KFC and want to get the most from every bite of its incredible food, then you are at the right place! We will tell you some secrets about the KFC secret menu.

KFC is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. It is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with 22,621 locations globally. Even though their menu isn’t that diverse, they still have some amazing secret hacks for their customers. 

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KFC Secret Menu Names

  1. Double Down
  2. Triple Down
  3. Chicken Bowl
  4. Drumstick and Dip
  5. KFC With Some Taco Bell Heat
  6. Make Your Own KFC Poutine
  7. Zinger Stacker
  8. Ultimate Zinger
  9. Hot Pocket Bowl
  10. Mash It Up 
  11. Bacon…On Anything
  12. Side Of Biscuits

Top 12 Hacks About KFC Secret Menu

Secret menus and hacks are usually created by individuals who have visited the restaurants so much that they were able to come up with something deliciously unexpected. If you’re a fan of this chain, then you’ll be happy to know that a KFC secret menu exists.

Let’s check out some of the best KFC secret menu ideas in 2023.

1. Double Down

Double Down

This tasty meal used to be on the KFC regular menu for a certain time, but even though they crossed it off the regular menu, people still ask for it in the KFC restaurants. Good for us, KFC still has all the ingredients to make this incredible sandwich. The only thing you have to do is ask them to make the Double Down.

Since this KFC secret menu item was part of their main menu, they will probably know the recipe. This sandwich comes with two kinds of cheese, melted between the bacon and two pieces of Chicken. Perfection just adds a pinch of the Colonel’s secret sauce in between. Enjoy this amazing KFC secret menu item and thank us later!

2. Triple Down

Triple Down

If you liked Double Down, then let’s go even further with KFC secret menu tricks and get some Triple Down, chicken patties with chicken patties. Complicated, right? But the tasty complications are worth trying! In addition to the extra cheese and bacon, you can have as much mashed potato as you want in this sandwich! Bon appetite!

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3. Chicken Bowl

Chicken Bowl

What about some personalized chicken bowls from KFC? Are you bored of their regular sets of the usual bowls? After trying them many times over the years, you might wish to change some details and create something new for your better experience.

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Why don’t you just grab some extra bacon, gravy, and cheese? And you can also add some fries, too! These are the basics but don’t hesitate to add anything you like from the KFC ingredient list and you’ll get the taste you are craving!

4. Drumstick and Dip


This is the hack KFC chose from 177 replies to their post, so pay attention! The credits for the hack go to Jessica Cole, back in 2018, her KFC hack told us to order any version of KFC chicken in which drumsticks are involved, but also with some fries, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It doesn’t end here!

Grab the drumstick at the stick end and proceed to peel off the skin. After you’ve done it, wrap that incredible crispy coating tightly around a fistful of fries. And for the final step, plug your fistful of skin-wrapped fries into that mashed gravy goodness. And here’s your drumstick and dip, waiting for you to enjoy!

Even KFC was stunned by this brave hack. The goal was achieved and people loved it!

5. KFC With Some Taco Bell Heat

KFC Taco Bell

Did you know that you can combine two of your favorite fast-food restaurants into one amazing item? Because KFC and Taco Bell are owned by the same parent company – Yum! They sometimes have to share their workspace under one roof. And we can use it for our own good!

Have you had a difficult time choosing between Kentucky fried goodness and Mexican hotness? Then, with all of your courage, kill two birds with one shot and hack both restaurants’ menus! 

We suggest you start by ordering your fries at KFC and then head over to Taco Bell for a side order of cheese sauce to pour on top of them. The list of hacks you can come up with in the case of these two amazing restaurants is endless. As far as your creativity goes, enjoy the combinations of Mexican heat and KFC crunchiness. 

If you liked your experience with the KFC secret menu, find out more about Taco Bell’s secret menu, too!

6. Make Your Own KFC Poutine

KFC Poutine

This is the hack that will always stay in your mind, whether you are hungry or not. These hot, crispy fries and melted cheese curds will just stay in your brain cells forever! And that’s not all, it’s all doused in beef-infused gravy.

