Burger King Secret Menu

Every single fast-food lover has heard something about BK, but about the Burger King Secret Menu. Founded in 1954, the restaurant chain has been successfully operating for decades already, serving a wide range of delicious burgers and sandwiches to the customers. 

If you’re a loyal customer of Burger King, the name Whopper indeed tells you something, reviving tasty memories that make your mouth water. But the Whopper isn’t everything. The entire menu of Burger King includes plenty of delicious sandwiches and burgers, but still, sometimes we feel that it’s not enough. We want to taste something new. That’s why you need to try these secret menu items!

Let’s take a look at the most delicious items from the Burger King secret menu and don’t forget to memorize the ingredients because you won’t see any of these secret menu items in the regular BK menu. 

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Top 10 Items from Burger King Secret Menu


The first and the most exciting item on the Burger King menu is definitely BK BLT. Sometimes we just feel that a regular chicken sandwich from the BK menu isn’t enough to satisfy our needs. That’s when you need to use this secret menu trick. The BK BLT might look like a traditional Burger King chicken sandwich, but actually, it’s an improved version and tastes much better. The BK BLT contains extra bacon, cheese, and tomatoes. As customers prove, these three ingredients are a perfect addition to grilled chicken. 

If you want to taste this Burger King secret menu item, you just have to order a chicken sandwich from the regular menu and ask the workers to add bacon, tomato, and cheese. Although BK BLT is not as popular as a traditional chicken sandwich, you should know that it’s also available at all locations and most importantly, it costs just $3.99.

Rodeo Burger

The name “Rodeo Burger” sounds so attractive in itself, but loyal customers of Burger King know that this secret menu item tastes the same. There was a time when Rodeo Burger, or Rodeo King, as people call it, was on the regular BK menu, but unfortunately, the restaurant decided to take it off a few times. What is fortunate, though, is that by memorizing this simple trick, you can taste the Rodeo Burger regardless of being on or off the regular menu. 

The Rodeo Burger is a cheeseburger with some additional ingredients. Specifically, it includes onion rings and BBQ sauce. Therefore, it’s just two extra ingredients that make the burger so special. It’s important to note that Rode King is so popular that there are several versions of this burger, including Rodeo Stacker King which is also stacked with cheese, bacon, extra onion rings, two patties, and BBQ sauce. However, this version includes Stacker Sauce as well. This secret menu item is available at locations and you can order it for just $1.49.

Veggie Whopper

Who can imagine Burger King without its mouth-watering Whopper? In fact, the Whopper is the first thing that naturally comes to our minds when someone mentions Burger King, because it’s BK’s signature hamburger. However, the main ingredient of the traditional Whopper is savory, flame-grilled beef. Does it mean that people who don’t eat meat have no other option but to forget the Whopper exists and order something else?

Fortunately, the answer is no. The Veggie Whopper is an ideal alternative to BK’s famous Whopper hamburger for vegetarians. This secret menu item consists of a veggie patty instead of beef, which is enough to solve plenty of problems for vegetarians. The only difference from the classic Whopper is that the beef patty is replaced with a vegetarian patty, which is no less tasty and juicy. If you want to order a Veggie Whopper, you should just ask for a “Veggie Whopper” and the staff will eventually realize what you mean. The burger costs $3.49 and the most amazing thing is that you can still order it even if you’re not a vegetarian and just want to try something new. 

BK Ham and Cheese

No one argues that ham and cheese are a perfect combination. But with Burger King sandwiches, it’s even better. The reason why this secret menu item is so popular at most locations is that it costs only $1.99, not to say anything about the fact that one bite is enough to make your mouth water. BK Ham and Cheese is made of melted cheese added over a tasty ham. What’s special about this sandwich is that you can choose any type of bun (but we recommend choosing a sesame bun as it’s BK’s customers’ favorite). 

Although you can’t see either the ingredients or the price of the BK Ham and Cheese sandwich on the regular menu, ordering this secret menu item is very easy. All you have to do is to ask the waiters to get you ham and cheese on a sesame seed bun or any type of bun you want. Its taste will definitely surprise you! 

