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Easter Candy – Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Easter is a very important holiday for Christianity and is widely celebrated around the world. While Easter is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection for Christians, some popular Easter symbols and traditions are not even found in the Bible. 

Every country and nation has specific Easter traditions. The decoration of eggs dates back to the 13th century while gifting candy-associated traditions were modern additions to the Easter celebration. People enjoy giving chocolate to each other on Easter. Children are excited about the egg hunt. Families have Easter candy bunny baskets full of delicious treats.

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Easter Candy Names

  1. Chocolate Bunny
  2. Chocolate Eggs
  3. Jelly Beans 
  4. Cadbury Cream Eggs
  5. Kinder Surprise Eggs
  6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs
  7. Dubble Bubble Gum-Egg Shaped Bubble Gum
  8. Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs
  9. Tootsie Roll Eggs 
  10. Robin Eggs
Easter Candy Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Symbols of Easter: Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny 

Easter Symbols

The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are the most well-known symbols of Easter. There is no exact known origin for the Easter Bunny, as it is not mentioned in the Bible as the symbol of Easter, but traditionally, the Easter Bunny brings baskets full of Easter candy to well-behaved children. 

The egg has been the symbol of Easter candy since ancient times. It is most likely connected to pagan spring festivals and celebrations of new life.

Easter Bunny 

easter bunny

Have you ever thought about how the bunny became one of the most well-known symbols of Easter? One theory suggests that it was part of the pagan spring festival celebration, which was called the festival of Eostre. The festival honored the goddess of fertility and spring, and the bunny was the animal symbol of the goddess.

But what about the character of the Easter Bunny? It dates back to the 1700s. It was brought to America by German immigrants, who called it Osterhase.” According to the legend, the bunny would lay colorful eggs for children who were well-behaved. 

It is obvious why the Easter Bunny brings eggs to children, who take part in egg hunting to find these eggs. Eggs have been the symbol of Easter since ancient times, and it symbolizes Christ’s rise from the tomb and then resurrection. 

Eventually, the tradition spread quickly across America, and Easter Bunny egg hunting has become the most exciting part of the Easter celebration. Nowadays, the bunny’s delivery even includes other Easter candy and sometimes toys too.

History of Easter Eggs

paschal eggs

Easter eggs are also called Paschal eggs. They are usually decorated for Easter. The oldest tradition is to dye and paint chicken eggs, but today’s modern substitutes include chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil, carved wooden eggs, marzipan eggs, etc. They are usually given as gifts or as part of the Easter basket.

The Christian tradition was a bit different. The egg in Christianity is a symbol of the empty tomb of Christ. They were dying eggs red, to symbolize the blood that was spilled for humanity. This tradition of dyeing eggs in red is still popular in central and eastern European countries.

The most exciting traditions with the eggs include some fun games, like egg hunting, egg tapping, and egg rolling.

Egg Hunting  

Easter egg hunting

What was your favorite activity on Easter? We bet you were excited about going egg hunting. Egg hunting is the most popular Easter game, which is played with eggs that were prepared for Easter. Some children believe that the Easter Bunny hides eggs for egg hunts. 

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There are usually chicken eggs, chocolate eggs, or other variations of colorful eggs hidden around the house or outdoors. The prize goes to the one who collects the most eggs, sometimes the biggest or the smallest one. 

American egg hunts are similar to the ones found in European countries, with one difference, children (sometimes adults too) tend to break hunted eggs on each other’s heads. Do you enjoy egg hunting on Easter? Or do you prefer Easter candy? Which part of it is your favorite?

Egg Rolling

Signs of Egg Rolling are known from ancient times. It is believed to be the symbol of rolling away from the tomb of Christ. Egg Rolling is played in many countries throughout Europe. 

Egg rolling is a game where children take Easter eggs and roll them down the hillside on Easter. The tradition is popular in Europe and America. There’s even a White House Egg Roll, which dates back to 1872. It takes place on the White House lawn every Easter and many US presidents have taken part in it.

Egg Tapping 

egg tapping

Egg Tapping is a game where people tap hard-boiled chicken eggs on each other. There are even championships in Egg Tapping. The winner is the competitor who is the holder of the last intact eggs. 

The Orthodox use red egg tapping as part of the Easter greeting. So, which egg game do you like the most? Please share your favorite with us!

Easter Candy Traditions and History

Easter is one of the most popular candy holidays in the world, so there is no doubt that there are specifically manufactured treats for Easter candy.

The most popular Easter candy include Chocolate Bunnies and Chocolate Easter Eggs, the main symbols of the Easter celebration. 

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1. Chocolate Bunny

chocolate bunny

The tradition of the Chocolate Easter Bunny dates back to 19th century America. Sales first started around 1890, and the first chocolate Easter bunny was created by Robert L. Strohecker at his drugstore, where he used a 5-foot tall chocolate bunny as an Easter promotion. 

Hollow molds, which are very popular nowadays, entered the market in 1939 and were sold for 5 cents each. After World War II, chocolate bunnies became very popular in the United States when a former soldier started a chocolate company and massively manufactured chocolate bunnies.

At Easter, chocolate bunnies are now an essential part of Easter baskets. Many Americans prefer chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs over other treats for Easter. What is your favorite Easter treat?

2. Chocolate Eggs

chocolate eggs

Many people associate Easter with Chocolate Eggs rather than the resurrection of Christ and other religious traditions. 

The first Chocolate Eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century. At first, they were bitter and hard, but as candy manufacturing developed, hollow chocolate eggs became very popular treats among Chocolate Bunnies. 

