McDonalds Secret Menu – Top 11 Items You Must Try (2022 Update)

McDonalds Secret Menu

Did you know that more people order food at McDonald’s than there is the entire population in the United Kingdom? However strange it may seem, it’s a fact. 

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McDonald’s is a real conqueror of the fast-food industry of the world. It’s the biggest American fast-food company which was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California. Today, the restaurant is so popular that it’s hard to find a single person on the planet who hasn’t heard anything about the Big Mac or Happy Meal, but what about the McDonalds secret menu. 

McDonald’s is one of the main reasons why the process of globalization is spreading around the world so rapidly. Nowadays, half of McDonald’s restaurants are located overseas but still, if you’re in the United States, there’s no way that you can be more than 115 miles from a McDonald’s restaurant. This means that you always have a chance to have a tasty breakfast or dinner with your favorite burgers, fries, or more. 

However, at some point, we all want to try something new. You can’t eat Big Mac or fries routinely every day. And that’s why you need to be aware of the tricks of McDonalds secret menu! Their secret items are so diverse that in some McDonald’s branches, McDonalds secret menu items are more popular than regular meals. Let’s take a look at the delicious burgers, sandwiches, or desserts from the secret menu of McDonald’s.

Top 11 Options on McDonalds Secret Menu

Surf & Turf Burger

Do you enjoy eating McChicken? Then you’ll probably fall in love with Surf & Turf Burger. This secret menu item from McDonald’s looks pretty much like a McChicken, but as some customers say, it’s even better. Surf and Turf is a combination of shellfish and red meat. Imagine a mix of steak and lobster in just one burger. That’s exactly the essence of a Surf & Turf burger! It’s a massive sandwich containing three patties, including a special Filet-O-Fish patty. The sandwich is so big that you’ll have to assemble it yourself and add how many buns you desire. 

So, if you love seafood and believe that you can handle such a big burger by yourself, keep in mind to order Surf & Turf Burger from the secret menu when you’re at McDonald’s!

surf and turf

Big McChicken

Big McChicken is indeed everyone’s favorite. Unfortunately, not every McChicken lover knows this amazing trick from McDonalds secret menu. However, sometimes a normal Big Mac isn’t enough to satisfy our needs and we want something more! But two big Macs are too much. Not to mention that it’s too expensive. That’s exactly when you need Big McChicken. Again, instead of ordering Big McChicken, you’ll have to assemble this giant and mouth-watering burger by yourself. So, you’ll need some creativity. 

In order to create a Big McChicken, you need to order a Big Mac and 3 McChickens. Just replace the buns of Bic Mac with McChicken patties, and that’s it! You can enjoy your Big McChicken. Keep in mind that it’s not the only way to order Big McChicken. You can also order a McDouble, especially if you want to save some money and use it instead of a Big Mac. The process may be a bit messy, but the result is definitely worth it!

big mcchicken

Orange Creamsicle

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between your favorite ice cream and orange juice at McDonald’s. You want to have both, but you know you can’t handle them. That’s when you should choose 

Orange Creamsicle. This tasty dessert is a combination of low-fat vanilla ice cream and orange Fanta. Considering this, creating an Orange Creamsicle by yourself is very easy. For this, you just need to order soft serve and orange Fanta. 

Just order a soda and ice cream and mix them to get an Orange Creamsicle. But the better way is to ask a cashier to add an Orange Hi-C to your drink. This little trick will make your dessert even more delicious. Be careful though, because in this case, you might end up getting charged. However, you can make it yourself without any extra charge. So, don’t hesitate to take part in this little experiment. 

Apple Pie McFlurry

There’s another interesting trick for sweet lovers. Although a lot of people love the taste of standard McFlurry and enjoy having McDonald’s’ Apple Pie on cold fall days, if it doesn’t satisfy you anymore and you want to try something, Apple Pie McFlurry could be an ideal choice. All you have to do is to order a plain McFlurry and an Apple Pie. 

However, it’s not something you can create completely on your own, meaning that in this case, you need a little help from employees. Therefore, if you’re standing in a huge queue, ordering Apple Pie McFlurry may not be the best idea. But if an employee has some time, just tell them you’re aware of this trick from McDonalds secret menu and ask them to help you make Apple Pie McFlurry. You will see a full slice of apple pie blended into your plain McFlurry. The perfect combination of these two tastes will probably surprise you!

apple pie mcflurry

Hashbrown McMuffin

It’s hard to resist the temptation to order a crunchy hash brown whenever you’re at McDonald’s. But this secret menu track we’re about to discuss indeed makes it twice more delicious. That’s why customers all over the world adore Hashbrown McMuffin, especially for breakfast. 