Burger King Club

BK Chicken Sandwich lovers are well-aware of the unforgettable taste it leaves in your mouth once you taste it. But when you go to Burger King too often, you need to try something new. The Burger King Club, from the secret menu, is especially for those situations. It looks so much like a traditional chicken sandwich but has some extra ingredients. And as some customers say, it’s even better. 

Burger King Club is a combination of extra tomatoes, cheese, and bacon on a chicken sandwich. Just order the original chicken sandwich and don’t forget to ask the staff members to get you extra bacon, tomato, and cheese. That’s everything you need to do in order to taste Burger King Club from the secret menu. You can also ask for a Burger King Club itself, but if an employee doesn’t understand what you’re ordering, just ask for extra ingredients and make the sandwich by yourself. It will only charge you $3.99. And don’t forget to keep it a secret – not everyone knows about the existence of this BK secret menu wonder. 

Mustard Whopper

If you’re addicted to the Burger King Whopper sandwich and want to try its alternative, then the Mustard Whopper from the BK secret menu is perfect for you! Although many people can’t imagine sandwiches without mayonnaise, some people just don’t like it. Either they are allergic or don’t like the taste of mayo. In any case, it turns out that mustard is a great alternative in the Whopper sandwich for those who don’t enjoy the taste of mayonnaise or just want to try something original.

The Mustard Whopper is another tasty secret menu item from Burger King that includes mustard instead of mayonnaise. Ordering this item is pretty easy – just ask for a whopper with mustard instead of mayo. Keep in mind that you can also get them both because mustard doesn’t charge you anything additional. You just have to pay either $1.29 if you’re ordering a Whopper Jr. or $3.49 for a classic-sized Whopper.

Burger King Secret Menu Frings

Who doesn’t like French fries or onion rings? But if you adore them, then we recommend trying Frings from the secret menu of Burger King. Sometimes we just feel that tasty sandwiches need something crispy to accompany them, and that’s when you should order Frings. Burger King is well-aware of the fact that the combination of French fries and onion rings is something their customers dream about. 

Although they don’t have Frings in their regular menu, you can simply order it by just asking for half grinch fries and half onion rings. Chances are high that the employees will understand what you mean if you mention “Frings” because it’s everyone’s favorite. 

Suicide Burger

Don’t be afraid of the name “Suicide Burger! Once you taste it, this BK secret menu item will probably become your favorite. This giant burger is something you haven’t seen before. In fact, it includes as many as 4 beef patties, 4 slices of cheese, and bacon. In addition, the special sauce adds extra taste and makes it unforgettable. Now you probably understand why it’s called a “Suicide Burger” – eating the entire meal actually equals killing yourself! But for good.

If the staff members don’t recognize the name Suicide Burger, just ask for Quad Stacker or Triple Stacker with additional ingredients. You can also simply name the ingredients and assemble the Suicide Burger yourself. 

French Fry Burger

It’s nothing new that fast-food lovers enjoy eating burgers or sandwiches and French fries together. However, usually, restaurants offer these two meals either separately or on a single menu. But what would you say about a combination of French fries and a burger in one single meal? That’s exactly the definition of the “French Fry Burger” from the Burger King secret menu. 

Of course, it’s not on the regular menu, but you can easily order a cheeseburger and ask the workers to top the burger with French fries. And if you want something bigger, just order a double cheeseburger! 

french fry burger

The BBQ Deluxe 

And the final BK secret menu item is the BBQ Deluxe. Many people adore sweet barbeque sauce, and some of us even prefer it to ketchup or mustard. If you’re tired of ketchup on your favorite sandwiches and burgers, then it’s time for the BBQ Deluxe. 

This secret menu item is an alternation of the Rodeo Whopper. This time, instead of some extra ingredients, it lacks pickles and ketchup and has BBQ sauce instead. Mayonnaise, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes will still accompany your burger, though. 

Bottom Line On The Burger King Secret Menu

As you can see, the secret menu of Burger King is very diverse. Here you can find everything from giant burgers to special sandwiches and snacks. And more. Although the restaurant updates the regular menu and excludes some of your favorite items, and replaces them with new ones, thanks to the secret menu, you always have a chance to bring your favorite meals back. 

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