John Cadbury made “French eating chocolate” in 1842, and later, in 1874, the famous Cadbury Easter Eggs were created. The initial Cadbury Chocolate Eggs were made with dark chocolate and had a plain, smooth surface. Later, decorating techniques and wrapping developed significantly, and today you can find all the varieties of painted and crafted chocolate Easter Eggs.

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The Most Popular Easter Candy

When the period of Easter arrives, candy manufacturers go crazy to offer Easter variations of their most popular candies. The shapes, colors, and flavors change. You can find your favorite treats in the shape of bunnies or eggs. Confectionaries compete with each other to create the most interesting Easter-associated treats for this special celebration. There are usually limited editions of specifically designed and flavored candies during Easter time. 

Easter takes second place after Halloween candy consumption. Besides the chocolate Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs, which candy is a must-have for you on Easter? Here are some treats that you should definitely include in your Easter basket.

3. Jelly Beans 

jelly beans

When one thinks of Easter candy, Jelly Beans probably come to their mind first. But have you ever wondered how they got associated as Easter candy? 

They were the first part of the Christmas candy treats, but later became a popular part of the Easter celebration. The shape and color probably played a role in making jelly beans associated with Easter. They resemble decorated eggs, which are very popular during Easter. 

People were mixing them with colored eggs for their at-home Easter celebrations to reduce the number of real eggs (probably because eggs were hard to get hands-on during World War II). 

The biggest manufacturer of jelly beans is the Jelly Belly Company.

4. Cadbury Cream Eggs

cadburys cream eggs

A Cadbury Cream Egg is a popular Easter candy that has a chocolate-covered filling that mimics the albumen and yolk of a soft-boiled egg. It was one of the first Easter candies ever introduced. 

The Cadbury Cream Egg is very popular because of its egg shape, which is the most well-known symbol for Easter. Especially for holidays, Cadbury makes Caramel Cream Eggs, with, of course, caramel filling in them.

5. Kinder Surprise Eggs

kinder surprise eggs

Children love everything that has the shape of an egg for Easter. It is no surprise that Kinder Surprise Eggs have a place on the list of popular Easter candy. They have been manufactured by Ferrero since 1974. 

Besides resembling the symbol of the holiday, they are fun and exciting for children too. After the egg hunt, they like to open the halves of Kinder Surprise to find a yellow capsule (which resembles an egg yolk) with a toy in it. 

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs were first marketed in 1966. After achieving huge success, they have become part of the Easter candy classics. 

They are little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs with a peanut butter filling similar to the one you can find in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. There are two versions of Reese’s Eggs, but they are pretty much the same.

7. Dubble Bubble Gum – Egg-Shaped Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Gum-Egg Shaped Bubble Gum

Do you know the history of the first bubble gum ever made? Dubble Bubble gum is undoubtedly the most famous bubble gum in history. No wonder that this iconic bubble gum offers Easter editions of Egg Shaped Bubble Gum drops. What’s more exciting than these adorably shaped Easter bubble gums? 

They are colorful, small egg-shaped gums with fruit flavors, a little different from the original Dubble Bubble Gum flavor. It is the perfect Easter candy for the Easter Egg hunt. And of course, the egg shape is an inevitable symbol of Easter, which increases the temptation to try all the Eastern varieties of treats.

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8. Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs

Skittles Filled Easter Eggs

Everything is about the eggs on Easter, so Skittles are no exception. What’s more fun than cracking open a colorful egg and finding it’s full of Skittles? They are special Easter editions, with colorful packaging. 

Because of the camouflage packaging, it is said to be the impossible egg hunt treat. It mimics tree bark, sand, asphalt, and even kitchen tile, which makes it “impossible” to find them hidden for the egg hunt.

9. Tootsie Roll Eggs 

tootsie roll eggs

Tootsie Rolls have been popular since the beginning of the 20th century. Every spring, there is a special edition of Tootsie Rolls called Tootsie Roll Eggs. 

They are similar to the original taffy-like candy, but with a candy coating and a fun egg shape, which makes Tootsie Rolls extra special for Easter. They are great treats for filling Easter baskets.

10. Robin Eggs

robin eggs

Robin Eggs has been around for a long time. They are Easter variations of Whoppers, which are malted milk balls covered with an artificially flavored chocolate coating. 

Robin Eggs are considered 1950s candy and were introduced somewhere between 1950 and 1952, and are slightly different from the original Whoppers. They have egg shapes and speckled candy shells. They might not be as popular as jelly beans at Easter, but they are definitely worth trying if you haven’t had them before.

Easter Candy Commercials

Easter Candy The Bottom Line

The list of Easter candy treats can go on endlessly because of the huge variety. Today’s Easter celebration is all about Easter candy, filling Easter baskets, gifting chocolate to each other, having chocolate bunnies, and playing egg hunts. It truly is a celebration of new life, and spring is an excellent season to symbolize new beginnings. 

The Easter holiday celebration has been around since ancient times, and some traditions have roots way back in the past. They have modified a lot. The symbols of Easter candy have become essential parts of the holiday season. Even candy manufacturers have started massive production of special holiday candy variations.

Today, Easter is not only a religious celebration. It is also part of our culture, part of our entertainment, and the most important part of our relationships and friendships. Who does not look forward to the Easter Bunny bringing colorful eggs and who does not enjoy exciting egg hunts playing with their children or family members? 

Do you have a special tradition for Easter? Is there a treat you never miss putting in your Easter candy basket? Please share it with us in the comments.

Easter Candy FAQ

What is the most popular Easter candy in the United States?

Topping this year’s list (2021) is Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Eggs as America’s favorite Easter candy. That’s followed by Jelly Beans, Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate bunnies and Peeps rounding out the top five.

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