In-N-Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out Secret Menu – Most Delicious Items (2024 Update)

If you’re a fast-food lover and live somewhere close to California, chances are high that you’ve heard something about Animal Fries. And if you haven’t, you’re still at the right place because Animal Fries is just one of the many mouth-watering foods from the In-N-Out menu that you should definitely try while you’re alive! But have you heard about the In-N-Out secret menu?

In-N-Out is not just one of the many fast-food chains in California. It’s a special one. The restaurant has been attracting tons of customers since its foundation in 1948, and it’s not really surprising, considering the friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, and most importantly, delicious food they have. As a result, they have expanded from California and today you can find the restaurants of the In-N-Out chain in various states such as Arizona, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, or Colorado. 

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The menu of In-N-Out is pretty diverse for fast-food customers. Here you can find anything from various types of tasty burgers to special sources or grilled onions. But what is more exciting is that they also have a “secret menu”. If you’re a loyal customer of In-N-Out, you should know that the food on their menu isn’t everything. The restaurant offers plenty of delicious food that is not explicitly written on the menu. But if you’re familiar with the secret menu and the ways of ordering the items in this menu, then you can easily taste whatever you like!

So, here are the top 10 most delicious items in the In-N-Out secret menu that you should definitely try. 

In-N-Out Secret Menu Names

  1. Flying Dutchman
  2. Animal Style 
  3. The Fries
  4. Grilled Onions
  5. Toasty Buns
  6. The Secret Sauce
  7. Chili Peppers
  8. 3×3 and 4×4 Burgers
  9. Protein Style Burgers
  10. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
IN N In-N-Out secret menu

Top 10 Must-Try In-N-Out Secret Menu Items 

1. Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of pure, juicy beef and cheese. It’s indeed the most interesting meal on the secret menu of In-N-Out. However strange it may sound, the Flying Dutchman doesn’t have anything to do with a well-known, legendary ghost ship. Actually, it’s just two slices of cheese that are perfectly melted between two beef patties. That’s the entire secret. The meal doesn’t include any common toppings such as lettuce, bun, or wrapper. 

This particular item from the In-N-Out secret menu is ideal for those who are trying to learn about gluten or wheat. The thing that makes Flying Dutchman special is that there are no standard burger buns included. Instead, customers have to taste only meat and cheese. Still, it’s counted as a burger! 

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The most amazing thing about the Flying Dutchman is that its price is only $2.10. Believe it or not, that’s the truth! So, if you want to order a Flying Dutchman, just ask for it because it’s a well-known secret. But if the cashier has no idea what you mean, then he or she’s probably new and you can just explain it’s two slices of cheese between patties instead of classic burger buns. 

flying dutchman

2. Animal Style 

Animal Style is a special burger from the In-N-Out chain which is not a big secret for those who are frequent customers of this restaurant. The reason is that burger-lovers order this wonderful burger so often that chances are high you’ve already heard about it. Still, let us explain. 

The Animal Style burger is cooked in mustard and contains lettuce, pickles, grilled onions, tomatoes, and extra sauce. You also have an option of adding chili peppers, either whole or sliced. The special thing about this burger is that it’s 2x anything. This means that you can double any ingredient it includes. For example, it could be a burger with three patties and one slice of cheese, or two slices of cheese and just one patty. You can create any kind of combination. 

So, it’s a double-double burger. And there’s no need to explain why it’s called an animal style. Just taste it and you’ll probably feel like an animal while eating this monster burger. But you’ll like it!

animal style

3. The Fries

Who doesn’t love french fries? The fries at In-N-Out are usually made with the finest potatoes and 100% sunflower oil, which makes them stand out. It doesn’t matter what kind of fries you prefer, you can order anything: well-done fries, light fries, extra light fries, extra well-done fries, no salt, extra salt, and even Animal Style fries. That’s the secret of the fries at In-N-Out. You have to just ask and you’ll get anything you like.

