Jersey Mike's Secret Menu

Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu

Secret menus are an important part of today’s food culture, including fast-food restaurants like Jersey Mike’s. If you are a fan of sandwiches and want to get the most from every bite, then stay with us! We will tell you about Jersey Mike’s secret menu.

Jersey is an American fast-food restaurant chain that has operated since 1956. Its main headquarters are situated in Manasquan, New Jersey, and it has about 2,000 locations. The company mostly specializes in sandwich making. Jersey Mike’s may not be as well-known as Subway or Arby’s, but if sandwiches are one of your favorite fast foods, then it may be a pretty good option for you, and knowing Jersey Mike’s secret menu will make it even better!

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Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu Names

  1. R & R Special
  2. Sub in a Tub
  3. Chick-Fila-Roni
  4. Surf ‘n’ Turf
  5. Sweet Pepper Wrap
  6. Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayonnaise
  7. The Martian
  8. Lumberjack Salad
  9. The Meateor
  10. The BLT
Jersey Mike's Secret Menu

Top 10 Items from Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu

You want to eat at Jersey Mike’s, but you don’t exactly know what to get? Jersey has its own unique dishes, such as the Jersey Shore’s Favorite and the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak, as well as a large variety of menu items that will win your heart, but for a better experience, you should be aware of some “shortcuts” that will lead you to the most personalized and tasty sandwiches at Jersey. So get ready, we are going to tell you some secrets about Jersey Mike’s menu!

Let’s check out some of the best Jersey Mike’s secret menu ideas in 2022.

1. R & R Special

R & R Special

If you are on the big list of classic Reuben fans, then this one is especially for you. The classic Reuben mainly consists of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, but since many people are in love with this sandwich, they will go much further to explore the best combinations of it. 

Jersey Mike’s secret menu gave them the chance to do so. That’s why the R & R special is one of the most demanding choices on Jersey Mike’s secret menu. They simply serve it with corned beef and replace the sauerkraut with coleslaw. They use the Russian dressing to top off the sub. Other details are totally up to you to choose for your R & R Special. That’s all. Enjoy your personalized sandwich!

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2. Sub in a Tub

Sub in a Tub

Some people think that to protect their health, they have to cut back on how many curbs they take. Are you one of them? Then there is a pretty good choice for you at Jersey Mike’s secret menu that you must try! 

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Consider the sandwich with all of its ingredients but without the bread. It is almost like eating a salad. You should simply ask for your sandwich Sub in a Tub Style and the employee will make your sandwich in the tub. You have the freedom to create your favorite combination, and don’t forget to get the fork; you will definitely need it.

3. Chick-Fila-Roni

The name itself sounds interesting, but since it is a bit unusual, you might hesitate to ask them to prepare it for you. We suggest you first check out the ingredients below and then decide!

This Jersey Mike’s secret menu item is really simple to get! The only thing you need to do is to ask them to make the Philly Cheese Steak Sub from the regular menu, but tell them to use chicken instead of the steak, and here you have your Chick-Fila, and adding spicy Roni to it will give you an incredible blast of flavor.

That’s not all, actually. With all the basic toppings, grilled pepperoni is added on top, and chipotle mayo will give you the perfect Chick-Fila-Roni. The rest is totally up to you, but we suggest adding both – ranch and marinara sauce to make it perfect.

4. Surf ‘n’ Turf

Surf ‘n’ Turf

What comes to your mind when you hear “Surf ‘n’ Turf?” Most likely steak and lobster, which unfortunately is a pretty costly pairing for most people. That’s why Jersey Mike’s came up with their own unique and creative twist that will give a big satisfaction to everyone who orders it. 

If you want to get this item from ​​Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu, you should order the Club Supreme, but don’t forget to switch some ingredients. Get tuna instead of turkey and swiss cheese instead of provolone. They say that bacon is never too much, but in this case, when you should remove the bacon, roast beef will perfectly do its job as a “turf”. Here you go! You will still get the mixed taste of land and sea, but most importantly, with much lower costs and an unforgettable taste.

5. Sweet Pepper Wrap

Sweet Pepper Wrap

Some people who dislike meat hesitate to visit places like Jersey Mike’s, but actually, they have really good vegetarian choices. This big chain of sandwiches can more than welcome you with its secret menu item – the sweet pepper wrap.

