7 Best Belgium Chocolate

7 Best Belgium Chocolate: Pure Magic of Sweetness

Do you remember the feeling you got when you first observed Willy Wonka’s magical world filled with chocolate rivers and candy trees featuring chocolate bars? Probably a mixture of amazement and excitement, right? If such a chocolate paradise existed in real life, it would undoubtedly be embraced with Belgium chocolate! 

Belgium chocolate is a true chocolate lover’s dream! The thrill brought on by sampling Belgium Chocolate will be enough to bring you to the ninth heaven! 

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In this article, we’ll explore the realm of this enchanting chocolate together and reveal the 7 best 7 Belgium chocolate you can try. If you haven’t tasted Belgian chocolate yet, congratulations, your first happiness is still ahead of you!

7 Best Belgium Chocolate: Pure Magic of Sweetness

What’s So Special About Belgium Chocolate?

Two-thirds of the people living in Belgium enjoy chocolate every day, and the country boasts over 2,000 chocolatiers who know their stuff when it comes to making heavenly treats.

There are some key reasons why Belgium chocolate is so yummy. First, Belgium grows some of the world’s finest cocoa, and its chocolatiers are experts at making beautiful sweets. When you put these two things together, you get some of the best chocolate around. Belgium chocolate has more cocoa than chocolates from other places, and it’s known for being super high-quality.

Belgian chocolatiers employ a unique variety of chocolate called couverture chocolate and obtain their cocoa beans from West Africa. Belgium chocolate has a higher cocoa butter content than normal chocolate, which contributes to its shining appearance and smooth, creamy flavor. Unlike regular store-bought chocolates, Belgium chocolate uses 100% cocoa butter.

Belgian chocolatiers are also picky about their ingredients, never compromise on quality, and take a lot of pride in their creations. That’s why it’s no wonder that people from all over the world love it so much. 

7 Best Belgium Chocolates You Need to Try

Belgium is renowned for its chocolate mastery, and we’ve handpicked the finest creations just for you. Whether your heart goes towards the delightful pralines or the satisfying allure of savory chocolate combinations, there is unquestionably something for you! These Belgian chocolates aren’t just confections – they’re culinary art.

So, take a moment to relax and let these 7 marvelous Belgium chocolates enhance your cloud-nine emotions:

1. Mary


If you want chocolates fit for a king, Mary is the Belgian chocolatier for you. Mary’s chocolates not only come in stunning boxes that are worth a lot on their own, but they are also incredibly special. They’ve been the choice of the Belgian Royal family since 1942. Perhaps this fact alone demonstrates the superior quality and deliciousness of this chocolate.

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Mary Delluc, one of the candy legends, started her chocolatier business back in 1919 in Brussels, and the chocolates they create are like a dream as they offer a wide array of flavors and shapes. From rich dark chocolate pralines to creamy milk chocolate truffles, Mary’s creations cater to diverse tastes. However, be prepared to spend a lot because these decadent Belgian chocolates come with a hefty price tag.

2. Godiva


One of the most widely recognized chocolate companies in Belgium, Godiva, was established in 1926 in Brussels by Pierre Draps. Using only the best ingredients, this brand’s chocolate is manufactured following old-fashioned recipes.

Godiva’s pralines are unquestionably mouthwatering. It’s wonderful that this Belgium chocolate brand is among those that may be purchased in numerous locations throughout the world. It’s even great to know that Godiva is a chocolate brand that can be purchased in more than 100 countries.

3. Leonidas


With the captivating slogan “Blissful moments for everyone,” Leonidas arrived from Greece to Belgium over a century ago to craft high-quality chocolates accessible to all. Founded in 1913, this iconic Belgium chocolate brand remains committed to its tradition of excellence to this day. Leonidas distinguishes itself by employing 100% pure cocoa butter in its creations, ensuring a rich and indulgent sweet experience.

Leonidas chocolates come in a diverse array of flavors, from classic milk and dark chocolates to innovative blends featuring fruits, nuts, and pralines. While the shapes are equally diverse, the packaging is an art in itself, with beautifully designed boxes and gift packaging, making Leonidas chocolates an outstanding choice for special occasions.

4. Côte d’Or

Côte d’Or

This Belgium chocolate has garnered immense popularity, with Belgians consuming approximately 600 million Côte d’Or products annually. It’s no wonder, given that it offers an outstanding combination of deliciousness and affordability, making it a personal favorite for many.

