Fruit Gushers

Fruit Gushers, usually just called Gushers, are a fruity candy snack with a variety of flavors. Fruit Gushers are known for having a somewhat soft to chew outer gummy-gel shell and a burst of fruity-flavored juice in the center. Gushers get their name from the way the fruit-flavored juice in the center “gushes” into your … Read more

Fruit Stripe Gum

This fruity-tasting gum is often popular with kids for its colorful appearance. Fruit Stripe gum comes in several different flavors and colors and the gum sticks have stripes on them colorful packaging and have featured a Zebra as a mascot. History and General Information Fruit Stripe Gum, a gum that first came onto the market … Read more

Fruit By The Foot

Fruit By The Foot is a fruit snack made from a long roll of fruit-flavored candy. Measuring approximately 3 feet in length, this soft fruity length of candy has proved rather a poplar thanks to novel design, and fruity flavors. Fruit By the Foot comes rolled up in on itself, allowing you to unravel it … Read more

Froot Loops Cereal

Froot Loops cereal is a popular breakfast cereal with a memorable Toucan Mascot. Froot Loops is often written as and thought of as “fruit loops”, is a circular cereal with bright colors and fruity flavors. The bright coloring of Froot Loops and fruit flavors are both attention-getting, easy to recall, and help define the name … Read more


Fritos are corn chips made by deep-frying extruded whole cornmeal. Fritos come in the form of long, skinny, wavy strips of corn chips, usually golden-orange in color. Fritos has a texture that is almost like tortilla chips but is different in its own way. Frito’s comes in its original flavor, as well as other varieties … Read more


Dunkaroos is a snack that consists of small cookies that you dunk into the frosting. The cookies are shaped in the form of kangaroos and basketballs that are dunked into frosting that is contained inside their holding containers, hence the namesake “Dunkaroos”. They were a popular snack in the ’90s, favored for their delicious sugary … Read more

Dove Chocolate Bar

The Dove Chocolate Bar is a range of candy bars under the name Dove. The Dove candy Bar first started off as an ice-cream bar called DOVEBAR, and over time evolved into a range of chocolate bar products. Dove now comes as an ice-cream bar, milk chocolate bar, dark chocolate bar, and many more forms … Read more

Crunch Bar

Nestlé’s Crunch Bar is a crispy and crunchy chocolate bar made from milk chocolate and crisped rice. True to its name, the Crunch Bar is indeed crunchy and is considered a tasty and textured candy bar. The Crunch Bar boldly has its name in large raised molded words on the square chocolate slab that makes … Read more

Clark Bar

The Clark bar is somewhat little known, but it is definitely worth knowing about. It has earned it’s self many fans over the decades. The Clark Bar is a candy bar made with milk chocolate and peanut butter and has a very unique taste to it, it has crisp when bitten and has a strong cocoa … Read more


Cheez-It’s were first introduced in 1921 by Green and Green Company and yielded a loyal fan base history for quite some time. Cheez-Its are rectangular baked crackers that are made from cheese, wheat flour, paprika, and other secret ingredients. The cheesy taste and orange color are two of the hallmarks that give Cheez-It its name. … Read more