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Don’t hesitate, fire up and order the Grilled Veggie Wrap (they actually recommend it with tomato basil), then add grilled sweetened bell pepper, white onion, and banana pepper atop lettuce. But that’s not all. Cherry pepper relish, smoky chipotle mayo, and melted white American cheese will make it perfect for you! You will soon understand why Sweet Pepper Wrap tends to be one of the most popular items from Jersey Mike’s secret menu.

6. Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Are you often so hungry that your stomach starts growling? Then, pay special attention to this one from Jersey Mike’s secret menu. This sub is packed with many delicious ingredients that will instantly heal your monster hunger pains.

To get this Jersey Mike’s secret menu item, you should ask them to combine two of the regular menu items – Chipotle Cheese Steak and the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak. Finally, finish with the zest of chipotle mayo and you’ve got yourself a new favorite sandwich. Bon appetit! 

7. The Martian

The Martian

You might have noticed that some of Jersey Mike’s secret menu items have pretty interesting and unusual names. This secret menu item is named after the widely known little red planet, and it has all of your favorite ingredients! Provolone, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni won’t disappoint you.

You might ask why it is called the Martian? It’s probably because it has many red ingredients in it, but who knows? It’s clear Jersey Mike’s has a pretty creative approach to their secret menu items, so they left us with some intrigue.

To get the Martian, you need to order the super sub from Jersey Mike’s regular menu, but ask them to use pepperoni instead of proscuittini, and ham instead of salami. Don’t forget to add your favorite toppings and voila! The Martian will get you ready for your amazing trip to space!

8. Lumberjack Salad

Lumberjack Salad

Is there someone who visits fast-food restaurants to get a salad? The tradition of strange names for Jersey Mike’s secret menu items continues. The thing is, it’s not even a salad, even though it’s called so. Order regular Club Supreme in a tub (without bread), but have them remove the turkey, add prosciuttini, and finish it off with a drizzle of spicy mustard. That’s how you get your tasty Lumberjack salad. It’s definitely worth a shot!

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9. The Meateor

The Meateor

Are you a big fan of meat? Then check this out! The name already clearly shows that this one is especially for you! Ask for all the meats they have at Jerseys – turkey, ham, roast beef, pepperoni, salami, prosciuttini, capicola, and bacon and put them all together. Every single bite contains a little bit of everything. To get the perfect meaty goodness, you should also add other flavors – lettuce, pickles, oil and vinegar, and mayo. And here you go, enjoy your 6-inch sandwich! 

This “monster” sandwich was created by a super fan of Jersey Mike’s through his personal YouTube channel. Interestingly, the story is similar to the meat mountain sandwich from Arby’s secret menu, and guess what! Their sandwiches are similar, too! All the meat together in one sandwich! So the good news is that you can get this tasty, monster sandwich at both places, but remember that they are called by different names! 

10. The BLT


BLT stands for Bacon, lettuce, and tomato and is one of the most common sandwiches. You can often see it listed on the menus of other restaurants and cafes. The strange thing is that you can’t find it on Jersey Mike’s regular menu, but they have all of the ingredients to prepare a BLT. All you have to do is ask them. 

Being part of Jersey Mike’s secret menu creates many possibilities for customers to turn this common sandwich into something unusual and more personalized. This is probably one of the reasons why they don’t include it on Jersey Mike’s regular menu. So, don’t hesitate to add any of Jersey Mike’s veggies, sauces, cheese, or other

Final Words

If you visit Jersey Mike’s once, be sure that you will go there again. They work hard to improve their regular menu, but at the same time, don’t forget to think about their secret menu. For a better experience at Jersey Mike’s, don’t forget to use the secret menu ideas we mentioned above. Which items would you like to try from Arby’s secret menu? Let us know in the comment section.

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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  1. I have eaten at just about all the Jersey Mike in the San Antonio area, and have even tried the new one that just opened in Boerne, TX. Each time I have asked for one of these “secret” menu items, all I just is a “dear in the headlights” look from the server. Have never been able to order any of these menu items.

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