Liquor Chocolates All You Need to Know

Liquor Chocolates: All You Need to Know

If, like many others throughout the world, you once believed that eating a few liquor chocolates would make you drunk, then you share a unique emotional connection related to liquor chocolates!

Years have passed and you have grown up, but this article will awaken the inner curious child in you. The good news? This time you can eat as much liquor chocolate as you want without parental restrictions! Besides, you can’t even imagine how many of your favorite liquors you can find inside the delicious chocolate. 

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So let’s explore the world of liqueur chocolates, discover the top 5 choices, and, among other interesting things, put to rest the common question of whether liqueur chocolate always contains alcohol. 

Liquor Chocolates

How Liquor Chocolates Are Created?

Creating liquor chocolates is a delightful process that combines the richness of cocoa with the boldness of alcohol to create a delectable treat. It all begins with cocoa beans, which undergo a series of transformations to become the smooth and creamy chocolate base.

One of the the most influential parts of crafting liquid chocolates is the essential fermentation step, not for the beans themselves, but to remove the fruity pulp surrounding them. After fermentation, the beans are dried and roasted to develop their characteristic chocolate flavor. 

While the quantity of alcohol isn’t crucial, it imparts a distinctive flavor that sets liquor chocolates apart. Once the liquor chocolates are ready, it’s poured into molds, solidified, and then beautifully wrapped, ready to delight chocolate enthusiasts alike. 

5 Most Beloved Liquor Chocolates

1. Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs

Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs

With a generous pack of 64 dark chocolate bottles, the Anthon Berg Liqueur Filled Dark Chocolate Gift Box is a delightful addition as a Christmas and Valentine’s Day candy, a perfect companion for cozy winter nights since 1922

Inside this elegant box, you’ll discover an assortment of dark chocolate bottles, each filled with liquor crafted from some of the world’s finest brands like Jim Beam, Cointreau, and Danzka Vodka.

These delectable chocolates boast a 50% dark chocolate shell, striking a perfect balance between the cocoa goodness and the liquid filling. What’s more, each chocolate bottle comes individually wrapped, meticulously replicating the labels of the original spirits.

2. Tequila Cordials

Tequila Cordials

Tequila Cordials is a delightful treat that distinguishes itself with a unique fusion of chocolate and tequila flavors. These liquor chocolates are unlike anything you’ve tasted before – just one bite and you will precisely realize the reason behind this opinion! 

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What makes Tequila Cordials special is the infusion of real tequila, which awakes an unforgettable taste. The tequila essence blends seamlessly with the rich chocolate, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and alcohol. 

These chocolates come beautifully packaged. Therefore, whether you’re treating yourself or wish to surprise someone special, the presentation of Tequila Cordials is sure to impress everyone!

3. Moonstruck Chocolate Liqueur Truffles

Moonstruck Chocolate Liqueur Truffles

The Oregon Distiller’s Collection by Moonstruck Chocolate is a tantalizing assortment of 9 truffles, skillfully infused with spirits from five of Oregon’s top craft alcohol factories. Each truffle is a masterpiece, where the spirits are thoughtfully blended into chocolate ganache and meticulously hand-piped into intricately hand-painted chocolate shells.

One of the stars in this stunning package is the Bendistillery Crater Lake Pepper Vodka Truffle. Inside its dark chocolate ganache lies the spirited infusion which boasts a perfect harmony of five distinct sweet and spicy chiles and creates a fascinating balance of flavors. 

For those who savor classic cocktails, the Bull Run Distillery Pacific Rum and Cola Truffle is a dream come true! Dark and milk chocolate ganache captures the essence of rum and cola, delivering the familiar cocktail experience in every bite.

Regardless of your choice, this collection offers an outburst of flavors to explore. And trust us, discovering your favorite liquor chocolate from this gift box is an adventure in itself! 

4. Leonidas Liquor-Filled Chocolates

Leonidas Liquor-Filled Chocolates

Leonidas Liquor-Filled Chocolates is a delectable delight packed in a charming wooden box. Inside, you’ll discover a collection of 18 dark chocolates that are filled with pure liqueur. These chocolates offer a luxurious taste accompanied by flavors like authentic Amaretto, Cointreau, Curaçao, Limoncello, Poire Williams, and Whiskey.

Leonidas Liquor-Filled Chocolates are known for their exceptional quality and that’s exactly what makes them some of the finest Belgium chocolates available. 

