Candy From The 1940s – History, Interesting Facts & Popular Sweets

The 1940s was the revolutionary era when Hollywood actors were blooming and music had become a great part of everyday life. It was the time when Rock N Roll history originated. But most importantly for sweet-lovers, the 1940s was a revolutionary era for candy manufacturing too, because the first Candy-Making machine was invented in 1947 … Read more

Candy From The 1930s – History & Things You Need To Know About

Have you ever wondered which candy was the most popular among people in the 1930s? Or have you thought about what activities people enjoyed while they were eating their favorite treats? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you’re at the right place because that’s what we’re about to review!  The candy industry … Read more

Candy From The 1920s: History & Fun Facts

Eating candy may not seem unusual or luxurious nowadays, but things with different with candy from the 1920s, if we hop back in history, we’ll find out that it has not always been as reachable as it is today. One might think that candy bar history is fundamentally connected to America, but it has origins … Read more