Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack is currently made by Frito Lay, but this great snack has been around for more than 120 years. Almost everyone has had a box of Cracker Jack in their life, and most people could not wait to get to the bottom of the box to find the prize inside. Sometimes, especially children, would … Read more

Cap’n Crunch

If you love a cereal with a great crunch, you simply can’t go wrong with Cap’n Crunch cereal. It’s known for the delicious crunch packed with flavor and fun. Of course, you get to see the captain on the box and he tests out every flavor for us before we get to it. The captain … Read more

Australian Snacks – Celebration Of The Weirdest Tastes

Australia is well-known for many things, including unique and amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, and great weather. However, Australia has much more to offer, including its fantastic cuisine and delicious treats that everybody can enjoy. In this article, let’s discover and explore some of the most popular authentic Australian snacks that you definitely need to try. … Read more

Sherbet Lemon

Sherbet Lemons are a variation of a lemon drop candy that is slightly sour and has a fizzy center. Lemon candies were more popular back when candies were used to deliver medicine. This was one of the flavorings that could cover up a lot of different bad-tasting ingredients that were meant to make you feel … Read more

Peeps Marshmallow

The one thing we know to be true of Peeps Marshmallows is you either love them or you hate them. These sugary Easter treats are a lot of fun to look at and play with, even if you aren’t a fan of the flavors. Of course, you can always just make Smores instead of eating … Read more