The cost of well-done fries at In-N-Out is just $1.60. If you order well-done fries from the secret menu instead of just asking for fries, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but trust us, it’s worth it! 

in n out fries

4. Grilled Onions

We can’t really say that just like fries, onions are everyone’s favorite, but chances are high your opinion will change if you try grilled onions from the secret menu of In-N-Out. Grilling is a great way to add extra flavor to onions that are sometimes unnoticeable in burgers. The best thing is that onions can be grilled either in pieces or as a whole. 

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Those who are familiar with the In-N-Out secret menu know that the restaurant allows its customers to decide in what condition they would like to receive their onions. While most burgers come with fresh onions, you can ask the cashier to serve you grilled or caramelized onions, either chopped into little slices or as a whole. 

5. Toasty Buns

Do you like the taste of freshly grilled buns? While making burgers at home, we often toast buns, probably because it’s associated with tasty memories from childhood or because they just smell amazing. In any way, at the restaurants of In-N-Out, you are allowed to ask the cashier for toasty buns. It may sound a bit crazy, but trust us, no one will be surprised. That’s a common practice.

Frying your buns adds an extra crunchy sensation to every bite. That’s why In-N-Out customers love to ask for toasty buns while ordering hamburgers. You can request either a toasted or a toasty bun, but our recommendation is to order a toasty bun to get the perfect crispy bite. 

6. The Secret Sauce

Surprisingly, the secret menu of In-N-Out includes special sources as well and we call it the Secret Sauce. Some people adore In-N-Out burgers just the way they are, but others prefer to do little experiments. If you’re in the second category, then the Secret Sauce is just for you! However, it’s nothing you haven’t tasted before. 

The thing is that you can just ask for another packet of the sauce and double the dressing of your burger to feel the special formula of In-N-Out’s delicious sauce. Therefore, every time you like, you’ll get an extra sauce for free. Sounds tempting, right? 

secret sauce

7. Chili Peppers

Various types of fries, onions, and buns aren’t everything. The secret menu of In-N-Out includes chili peppers too! This means that you can add either chopped or whole chilis to your meal. Usually, In-N-Out serves its customers with yellow chile peppers called Cascabella. It’s a cone-shaped, small, hot wax-type chili pepper, produced in Chile, that is about 2 inches long. 

At In-N-Out, you can ask for chili peppers separately or get them diced in your burger. This will add an extra bitter flavor to your burger and make your mouth water. 

8. 3×3 and 4×4 Burgers

Now you already know that you can ask for double-double burgers at In-N-Out. But even if you think that 2×2 isn’t enough for you, you have nothing to worry about because the secret menu also includes the option of ordering 3×3 and even 4×4 burgers. And these burgers are exactly as they sound. 

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If you order a 3×3 burger, there will be a third extra patty and the third slice of cheese and respectively, if you ask for a 4×4 burger, you’ll get a fourth patty and the fourth slice of cheese in your burger. We bet it won’t be easy to eat this delicious burger, though. 

4x4 burger

9. Protein Style Burgers

Although the Protein Style burger at In-N-Out isn’t as popular as Animal Style, it’s definitely worth a try. The secret of Protein Style burgers is that you’re replacing the hamburger buns with a crispy and tasty lettuce wrap. Therefore, even though classical buns are removed, you get a fresh type of burger wrapped all in lettuce. 

This option is ideal for those who are trying to reduce their carbohydrate intake. It’s not a big surprise that it’s not as popular as Animal Style or classic hamburgers but the lettuce does add extra freshness to the burger. So, if you’re looking for a lighter meal but still want to have a burger, Protein Style could be the most optimal choice for you. 

protein style burgers

10. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

And the last item on the In-N-Out secret menu is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Just ask for a “Grilled Cheese” and you’ll get two slices of melted cheese between classic buns. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich is one of the most popular items on the In-N-Out secret menu. The burger includes land-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, onions, fresh buns, and of course, two slices of grilled cheese. It’s available at all locations and the price is just $2.35. 

Bottom Line

If you plan to go to any of the restaurants of In-N-Out, don’t forget to take a great look at the best items from their “secret menu” above, and choose your favorite. With or without this menu, they offer a wide range of tasty meals, but you can take advantage of these “secret menu” items and maximize your benefits. 

So, which one is your favorite? Before you visit the In-N-Out menu and taste your favorite items, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite.

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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