Is Dr Pepper A Pepsi Product?

Is Dr Pepper A Pepsi Product

When it comes to the most popular soda brands in the US, two brands, Dr Pepper and Pepsi, naturally pop up in our minds. This might be one of the reasons why people often wonder: “is Dr Pepper a Pepsi product?” Despite the fact that both companies provide a wide range of items, there are … Read more

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine?

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine

Whether you choose to consume root beer straight from the can or mix it into an ice cream float, we all agree that it’s delightful. A creamy soft drink called root beer is well-liked not just in North America but also in other parts of the world. Root beer got its moniker because it’s usually … Read more

Ramune Soda – Japanese Bubbly Soda

Ramune Soda

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Japan or not, most likely, you’ve already heard about Ramune Soda. But did you know that the drink has a rich history? Ramune Soda is a Japanese favorite drink for summer festivals, and what’s special about it is its unique bottle and opening process. This is a symbolic drink … Read more