Subway Secret Menu – Most Delicious Items You Didn’t Know About (2022 Update)

Subway Secret Menu

After dozens of decades of being on the market, Subway still continues to fascinate its customers by offering the most delicious, fresh, and satisfying submarine sandwiches. Today the name “Subway” is associated with this popular multinational fast food restaurant chain founded by Fred DeLuca back in 1965. 

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One thing that makes Subway stand out from other fast-food restaurants is the opportunity to create subs, wraps, or salads according to your own taste. Subway customers like the idea of “eating fresh” products and don’t hesitate to add a wide range of vegetables and sauces to their sandwiches. 

Although the regular menu of Subway is diverse enough, after taking a look at the secret menu items, you’ll quickly realize that there are so many mouth-watering meals at Subway you haven’t tried before. So, let’s review the list of the best items from the Subway secret menu that are still relevant in 2021. 

Top 10 Items From Subway Secret Menu

The Pizza Sub

The Pizza Sub from the Subway secret menu is indeed pizza lovers’ dream come true. We can’t always handle eating the entire pizza alone. But imagine you’re alone, hungry, and want to eat pizza. This scenario is ideal for ordering the Pizza Sub at Subway. If you order it, you’ll get cheese, pepperoni, red tomato sauce, and your favorite type of bread and vegetables. 

The key here is to ask the employees to toast their sandwich for a hot pizza crunch and add parmesan. Thanks to this super trick, you can receive the most delicious pizza sandwich everyone can ever imagine. If you’re a pizza addict, chances are high that this item from the Subway secret menu will become your favorite. 

pizza sub

Chicken Parmesan Sub

Years ago, many Subway customers adored ordering the Chicken Parmesan Sub. However, the restaurant decided to remove this tasty sandwich from their regular menu. Unfortunately, since 2010, you can no longer see Chicken Parmesan Sub on the regular menu, but what is fortunate is that thanks to the Subway secret menu tricks, you still have a chance of ordering it!

Just order black pepper, marinara sauce, olives, and spinach and ask to add roasted chicken priest to your tasty sandwich. Don’t forget to top your sandwich with parmesan cheese and allow it to melt. Since Chicken Parmesan Sub was very popular back in those days, the staff may be aware of what you mean if you just tell them what you need. But if they don’t, you shouldn’t worry anyway because Subway has all the needed ingredients! We recommend toasting your bread for extra crunchy sensations. 

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“The Feast” Sub

Ordering “the Feast” Sub is the best idea when you’re so hungry that you think you can eat a horse. This secret menu item from Subway is so big that you can share it with your friend and still feel full after eating it. Surprisingly, “The Feast” Sub costs only about $13, which is not so expensive for such a giant sandwich. That’s probably one of the reasons why it tends to be one of the customers’ favorite Subway sandwiches. 

This time as well, “The Feast” Sub was a part of the regular menu once, but Subway no longer offers this delicious sandwich. However, everyone who’s aware of the secret menu tricks can still order it. “The Feast” Sub consists of turkey, pepperoni, ham, and salami. You can also use roast beef instead. To order this item, just ask for a club, which means roast beef, turkey, and ham. Don’t forget to add Italian salami or pepperoni to double the meat. Needless to say that meat lovers especially adore this sandwich. 

Big Philly Cheesesteak

If you’re super hungry and want your sandwich to taste like a delicious steak with some cheese, Big Philly Cheesesteak is indeed the greatest option at Subway. The sandwich includes as many as three big scoops of steak and double cheese. We recommend adding some onions and peppers as well to get the taste of your steaks. Toasting onions and peppers are what make it taste like a real Philly sub. 

The most exciting thing about Big Philly Cheesesteak is that however hungry you might be, there’s almost no way that you can deal with this big sandwich on your own because it’s 12 inches long. Either consider sharing it with your friends or wrap up the second half for dinner. In any way, you should only order Big Philly Cheesesteak when you’re truly hungry.

big philly cheese steak

The Wing Effect

Although the name of this mouth-watering sandwich sounds a bit strange, once you taste it, we bet you’ll never forget it! At a first glance, many slices of meat are the first thing you see when you look at the Wing Effect. It really looks like your sandwich has got a wing. But you should know that meat is not everything and this amazing sandwich includes various other ingredients as well. 