What’s more, Leonidas Liquor-Filled Chocolates are suitable for vegetarians, making them a hidden gem for those seeking vegan candy options. This means that even those with specific dietary preferences can delight in this rich aroma.

5. Goldkenn Swiss Liqueur Chocolate

Goldkenn Swiss Liqueur Chocolate

Goldkenn Swiss Liqueur Chocolate is a Swiss chocolate brand known worldwide, especially in the Duty-Free market. Their fame began with the iconic creation, flawlessly resembling a 12.5 kg gold bar that ingeniously combines two of Switzerland’s most potent symbols: chocolate and banking. As a result, it quickly became one of the best-selling chocolate bars and captivated taste buds across the globe.

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In its quest for innovation, Goldkenn has formed partnerships with leading spirits brands, leading to the creation of the Swiss Chocolate Liqueur Collection. This collection masterfully blends the finest Swiss chocolate with the best liqueurs and creates a harmonious experience.

Goldkenn takes pride in its Swiss heritage and stands as one of the few Swiss chocolate brands to proudly display the Swiss Made label on its products. Therefore it isn’t surprising that Goldkenn produces one of the best candies in the world

Famous Alcohol Brands Can You Find in Liquor Chocolates

Nowadays, many renowned chocolate brands collaborate with major international spirit companies to create delectable treats known as liquor chocolates. Swiss-based Goldkenn is a prominent player in this field and offers a wide range of liquor chocolates that delight the taste buds around the world.

You can find a variety of famous alcoholic brands infused into liquor chocolates, starting from the rich and smoky notes of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey to the elegance of Rémy Martin and Amarula, a South African cream liqueur which adds a creamy and exotic experience to the chocolates.

For those who enjoy a hint of citrus, Cointreau is a popular choice, while the Famous Grouse Scotch whisky offers a complex flavor. While Captain Morgan’s rum brings a taste of the Caribbean to every bite, Williamine Morand, a Swiss pear brandy, adds a fruity dimension to chocolate. 

Is Liquor Always Made from Alcohol?  

Chocolate liquor is a vital ingredient in our favorite chocolate bars, but don’t let the name confuse you – because it’s crafted from cocoa nibs. This means, sometimes it has nothing to do with alcohol. 

While some companies choose between traditional options such as rum or whiskey to craft liquor chocolates, others prefer to employ nibs to produce a chocolate liquid. 

The magic happens through milling, where cocoa nibs are subjected to mechanical heat and pressure to transform from a solid into a liquid form. Depending on the method, different machines like rotating millstones, hammers, pins, or metal balls can accomplish this process. 

For instance, in a manger, it can take anywhere from 18 to 72 hours of milling to create chocolate liquor with the perfect particle size of around 30 micrometers, which is about half the size of a grain of sand. However, you should also keep in mind that some products with “chocolate liquor” in their name might contain actual alcohol, like brandy, rum, or vodka

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Is Liquor Chocolates Safe for Children? 

Liquor chocolates can be a delightful treat for adults, but when it comes to children, it’s important to be cautious. The reason is that these chocolates are made from a substance called chocolate liquor. While it’s not alcohol, it’s still created from fermented, roasted, and ground cocoa beans. Therefore, while chocolate liquor itself is generally safe for most people, it may contain trace amounts of alcohol, making it unsuitable for kids.

Even though the alcohol content in liquor chocolates is typically low, it’s wise to avoid giving them to children, especially those of a young age. Young bodies metabolize alcohol differently, and even small amounts can have unwanted effects. 

Furthermore, besides alcohol, chocolate liquor might contain other compounds that aren’t suitable for children. It’s crucial to carefully read product labels before offering chocolate-flavored treats to kids, as some ingredients may be harmful or cause allergies.

To keep kids safe and avoid potential risks associated with alcohol and other additives, it’s best to reserve liquor chocolates for grown-ups and opt for traditional European, American, and Asian candies without alcohol or additives when sharing sweet treats with children. Ensuring that kids enjoy age-appropriate treats helps protect their well-being and keeps everyone’s sweet experiences happy and safe.

Bottom Line 

Now you know the best liquor chocolate to choose if the combination of chocolate and alcohol appeals to your receptors. But what’s even better, you already understand that sometimes the liquor inside the chocolate is not alcohol at all.

Whether you’re gifting or treating yourself, liquor chocolates offer a unique fusion of two of life’s great pleasures: chocolate and alcohol. 

And remember, while these delights are best enjoyed by adults, there’s a world of alcohol-free treats for the kids. 

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