dnL Soda

7-Up has always been a classic. But do you know what happens when a classic brings something new to the world? You get a classic with a twist. While these specialty options sometimes don’t last, they are certainly worth a glance when they do. And many of us have memories of those classics that can … Read more

Bob Ross Energy Drink

If you have ever wanted to know if an energy drink could be as relaxing and unique as a Bob Ross class, this is the promise that is offered by the Bob Ross Energy Drink. This unique and admittedly rather strange item is actually a real thing that you can buy and consume. Many people … Read more

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is one of the most famous Pepsi products, but not because of its success. It was one of the stranger things that Pepsi made and marketed in the 1990s and the very fact that Pepsi thought that making a clear version of its classic dark cola style product was a bit boggling, even … Read more


Kool-Aid is perhaps one of the longest-standing popular drinks in history. It’s incredibly affordable to use and it comes in tons of different flavor options as well.  This term inspires excitement and maybe some great memories of a childhood with a red mustache from the glass of Kool-Aid you enjoyed after playing outside or on … Read more

Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper happens to be one of the oldest sodas in America out there. From a corner drug store in Texas to a big-name soft drink brand, you really don’t want to miss out on Dr. Pepper. That smooth and refreshing flavor has never been matched, although there are many brands and copycats that have … Read more


7UP is a non-carbonated lemon-lime flavored soft drink internationally. If you love and enjoy this drink, you might have wondered more about its history included who created it, how long it has been around, and how it is different today from the original drink. Keep on reading to learn the answers to those questions and … Read more


Sprite is a clear soda with a lemon-lime flavor and is known for its green color branding. Sprite is caffeine-free, crisp tasting, and has had a wide fan base since its introduction in 1961. Sprite is often thought to be a close competitor to 7Up, another caffeine-free lemon-lime flavored soft drink. Sprite has a wide … Read more

Josta Energy Drink

Josta was the first major energy drink marketed in America. Before 1995, no large-scale company has tried to sell an energy drink in the United States. Pepsi, the company that made Josta energy drink, saw an opening and made a move to roll out this new and fascinating drink. Josta energy drink had a somewhat … Read more