Oldest American Candy Still In Production – Full List to Feel Nostalgic

Oldest American Candy Still In Production

Today, there are countless varieties of candies around us. The supermarket and store shelves are packed with sweet treats that can have many different flavors, shapes, tastes, and textures. So, making the choice is pretty hard, right?  Candies started appearing in the 16th century. However, major changes were made in the 19th century, which led … Read more

Reese’s Bites (History & Marketing)

Reeses Bites

Have you ever had the pleasure of having Reese’s Bites? Reese’s Bites were one of the most delicious offerings that Hershey’s ever had. For some people, the cancellation of this candy is a tragedy that is still felt today. Keep reading to learn more about Reese’s Bites, why they were discontinued, and other delicious Reese’s … Read more