Candy Beginning with the Letter C

We all love candy and there are a ton of different types of candy out there. If you’re looking for a candy theme or maybe even a specific type of candy that you know starts with the letter C, we’ve got you covered!  We’ve worked to uncover all of the best candies out there that … Read more

Daniel Peter – Story of a Man Who Made Milk Chocolate

Who would have imagined that Switzerland, a country without a single homegrown cocoa bean, would become one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers? But surprisingly, one man from a small village changed the whole chocolate industry – and for this, we should probably be most grateful to Daniel Peter.  Today most candy and chocolate companies … Read more

Otto Schnering – Biography of the “U.S. Candy Bar King”

While eating the delicious Baby Ruth bar or enjoying Butterfinger’s, there are fireworks in the mouth and a feeling of happiness appears out of nowhere. Have you ever experienced it? Well, we definitely have. Do you wonder who managed to create such a delicious treat and how it was created? Probably some magician or genius. … Read more

Candy From The 1990s – History & Fun 90s Candy Facts

Have you ever wondered why people love candy so much? Naturally, candy is associated with positive vibes and memories. Somehow, it is associated with joy, love, friends, and family. We eat candy on celebrations, birthdays, holidays, and all great events. Certain candy can be traced back to the times when you were a kid. Or … Read more

Candy Beginning with the Letter A

If you really want a fun way to pick out or research candy, you should look for candy that starts with a specific letter. Or maybe you have a theme and you can’t think of any really great candies to fit that them. That’s where we come in!  Let’s start with Candy beginning with the … Read more