This delicious meal is a simple combination of a hash brown and a McMuffin sandwich. 

All you need to do is to choose any type of McMuffin sandwich and add a crispy hash brown patty. This secret menu item is available at all US locations of McDonald’s, but be careful because sometimes employees prefer to make it yourself as the hash brown patties are larger than standard muffins. Even if it can be a bit messy, if you’re looking for a perfect breakfast idea, this McDonalds secret menu trick is a must-try. 

hash brown mc muffin

Poor Man’s Big Mac

Sounds a bit weird, right? However, if you want to have your favorite Big Mac at McDonald’s but are short of money, Poor Man’s Big Mac could be a great idea. In fact, while the price of a standard Big Mac is about $3.99, you can afford the Poor Man’s Big Mac only for about $1.50! 

In order to assemble this secret menu item, you should order McDouble but instead of ketchup and mustard, add lettuce and Big Mac sauce. That way, you’ll avoid the extra bun in the middle of your burger and get a taste of a Big Mac without it. Keep in mind that you’re also cutting out some extra calories and saving your money along the way! 

poor mans big mac

Caramel Apple Sundae

Some customers think that adding a caramel apple pie to your ice cream doesn’t make a big difference, but if you haven’t tasted this amazing secret menu item from McDonald’s, trust us, it does and you should definitely try it!

The Caramel Apple Sundae is a combination of hot Caramel Sundae with nuts and apple chunks. If you’re lucky, the employees will add an apple for you, but if you don’t, you can order an apple and make it yourself. Thanks to the apple texture, you will get an extra crispy taste in your creamy dessert. And also, an apple will probably leave a healthier sensation in your mouth! 

Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Have you ever dreamt about a decent fish sandwich at McDonald’s? Then you’ll probably find the idea of Land, Sea, and Air Burger interesting. The entire secret menu trick is the following: just order one cheeseburger, one McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish. Use a McChicken and combine three patties either in Big-Mac Style or however you prefer in order to make this secret item. Even though it looks like Surf & Turf Burger, it’s an expanded version of it and probably more delicious! 

land sea and air burger


McCrepe is another mouth-watering dessert for a perfect breakfast at McDonald’s. It’s a combination of a hotcake and your favorite type of Yogurt Parfait. Simply order these two items, add the Yogurt Parfait to your hotcakes, fold them and you’ll get McCrepe. The tasty toppings of granola and syrup will help you satisfy your appetite in the morning. 

While Yogurt Parfait is available at all locations, unfortunately not everyone has a chance to taste Mcdoland’s hotcakes. Still, you can always try because this amazing dessert will make you forget the original hotcakes. 


McBrunch Burger

McBrunch Burger is definitely the most popular item from McDonalds secret menu. The reason is simple: this burger combines the best you can get from McDonald’s both for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s tasty, satisfying, and not-so-expensive. McBrunch Burger is another do-it-yourself trick from the secret menu. 

In order to assemble this burger, you need to order either a cheeseburger or a double cheeseburger, a hash brown, and a Jalapeno Double with a round egg or folded egg. Keep in mind that if you order a double cheeseburger instead of a normal one, your burger will be so big that you might be physically unable to eat it. Still, it’s everyone’s favorite. 

mcbrunch burger

Spam & Egg McMuffin

And the last mouth-watering item in today’s secret menu of McDonald’s is Spam & Egg McMuffin. As you can see, it’s a combination of an ordinary Egg McMuffin and Canadian bacon or sausage. The second way to assemble this tasty burger is to order a Sausage McMuffin with eggs. The best thing about this meal is that it costs exactly the same as Egg McMuffin. But it tastes twice as delicious!

spam and egg mcmuffin

Bottom Line Of The McDonalds Secret Menu

Did you already pick your favorite item from the McDonalds secret menu? If you didn’t, you definitely should because once you get a taste of this delicious, unusual meal from McDonald’s, you will no longer get back to the ordinary menu. Most importantly, the secret menu at Mcdonald’s is so diverse that it’s hard to get bored of assembling these unusual items and feeling extraordinary tastes in your mouth. Don’t forget the highly sought-after McGangbang, which you can also find on the site.  If you don’t find something that takes your fancy, check out the Burger King Secret Menu for more secret items!

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