Chum Gum

Let’s take it back to some of the memories of candy from years past. Chum Gum is one that many of you might remember. Some of the memories about this gum say things like “it brings me back to the days when life was good” or “in my opinion Chum Gum was the best gum … Read more

Crunch Tators

There are many oddball Frito Lay products that have been sold over the years alongside their classic chip varieties that everyone probably knows and loves. This is a company that has enjoyed making really unique snacks, and Crunch Tators fit right into this history of creating strange treats that are still really enjoyable. Crunchy items … Read more


Some candies come out, are successful, and then disappear for a time. Eventually, they find their way back to the market and people fall in love with them all over again. When you look back at the original history of Chewits, you find a dated past and even a different name to begin with.  Chewits … Read more

Cadbury Dream Chocolate

If you love white chocolate candy, you probably love the Cadbury Dream Chocolate bar. Cadbury is a big name in the chocolate business, and many people have enjoyed their candies since childhood. While this candy bar has a more limited distribution area, this is a candy bar that makes a big impression on most people. … Read more

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal

As far as short-lived, pop-culture-based products go, this cereal was one of the most memorable of them all. Many people who were at the right age to have seen Bill & Ted cartoons and the movie from the late 1980s until the early 1990s will remember this product with fondness. While this is not a … Read more