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Poutine is very popular in Canada and we can see why. Just the thought of piping hot cheese and KFC gravy poured over French fries will make your mouth water. 

There’s one more thing. Use the opportunity. If your KFC happens to be joined at the hip to a Taco Bell, request a side of cheese sauce from the neighbors to complete the holy poutine trinity. Be prepared to never be able to ask for anything else again!

7. Zinger Stacker

Zinger Stacker

Have you ever heard of the Zinger Chicken sandwich at KFC? Then you should know its quality grub. Order the Zinger Stacker from the KFC secret menu and you won’t regret it! Who would say no to twice the chicken and cheese?

Specifically, what you’ll get is a slightly toasted bun with 2 fried chicken filets, both topped with incredible melted cheese. These are some basics, but they will be perfect along with chili relish and their spicy sauce.

8. Ultimate Zinger

Ultimate Zinger

After some Zingers what about an ultimate zinger? This KFC secret menu meal is a chicken ultimate sandwich with a zinger filling that is tucked inside. Lettuce, cheese, two mini crispy chicken filets, pulled barbeque chicken, and southern-style coleslaw will make everything better!

This is a more moderate sandwich for those who want a bit of heat but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it. Order this sandwich by asking for a pulled chicken ultimate burger and adding on a zinger filet. Of course, you can add any other side you want.

9. Hot Pocket Bowl

Hot Pocket Bowl

This incredible meal that is now on a KFC secret menu was once on the KFC regular menu. If you want to order it, just ask for a Hot Pocket of dough with chicken, gravy, and cheese. 

If they have a hard time understanding what you mean by asking for a “Hot Pocket Bowl,” just remember the simple ingredients we mentioned above. After this special meal, don’t forget to get some personalized drinks from Starbucks’ secret menu! You will need it!

Some Extras on KFC Secret Menu

KFC tries to develop its secret menu and make it even more personalized for every customer. So every KFC customer can get some add-ons to their food, all of which creates a better experience for every loyal customer. There are some extras you should try while at KFC.

10. Mash It Up 

Mash It Up 

Everyone knows KFC for its legendary chicken, but they also have some cool mashed potatoes with many loyal followers. Although mashed potatoes are a classic side dish, they also work fantastically well as a rich and creamy condiment. So why not try it? 

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Just reinforce any KFC chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes, and it will change the way you look at sandwiches! Even though KFC doesn’t advertise mashed potatoes as a topping, just ask them to add a scoop of mashed goodness to your meal and they will be happy to do so. 

To order the mashed potatoes as a topping on any sandwich, call for “mashed potatoes” to be added to any sandwich you think fits. Trust us, you won’t regret that you tried it!

11. Bacon…On Anything


Isn’t mashed potatoes enough as a topping for you? Then we’re going to tell you one more secret that only loyal customers of KFC know. You can actually get bacon added to whatever you want. All you have to do is ask. 

But we should warn you about the price and availability, which differ by the location of KFC restaurants. If you are a bacon lover, you’ll probably have your lifelong wish of “more bacon” granted, so why not enjoy “Bacon…on Anything”?

12. Side Of Biscuits

Side Of Biscuits

If you are a fan of KFC’s buttery biscuits, this hack is especially for you. Who doesn’t have the extra side of the buttery biscuits from KFC? Just ask for a “KFC Side of Biscuits” and they’ll include 2 biscuits with your order. And do you know what will make it even better? Honey and butter! Just perfection! 

The price, like any other item, can vary by location, but in most cases, it is very affordable, so don’t be afraid to order a KFC side of biscuits and make your KFC secret menu even more interesting!

Bottom Line

Even though KFC’s menu choices don’t offer a lot of variety, with these hacks you can create amazing items to enjoy, and in this case, you will have more reasons to love KFC. As a fried chicken lover, KFC secret menu items can help you make it even more personalized for you. So next time you visit KFC, don’t forget to use the hacks and secrets we taught you! 

If you liked the secret menu ideas, we suggest you try other restaurants’ secret menus, too!

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