If you love Twinkies, you might have dreamt of being able to enjoy them with a chocolate coating on the outside. What you might not be aware of is that you actually can get this classic snack with a chocolate coating! The company that made twinkies realized that this was a common request and they … Read more

Regal Crown Sour Candy

History has brought us a significant number of varieties of candy and sweet snacks. Some of these snacks are still easily found. In contrast, other candies, such as Regal Crown Sour Candy, have switched hands several times, making them much more difficult to find. Learn more about the history of this iconic candy today! Originally … Read more

Teddy Grahams

Who doesn’t love a good crunchy snack with delightful flavor and the cutest little teddy bear design? Teddy Grahams are a classic snack that we’ve been offering to children and adults alike for many years now.  These sweet treats offer some reliable nutritional values and are always a ton of fun. They have several different … Read more