Angel Delight

Angel Delight – History of Success

Everyone agrees that the deliciously flavored mousse is a staple for all parents who need something quick and sweet after dinner to satisfy their child’s sugar cravings. Anyone who grew up in the 1970s will remember that Angel Delight was successfully accomplishing this mission. 

At that moment, Angel Delight got so much marketing attention you would have thought it was critical to human survival. Who knows? Perhaps after giving it a try, you too won’t be able to think of life without Angel Delight.

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Now that we have your attention, let us tell you more about Angel Delight and satisfy your curiosity even more. 

Angel Delight

What is Angel Delight?

In the 1970s, Angel Delight took credit for starting the industry for instant desserts. The Bird’s firm first introduced Angel Delight with strawberries and cream flavor. However, the initial success of this new dessert was so remarkable that it paved the way for an expansion in its flavor offerings. 

Beginning with the original three flavors – Strawberry, Raspberry, and Mint Chocolate – Angel Delight’s range soon grew to encompass Banana, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Lime, and Orange. By the late 1970s candy era, the portfolio had expanded further to include additional flavors like Blackcurrant, Peach, Coffee, and walnut.

Angel Delight offers the wide society a quick, simple, and healthy dessert that is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Since Angel Delight doesn’t contain gelatin, it is appropriate for vegetarians. However, the product contains dairy products and therefore is not considered a vegan sweet treat.

It’s impossible to overstate how simple it is to prepare this convenient dessert. You should simply pour 150 ml of milk into a bowl, add the powder, mix for 5 minutes, transfer into jars, and freeze. The mixture is expected to double in volume and thicken therefore, each packet is enough to fill a 500ml container.

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Due to the flavor and simplicity of preparation, Angel Delight has long been the best-selling candy brand in the UK’s quick cold desserts market and in 2015, even been declared as Britain’s “favorite childhood dish.” Just as Americans are nostalgic for the oldest American candy, British snack lovers still adore the unforgettable taste of Angel Delight.

5 Most Beloved Flavors of Angel Delight

Are you curious about trying all the Angel Delight flavors? You’re not alone!

To help you determine where to start, let us introduce to you more comprehensively 5 flavors of Angel Delight that are most beloved all around the world. 

1. Chocolate Angel Delight

Chocolate Angel Delight

If you love chocolate then Angel Delight Chocolate is just the ticket to heaven – it is light, extremely low in fat, and delivers a rich chocolaty flavor. Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong! This temptingly tasty Angel Delight is light as air but full of chocolate flavor. Every packet of this chocolate flavor dessert makes enough for four portions, so there’s plenty to share with the whole family. 

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With just 300ml of fresh milk and a whisk, you can quickly prepare this chocolate treat and watch it turn into fluffy chocolate clouds. Then let it stand for five minutes before altering into the heavenly chocolate dessert. Whether you garnish it with fruit and sprinkles or savor it as is, Angel Delight is sure to result in happy faces and clean bowls for the entire family!

2. Mint Chocolate Angel Delight

Mint Chocolate Angel Delight

Why not try something new with Chocolate Mint-flavored Angel Delight? We promise that the result will be a treat that delights the taste buds and leaves a memorable, satisfying impression. 

This particular kind of Angel Delight transforms into an unforgettable blend that offers a delightful fusion of rich chocolate and refreshing mint. The unique pairing has a universal appeal, making it a popular choice for everything from desserts to soft drinks

3. Butterscotch Angel Delight

Butterscotch Angel Delight

Butterscotch is a sweet and buttery-flavored confectionery that is often used as a flavoring for candies and sauces. It is typically made from brown sugar and butter, which are heated together until they caramelize and develop a rich, toffee-like flavor. At this point, it is already clear how wonderful Butterscotch Angel Delight will taste! We are deeply sure that both kids and adults will unquestionably love it!

Butterscotch Angel Delight is made with real butter so you’ll get a rich caramel taste with every spoonful. Also, you’ll find no artificial colors or preservatives here so you can feel relaxed while your loved one is tasting it. You can serve Butterscotch Angel Delight on its own or add colorful sprinkles for some extra fun. It all depends on your imagination and preferences. 

4. Strawberry Angel Delight

Strawberry Angel Delight

Angel Delight Strawberry creates mealtimes into magical moments as each bite is filled with juicy strawberry flavor and every spoon is packed with yummy sweetness. Simply add fresh milk, whisk, then let it stand for five minutes and you will have a delicious bowl brimming with strawberry pudding. You can serve Angel Delight on its own or you can make it extra special with fun sprinkles or sliced fruit to make dinner time even more tasty and exciting.