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The special thing about the Wing Effect from the Subway secret menu is that the meat is left hanging over the side of the bread, making the effect of wings. It gives you a chance to taste the meat before the bread, which feels great. The rest of your ingredients depend completely on your taste. Just ask the staff to make your sandwich using the Wing Effect and don’t forget to take as big a bite as you can!

Subway “Old Cut”

The “old school” customers of Subway are well-aware of Subway “Old Cut” sandwiches. What makes this secret menu item special is that, once, it was the only way Subway cut their sandwiches. That’s why it’s called an “old cut”. The entire idea is that the bread is cut from the top instead of the side. Although it doesn’t change the taste of the sandwich at all, as the loyal customers say, “old cut” was a much more convenient way to eat giant Subway sandwiches. 

Now, this classic way of cutting bread is no longer an option for Subway customers. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to Subway’s “old cut”. Just ask Subway professionals to cut your sandwich in “old cut” style. If they’re experienced, they will probably understand what you mean. But if they’re newbies, you can easily explain that the “old cut” style means slicing the bread in the “V” shape, which means slicing on top instead of in the middle. 

Now you probably wonder why this shape is so beneficial. The answer is that that way, you can load your sandwich with more meat and vegetables and avoid having your ingredients fall off. Just try it and you’ll notice the difference yourself! 

Eggs Florentine Flatbread

Eggs Florentine Flatbread is especially admired by lazy people who start their day at lunchtime. Why? Because it leaves the sensation of breakfast, thanks to the bunch of vitamins and proteins it includes. Still, you can order it any time of the day. 

Eggs Florentine Flatbread is a healthy sandwich filled with egg whites, banana pepper, black olives, spinach, and red onion. All these ingredients make a healthy combination, meaning that you don’t need to worry about calories so much. What we like the most about Eggs Florentine Flatbread is its Italian dressing. So, if you’re tired of ordinary sandwiches available on the regular menu, then it’s time to try something new. This secret menu item is indeed one of the best options to feel healthy and satisfied at the same time. 

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The Meat Lover 

Are you looking for the most delicious Subway sandwich with meat? Then the Meat Lover from Subway’s secret menu is definitely a must-try! The Meat Lover is widely known as the Carnivore. And it contains all every meat lover has ever wished for. Imagine 3 scoops of steak, 6 slices of bacon, and plenty of pepperonis all in the same sandwich. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? 

If you already decided to order the Meat Lover, don’t forget to add some of your favorite vegetables and sources too. We recommend adding some of your favorite cheese as well. Although it’s not something for vegetarians, meat lovers will definitely enjoy every single bite of Carnivore. Don’t forget to ask the staff members to warm the sandwich up for you!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub

We bet Cordon Bleu sounds attractive for those who adore cheesy rolls of chicken. Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub is one of the greatest options for everyone who likes traditional Cordon Bleu. This secret menu item consists of tasty grilled chicken, slices of ham, and swiss cheese that melts into your sandwich. In order to get the full taste of Cordon Bleu, you need to ask the Subway workers to toast it for you. Don’t forget to add some tomatoes, spinach, and even mustard for an extra delicious taste. 

chicken cordon bleu sub

The Chicken Pizziola

Have you ever dreamt about the combination of chicken, pizza, and sandwiches? That’s the essence of Subway’s Chicken Pizziola. This secret menu item has been so popular for years already and the reason is that it includes plenty of elements of everyone’s favorite pizza. The Chicken Pizziola is a freshly baked bread stuffed with chicken breast strips, pepperoni, melted cheese, salami, and marinara sauce. Traditionally, you can add your favorite veggies and sauces. 

Again, if the Subway worker doesn’t know this sandwich by name, after introducing the ingredients, don’t forget to add that you need it toasted. 

chicken pizziola sub

Bottom Line On The Subway Secret Menu

It’s hard to make a rational choice when there are so many delicious items on the Subway secret menu. Whether you pick Eggs Florentine Flatbread, decide to eat your sandwiches in the “old cut” style, or use the Wing Effect, you’ll probably enjoy every single bite of your sandwiches. The most rational choice would be to try all 10 items from this secret menu and decide which one is your favorite. 

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