Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is a piece of taffy candy that comes in various flavors. First called Beich’s Caramels, eventually the candy was renamed to Beich’s Laffy Taffy. This is a generally small candy that is somewhat soft, very chewy. Laffy Taffy comes individually wrapped, and is a color that helps identify the flavor, such as red for strawberry. Back when the name Beich’s was used, Laffy Taffy tended to be more square shaped and thicker, though now they are generally flatter and longer. Laffy Taffy was first invented in the 1970s, and has been made in flavors such as Sparkle Cherry, Grape, and Sour Apple. Laffy Taffy is oftentimes, but not always, fruit flavored and flavors that are chocolaty have been produced as well. Laffy Taffy does not take itself too seriously, and like to to things like add jokes to its product to amuse its customers. You can find jokes like “What do you call a cow with no legs? – Ground Beef.” inside the wrapper.

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Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy History And Information

Laffy Taffy history begins with the Beich’s Candy company. Beich’s was founded in 1893 by Paul F. Beich. The company was the seller of the Beich Whiz bar, a chocolate-covered marshmallow candy that was once rather popular. When Beich’s first introduced Laffy Taffy candy, it was called Beich’s Caramels, with the name of the flavor in the middle, such as “Beich’s Banana Caramels”. It should be noted that despite being called “caramels”, they did not, in fact, seem to be made with caramel, and instead were a type of Taffy. Taffy candy is a type of candy made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled sugar, butter or vegetable oil, flavorings, and coloring until it becomes aerated. Eventually, the candy was renamed to Beich’s Laffy Taffy.

Beich’s Laffy Taffy used to be more square in shape and thicker, and for a time you could buy large amounts of multiple colors of small square Laffy Taffys. In general, however, Laffy Taffy is now a flat and longer candy, though still somewhat small as fair as candies go. Reach piece of Laffy Taffy candy is individually wrapped, almost a necessity when dealing with Taffy based candy, as it can get sticky, although people like to eat it for its sticky and chewy nature. Laffy Taffy comes in many flavors, such as cherry, grape, banana, strawberry, and blue raspberry. Spin-offs for the product have also been created such as Laffy Taffy flavored Jelly Beans and Laffy Taffy Flavored Lip Gloss, (Made by Taste Beauty the same company that makes edible Fruit Gushers Lip Balm).

Laffy Taffy was acquired by the Nestle Company and the product was added to the Wonka brand and the name changed to simply “Laffy Taffy”. Trademark information shows Societe des Produits Nestle S.A filed for a trademark for Laffy Taffy on September 6, 1994. It should be noted that this same trademark information states that the first use in commerce date is 1985. Nestle sold Laffy Taffy and many other brands to the company Ferrero SpA in a roughly 2.8 billion dollar deal in the year 2018. Laffy Taffy was engaged in such advertising, such as TV commercials, often geared to kids and young teens. A patent for an Interactive foodstuff holding device that made interactive sounds, lights, and motion when the children ate a candy product had Soft Sour Apple Laffy Taffy used in a table that showed it was tested for its electrical resistance to see how it may work with such a device. This device was proposed to focus on children’s – especially young boys – fascination with grotesque themes, and suggested having toys make sound and when a candy shaped creature had its extremities bitten off. 30 M.OMEGA. 4 M.OMEGA was the information stated for the resistance of the tested Laffy Taffy.

Laffy Taffy has included jokes into its product, likely to help make a play at its own name and the “Laffy” part in it. The name Laffy Taffy implies this is a silly candy of some sort, and while taffy candy could be viewed as that naturally, Laffy Taffy likes to go the distance in including jokes on the inside of the wrapper. This is somewhat similar to the messages that Fruit By The Foot likes to include on its candy’s wrapper. Some jokes that used inside Laffy Taffy candy wrappers are “How do dinosaurs decorate their kitchens? With rep-tiles!”, “What do you call an angry pea? Grum-pea.”, and “What did the house wear to the party? Address.”

The Company That Invented Laffy Taffy

The company that invented Laffy Taffy is the Beich’s company. Beich’s was founded in 1893 by Paul F. Beich, and the company made other candy products as well, such as Beich Whiz bar, an old popular candy.

The Company That Owns Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is owned by the company Ferrero SpA, an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products. Ferrero SpA has acquired Laffy Taffy and other brands such Crunch Bar in a roughly 2.8 billion dollar deal with Nestle in 2018. Laffy Taffy is formerly owned by the Nestle company. Nestle is one of the largest food companies in the world and owns products such as Rolo.

The Original Name Of Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy has had a bit of an evolution of its name over time. First Laffy Taffy’s name was Beich’s Caramels, and would have names such as Beich’s Strawberry Caramels on its wrapping paper. Eventually the candy was renamed to Beich’s Laffy Taffy. After Nestle acquired the candy from Beich’s the name was changed to “Wonka Laffy Taffy” or just simply Laffy Taffy.

The Year Laffy Taffy Was Invented

The original version of Laffy Taffy was first invented sometime in the 1970s, and was first called Beich’s Caramels. The candy was not as flat back then, and was thicker and square shaped initially.

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Laffy Taffy Flavors

Here is a list of the different flavors of Laffy Taffy:

  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Sparkle Cherry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Sour
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Guava
  • Lemon Raspberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Chocolate
  • Apple Crisp flavor
  • Pumpkin Donuts flavor
  • Coconut flavor
  • Fruit Punch flavor
  • Chocolate Moose flavor
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Hot Cocoa

Laffy Taffy Packaging Style

Laffy Taffy tends to very its packing style between having stripes and having no stripes on its packing. Cherry flavored and Banana flavored Laffy Taffys tends to not have any stripes on its packing, and prefer an all solid colored background. Most other flavors of Laffy Taffy do appear to have stripes on its packing, such as Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Grape flavors. These stripes on the packaging of the candy tend to be wavy, and alternate between shades of white and the color that people tend to correspond with that flavor, such as purple for the grape flavor.

Laffy Taffy always has its name in the center of the packaging art, and in the same style; Using a slanted writing technique, the name of the product, “Laffy Taffy”, is printed in large bold white letters. The name “Wonka” is sometimes, but not always, printed on the packaging. When the name “Wonka” is present on the packaging art of Laffy Taffy, it is usually in the upper left hand corner of the candy’s package.

Laffy Taffy Advertising And Marketing

Laffy Taffy’s advertising style has long been whimsical and exaggerated, using the Willy Wonka Brand as a way to target a younger audience. The company focused mainly on commercials often featuring an animated Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. Laffy Taffy’s have been referenced in other places in pop-culture as well. In 2006 Hip-Hop group D4L released a song ” Laffy Taffy.” Although the song had no affiliated with Nestle these references in pop culture serve as free advertisement to the brand. In 2018 Nestle sold its U.S. store brands which included Laffy Taffy to Ferrero SpA ( the creator of Nutella). The company plans to re-investment in its marketing in 2020.

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