Sabritas – “Tasty and Fried” Snacks


Mexico’s most popular snack brand is Sabritas. The name is a combination of the Spanish words “Sabrosas y Fritas,” which translate to “tasty and fried” or “fried ones.” It was established in 1943 and is recognized for the high quality, diversity, and taste of its goods. PepsiCo promotes Frito-Lay products in Mexico under this umbrella … Read more

Moon Lodge – The Whole Shabang Chips

Moon Lodge

Have you ever just had a potato chip with the perfect flavor and the perfect crunch? Some chip brands do it just right, while others make their best efforts and fall short. Some brands are certainly better than others, but then there are the brands that you hear about and have a hard time finding … Read more

Monster Munch (History, Flavors & Commercials)

Monster Munch

If you like a really spooky, crunchy snack, Monster Munch is a must-try. This snack comes from the British, but it’s also been wildly popular in several other countries through the years. It’s notorious for the interesting flavors, as well as the unique monster shapes that are in the bag.  Learn more about Monster Munch … Read more

Best Selling Chip Brands

Best Selling Chip Brands

Do you enjoy eating chips? Or do you think having chips as a snack is fascinating and enjoyable? Have you ever wondered which are the best selling chip brands? If so, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of varieties that come in different shapes, flavors, and tastes. It seems like the … Read more

Crunch Tators (History, FAQ & Marketing)

Crunch Tators

There are many oddball Frito Lay products that have been sold over the years alongside their classic chip varieties that everyone probably knows and loves. This is a company that has enjoyed making really unique snacks, and Crunch Tators fit right into this history of creating strange treats that are still really enjoyable. Crunchy items … Read more

Cheetos (History, FAQ, Flavors & Commercials)


Cheetos are the snack that everybody enjoys. And you always know when someone has been eating them thanks to those orange fingers. Through the years, the Cheetos brand has come out with so many different fun things and you really can’t go wrong. From popcorn to crunchy to paws and everything in between.  This delightful … Read more