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Arby’s Secret Menu – Top 12 Items You Should Taste (2024 Update)

It’s a widely known fact that most fast-food restaurants have secret menus, but have you ever heard of Arby’s secret menu? If you love discovering new hacks in fast-food restaurants, then get comfortable, you are at the right place!

Founded in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio, by Forrest and Leroy Raffel, Arby’s is one of the biggest American fast-food chains. With more than 3,300 branches worldwide, the restaurant is the third-largest in terms of revenue. One thing that makes Arby’s stand out is its mouth-watering sandwiches. Most of the time we visit fast-food restaurants, we all want the same thing – tasty food in a short time period. Arby’s secret menu will help you get what you want—the personalized taste.

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Arby’s Secret Menu Names

  1. Arby’s Melt
  2. Arby’s Turkey ‘n Cheddar
  3. Double Stacked Reuben
  4. French Dip Max
  5. Ultimate BLT Sandwich
  6. Junior Deluxe
  7. Roast Ham N’ Swiss Sandwich
  8. The Rachel
  9. Big Iowa
  10. The Meat Mountain Sandwich
  11. Arby’s Super Roast Beef
  12. Bacon Beef N’ Cheddar

Top 12 Items from Arby’s Secret Menu

Arby’s regular menu is already pretty diverse as it even goes beyond the classic roast beef sandwiches and suggests interesting fast-food variations to their customers. However, even though the company has a long history and broad experience in defining what their customers desire, they can’t possibly have everything on the regular menu. That’s why there is Arby’s secret menu.

Let’s check out some of the best Arby’s secret menu ideas in 2023.

1. Arby’s Melt

Arby’s Melt

Arby’s Melt is one of those groups of foods that lost their place on the regular menu and moved to the secret one. Now it is an important part of Arby’s secret menu, but actually, you might still find it on some of Arby’s restaurant food lists. The Arby’s Melt is made of Arby’s famous roast beef with their melted cheddar cheese sauce on top of it. If you are a fan of cheesy foods, you must try something from Arby’s secret menu!

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2. Arby’s Turkey ‘n Cheddar

Arbys Turkey n Cheddar

Like Arby’s Melt, this sandwich was also on their regular menu, but for now, it’s among their famous secret menu items. In this case, you simply have to order a Classic Beef ‘N’ Cheddar but don’t forget to ask for freshly sliced turkey instead of beef. 

There’s more! You can also add bacon, Arby’s red ranch sauce, and melted cheddar cheese sauce to complete the perfect sandwich. Another difference is that Arby’s Turkey and Cheddar is served with an onion roll instead of the classic sesame seed roll.

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3. Double Stacked Reuben

Double Stacked Reuben

You should order the Double Stacked Reuben if you’re really craving corned beef. Usually, the sandwich is made on marble rye bread with sauerkraut, sliced corned beef, and melted Swiss cheese, with some extra dressings. To get a double-stacked Reuben, the only thing you need to do is to ask them to make 7 ounces instead of 3.5! You should know that you can even order it with half corned beef and half turkey! How interesting does that sound? Can you imagine the taste?

4. French Dip Max

French Dip Max

If you want to eat the French Dip sandwich, you will be able to find it on Arby’s regular menu, but the French Dip Max is only on the secret one. It is like the Double Stacked Reuben, a regular French Dip Sandwich with twice the meat. The French Dip Max consists of 7 oz of roast beef instead of 3.5. That’s not all. Two slices of Swiss cheese and French dip sauce make it even better. We suggest that you order this when you are really hungry, otherwise you may not be able to eat the whole sandwich.

5. Ultimate BLT Sandwich

Ultimate BLT Sandwich

The Ultimate BLT sandwich used to be part of the regular menu, but for now, you can order it from Arby’s secret menu. It is made of 5 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but with Arby’s flexible food-swapping, you can get any combination you want! If you like bacon, Arby’s Ultimate BLT is for you.

6. Junior Deluxe

Junior Deluxe

Jr. Deluxe gives a new life to Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich. It has a lighter and fresher taste. The sandwich comes with a sesame seed bun and is filled with fresh slices of oven-roasted roast beef, sliced tomato, lettuce, and mayo. So if you are not too hungry, or small bites are for you, the Jr. Deluxe is a very good option from the Arby’s secret menu.