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Angel Delight Strawberry is a relatively healthy dessert, as ultimately it is mixed with a good quantity of milk, contains no artificial flavors or colors, and is entirely devoid of any hydrogenated fat. But that’s not all! Angel Delight Strawberry contains red sparkles that turn violet and might bring Unicorns to life! 

5. Banana Angel Delight 

Banana Angel Delight

Crafted using real fruit to deliver a delightful and naturally fruity flavor, this banana dessert ensures a pure and authentic taste. Moreover, its composition makes it a suitable choice for individuals following a vegetarian diet. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly you can whip up this delectable treat for a cozy movie night on the weekend!

Each package is designed to serve four portions, guaranteeing that every spoonful will be a nostalgic and delightful experience for a whole family. The words can only merely describe the wonder of Angel Delight – the real magic happens when you taste it personally. So, prepare to be amazed, as Banana Angel Delight will delight your taste buds like never before!

Unique Composition of Angel Delight

If you’ve ever tried making homemade ice cream in your freezer, you might have noticed that it often develops unpleasant ice lumps, which can ruin its smooth and creamy texture. This happens because when ice cream freezes slowly without any stirring, it tends to form only a few large ice crystals that eventually clump together, resulting in a coarse and icy texture.

However, top ice cream brands and domestic ice cream makers have found a way to overcome this issue. They achieve this by rapidly cooling the ice cream mixture and constantly churning it as it cools. This process effectively breaks up the ice crystals, preventing the formation of those large clumps.

The product development team at Premier Foods has a unique approach with their Angel Delight ice cream. They have designed the mixture in such a way that the water content is tightly bound within the mix. This unique composition prevents the formation of large ice crystals during freezing, eliminating the need for constant stirring as the ice cream sets.

Exceptional Marketing Identity of Angel Delight

If we were to point to a product that seemed tailor-made to align perfectly with established consumer preferences, Angel Delight would certainly come to mind. 

Extensive research has identified a clear demand for a convenient, mildly flavored, and swiftly prepared creamy dessert in specific, well-defined flavors. In response, Angel Delight was introduced to cater to this precise consumer niche.

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It’s worth noting that Angel Delight enjoyed instant popularity achieving a staggering £2 million in sales within its first year and became one of the most beloved British candies


Angel Delight Logo

3 Most Memorable Advertising Campaigns

1. Busy Working Mothers’ Era

In 1973, the Leo Burnett-LPE advertising agency crafted a charming advertisement for the Banana flavor Angel Delight, which cleverly highlighted the product’s ease of preparation. The powdered delight could effortlessly transform into a delectable mousse, a feature that resonated with the busy working mothers of that era. 

These advertisements were tailor-made for a generation of moms who found it challenging to prepare traditional snacks every evening.

2. Wallace & Gromit

Fast forward to 1999, and Bird’s took a creative approach to promote Angel Delight by enlisting the beloved animated duo, Wallace & Gromit. This promotional campaign was a comprehensive effort, featuring special packaging adorned with captivating artwork and collectible molds. 

These unique yellow-boxed 3-packs of Angel Delight came with a bonus – a W&G Face Invention Kit. With these kits, fans could ‘build’ either Wallace or Gromit, thanks to the inclusion of special plastic molds and sweeties for creating their facial features.

3. Association to Willy Wonka

One interesting aspect of Angel Delight’s branding was its use of the color blue throughout its packaging and promotional posters. This choice of color not only contributed to a recognizable and memorable brand image but also evoked images of Willy Wonka candy, particularly magical gum-cum-blueberry pie. These posters are sure to transport you to a world of delight.


  • Sugar
  • Modified Starch
  • Skimmed MILK Powder
  • Palm Oil, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder
  • Gelling Agents (Diphosphates, Sodium Phosphates)
  • Emulsifiers (Propylene Glycol Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithins)
  • Lactose (MILK)
  • MILK Proteins
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Whey Powder (MILK)
  • Anti-caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)
  • Flavoring


Serving Size:Per 100g1 portion as prepared (92g)% Daily Value*
Calories 504.8kj
Total Fat 4.6g4.2g6%
Saturated Fat 3.4g3.1g16%
Total Carbohydrates16.315g6%
Sugars 14.1g13g
Dietary Fiber0.3g0.3g
Sodium 0.5g0.4g7%
  • * Reference intake of an average adult (8400kj/2000kcal)


Final Thoughts

Angel Delight transcends the mere concept of dessert — it’s a culinary marvel crafted through culinary expertise and innovation. 

By now, you’re likely captivated, pondering the essential question: “When can I finally experience Angel Delight for myself?” Prepare for a joyous journey ahead, as Angel Delight offers a diverse range of flavors, each with its own unique and irresistible taste profile.

So what should you expect? It’s time to gather your strength and find ways to buy and taste Angel Delight right away.

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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