What sets Côte d’Or apart from other chocolate brands is its unique cocoa bean treatment. The beans are roasted at a lower temperature than the norm, resulting in a distinct and unforgettable flavor. This method imparts a milder, slightly caramelized taste, making Côte d’Or chocolates a delightful escape from the ordinary experience.

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Côte d’Or spoils its enthusiasts with a delightful range of flavors, starting from the classic Milk Chocolate with its creamy sweetness to the rich and intense Dark Chocolate. Additionally, their Hazelnut and Whole Almond variations add a delightful crunch, while the Orange and Raisin options offer a fruity twist.

5. Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini

The Pierre Marcolini shops are contemporary versions of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factories, complete with gorgeous displays and a chance to observe the production of rich chocolate. To create his masterpieces, Pierre Marcolini travels the globe in search of the finest cocoa and only employs the finest ingredients. Because of how well-liked his Belgium chocolate is, you can even find them in shops in South Korea and Japan.

Pierre Marcolini, unlike other more established Belgian chocolatiers, is totally in charge of the process of gathering the cocoa bean and turning it into silky-smooth chocolates. The heart-shaped Belgium chocolate, which is filled with raspberry ganache and enhanced with lemon zest, represents Pierre Marcolini’s signature.

This chocolate is the ideal present to give to any chocolate devotee, as it offers 33 of the finest Belgian chocolates in the legendary Pierre Marcolini white packaging.

6. Guylian


Guylian was founded in 1958 by the creative minds of Guy and Liliane Foubert. Their journey began with a simple idea born from a vacation along the picturesque Belgian coast. Inspired by the sea, they embarked on an excellent idea to design chocolate seafood. In 1985, the first batch of their now-iconic chocolate seashells emerged and forever captured the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts worldwide.

Each delicate shell offers a rich, velvety hazelnut praline filling, delivering a harmonious blend of creamy and nutty flavors. However, Guylian’s delectable offerings extend beyond the renowned seashells to include a tempting array of chocolate bars, pralines, and truffles. However, it’s the seashells that truly steal the spotlight and even become an inspiration for the most beloved French and Italian candies.

7. Neuhaus


A list of the best Belgian chocolates wouldn’t be complete without Neuhaus. The Belgian praline, a filled chocolate candy, was created using this specific type of chocolate as its base.

Neuhaus first opened its doors as a pharmacy in Brussels in 1857, a decade before the praline was created in 1912. The creator of this chocolate company, Jean Neuhaus, made a practice of surprising his customers by covering medicines with the best chocolate. This is how, years later, his grandson came up with the design for the praline.

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Nowadays, Neuhaus is one of the most well-known high-end chocolate brands in Belgium. It’s wonderful to be aware that, in addition to their renowned pralines, they also produce delectable chocolate truffles.

The Process of Making Belgium Chocolate

Belgium chocolate is renowned worldwide for its unique flavors and textures, and the secret to its taste lies in the chocolate-making process. At the heart of every top Belgian chocolate brand, you’ll find a team of skilled chocolatiers who blend their knowledge, experience, and artistry to craft the chocolate using the finest ingredients, notably high-quality Belgian chocolate. These master chocolatiers also embrace the latest innovations and scientific advancements in the chocolate industry to push the boundaries of flavor.

To create Belgium chocolate, the journey begins with the careful roasting of cocoa beans, a critical step to unlocking their rich flavors and aromatic characteristics. After roasting, the beans are ground and processed into a chocolate liquid, boasting a remarkable cocoa butter content of over 50%. That’s exactly when the magic truly begins, as various ingredients are added to craft the diverse array of chocolate varieties that we all adore.

The cocoa content plays a significant role in determining the character of Belgian chocolate. This delightful treat is celebrated for its exceptionally high cocoa solids, ranging from a robust 70% to an astonishing 99%. This bold contrast with Swiss chocolate, which typically ranges from 50% to 70% cocoa content, highlights the intensity and bitterness that set Belgium chocolate apart.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure this article sent an endorphin storm into your brain! It is not surprising, since Belgian chocolate has the power to take away all your worries and replace them with feelings of pure happiness. Just one bite of this heavenly creation can transport you to a world of sweetness. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, take your favorite piece of Belgium chocolate, and let the magic happen!

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