7. Roast Ham N’ Swiss Sandwich

Roast Ham N’ Swiss Sandwich

Not only can candy and snacks make you feel like a kid again, there’s something about a ham and cheese sandwich that makes you feel that way, too. Most probably, it’s because of its classic American taste. In order to taste this item from Arby’s secret menu, you should roast thinly sliced ham on honey wheat bread and add Swiss cheese, red onions, tomatoes, spicy brown mustard, and mayonnaise to it. But again, you can order and customize the sandwich however you like.

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8. The Rachel

The Rachel

This sandwich was also on Arby’s regular menu in 2015 but is now part of Arby’s secret menu. You can simply order the Reuben but ask them to use turkey instead of corned beef. Add smokehouse brisket BBQ sauce and you will get the “almost” Rachel sandwich. Unfortunately, you can’t order it with its original ingredient, coleslaw, because they no longer have it at Arby’s. But with sauerkraut, you can still enjoy it!

9. Big Iowa

Big Iowa

Arby’s Big Iowa is the result of the viral pop-tart tweet. Everything started in 2017 when a college student named Chris Jorgenson tweeted about sandwiches made of processed American cheese and Pop-Tarts, writing, “You ain’t from Iowa if you have never had one of these.” The tweet went viral, and people tried to one-up each other’s weird toaster pastry mashups. Arby’s got involved and started working with Jorgenson. The reason was to “make a real sandwich that Iowa can be proud of.”

Big Iowa is not on the standard secret menu lists but totally deserves the attention. It contains turkey, ham, and brisket, covered with melted cheddar, bacon, red onions, parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing, and three mozzarella sticks, all inside of an onion roll. Both the sandwich and the story behind it are amazing. You should totally try the “real sandwich that Iowa can be proud of”.

10. The Meat Mountain Sandwich

The meat mountain sandwich

The meat mountain sandwich is one of the most famous options on Arby’s Secret Menu and is the biggest sandwich Arby’s has ever sold. Well, can you imagine the “monster” food? The meat mountain sandwich is a real “monster” in sandwiches. If you try this one from Arby’s secret menu, you will be surprised at how perfectly the name fits. This is a special kind of sandwich for those who love meat or just want something different to try. This is the case when the name speaks for itself! 

From a chicken base to roasted turkey, ham, and swiss cheese, followed by corned beef, brisket, cheddar cheese, Angus steak, bacon, and the final part that will make it perfect for you – the proverbial cherry on top. 

11. Arby’s Super Roast Beef

Arbys Super Roast Beef

We already know that Arby’s is famous for its roast beef, but have you ever heard of the Super Roast Beef from Arby’s secret menu? It is the classic roast beef sandwich, but with a whole bunch of extra ingredients. It’s served on a sesame bun and contains 3 ounces of roast beef, lettuce, and tomato. That’s not all. They will top everything with their special red ranch sauce to complete the sandwich. It totally deserves the word “super” in the name, don’t you agree?

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12. Bacon Beef N’ Cheddar

Bacon Beef N Cheddar

There’s another interesting hack for you. If you like Arby’s roasted beef and cheddar, the only thing you need to do is to add “bacon”. That’s how you’ll get the famous Bacon Beef ‘n cheddar. Thin-sliced roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, onion roll, and bacon all in one! It will exceed your expectations. It’s always a good time to add some bacon!

Extra Items for Free

Now, we are going to tell you some publicly unknown secrets that will help you find a better combination at Arby’s. Did you know that you can actually change the bread in your sandwich? You can simply switch it for any other bread they have at Arby’s. This will give you the possibility to create new, fun combinations, and it’s totally free! 

That’s not all. At some Arby’s locations, you can get extra sauces for your sandwiches, and you don’t have to pay for them at all! You can actually swap out the regular sauce that comes with your sandwich for the one you like, or you can simply choose one and add it to any sandwich. 

You might ask, how is it connected to Arby’s secret menu? Actually, there are secret sauces that you can add to your Arby’s sandwich to create the flavor you’re craving. And it’s not just about the sauce. If you are an onion lover, then you should know that you can get it for free as well! But be careful if you decide to add cheese sauce; this one is not for free!

Final Words

If you want to have a sandwich, you should totally visit Arby’s, but for a better experience, don’t forget to use the hacks we mentioned above. The company gives total freedom to its customers to create their favorite combinations of ingredients. This is a chance that food-lovers shouldn’t miss! Which items would you like to try from Arby’s secret menu? Let us know in the comment section. 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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  1. I love Arby’s secret menu! I’m so glad they are still around and keeping the tradition alive. I’m excited to try some of the new items on the menu!

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