6 Must-Try British Snacks for Epic Gaming Sessions

6 Must-Try British Snacks for Epic Gaming Sessions

British people are famous for their snacking habits. Some studies Believe it or not, as many as 58% of UK consumers tend to eat snacks between meals. Gaming enthusiasts in Britain are no exception. And let’s admit that it’s understandable. I mean, who has the time to cook big meals when there’s a gaming fire all day around?

If you’re a gamer looking for snack ideas for long gaming sessions, our quick guide to popular British snacks might help you get some tasty ideas. Let’s reveal 6 of the most popular British snacks for incredible gaming sessions.

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6 Must-Try British Snacks for Epic Gaming Sessions

1. Takeaway Snacks

Fish and Chips

Even though most of the takeaway foods are neither healthy nor nutritious, it turns out that British gaming enthusiasts love the idea of getting their favorite fast food straight at home, in the middle of playing their favorite games. The reason is simple to understand — that way they don’t have to stop the game. Instead of this, a few minutes of distraction to choose and order their favorite takeaway snacks is enough. And then another several minutes to open the door and collect the food and that’s it.

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This strategy is popular among British online gamblers as well, who need extra fuel for their tense gaming sessions, whether it’s spinning the reels of some of the newest online slots in the UK or playing some heated hands of Texas Hold ‘Em for real money. Having tasty British takeaway snacks – often accompanied by some energy drink – on their side helps them maintain their focus and keep their chances of winning intact. Some of the most popular takeaway snacks in Britain are fish and chips, chicken tikka masala, Pad Thai, and lasagna.

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2. Crisps


Crisps is another popular snack in Britain that can be enjoyed between or in the process of gaming sessions. Although this famous snack is considered to have been invented in America, Brits also enjoy snacking with various types of potato crisps while playing their favorite video games.

Perhaps not surprisingly, British games often name Pringles as the most convenient crisp option for their gaming nights. That’s because they’re tasty, they come in a wide variety of flavors, and most importantly, they’re among those chip brands that won’t make too much mess while snacking.

Some other favorites include Walkers, Tyrrells, and Kettle Chips.

3. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

For those who prefer sweet snacks over salty ones, chocolate bars like Cadbury Dairy Milk top the list of British candies and sweets. First of all, chocolate (especially dark ones) is famous for its health benefits. Among those benefits, gamers would probably love to hear that, according to studies, chocolate includes a stimulant that can trigger relaxation. If your gaming session is loaded with excitement and enthusiasts, chances are that this is one of the best things you can consume as a snack!

According to British gamers, some of the most widely consumed chocolate bars during gaming include the classic British chocolate bars Cadbury Dairy Milk, Galaxy, and Kit Kat.

4. Biscuits


We all know the significance of biscuits in British snack culture. Or maybe you’re more familiar with this snack with the name “cookies”. In either case, British gamers love to have a pack of their favorite biscuits or two while playing tense video games for hours. As they say, biscuits are ideal for quick munching, and besides, they can help them concentrate on the complicated details of the game.

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Among British biscuits, the brand “Digestives” indeed stands out for gaming enthusiasts. This snack is followed by popular Jammie Dodgers and Bourbons.

5. Shortbread


Have you heard of the classic Scottish snack called “Shortbread”? Anyone who has ever tasted its original flavor won’t be surprised that it’s one of those snacks in Britain that people regularly supply for long gaming sessions. 

Shortbread isn’t exactly a British snack, as it originates from Scotland. However, it’s pretty common among British people as well. Shortbread is a type of biscuit that’s created with high-quality butter and sugar. Some of the most famous snack brands that produce Shortbread are Walkers, Bettys, and M&S. Nevertheless, we have to admit that homemade shortbread biscuits are our favorite!

6. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Finally, if you have some time between gaming sessions, our best recommendation is to grab some of your favorite fruits, slice them into small pieces, and put them in a huge bowl. To add some extra convenience, don’t forget to have two or three different types of dips close to your computer made from either Nutella’s chocolate spread or Cadbury’s peanut butter. The thing is that British people love snacking with seasonal fruit as well. The best part is that this fruit salad can easily refresh your mind and help you focus on the game.

Final Thoughts

Now you already have at least 6 amazing options to spend your gaming sessions in a tasty way. At least, that’s what British gamers do when they have a serious gaming experience ahead and want to prepare themselves all day long. Just choose your favorite, make sure to get the snack ready before you start playing, and enjoy the entire experience without any worries about possible cravings in the middle of the game!

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