World Chocolate Day – Celebration Of Loved-by-all Sweet Treat

The celebration of World Chocolate Day is nothing less than a unique homage to humankind’s most outstanding culinary achievement. Chocolate can be savored and delighted on its own while also enhancing and contributing to the creation of the most opulent sweets. 

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Every year, more than 3 million tons of cocoa are produced and consumed by people. Chocolate, for example, should be celebrated all year. However, just like all the important things, those delicious snacks are also worthy of celebration. That is why we honor World Chocolate Day in a similar way we celebrate National Candy Day.

If you wish to know more about this celebration, check out this tempting and informative World Chocolate Day guide.

World Chocolate Day

Sweet History Of Chocolate

The celebration of World Chocolate Day is intertwined with the history of chocolate. The cacao tree, which produces cocoa beans, may have existed in the wild for at least 10,000 years. Although chocolate has been made for around 2500 years, the Olmec Indians started cultivating cocoa domestically in a region that is currently somewhere in southern Mexico. The beans were presumably used to create an upscale, rich class’ preferred non-sweetened beverage.

In Central America, the cocoa tree becomes a component of the emerging Mayan culture. This is likely where the term “chocolate” in English first appeared. The Mayan term for “tree” was cacahuaquchtl. The name “xocoatl,” which literally translates to “bitter water,” was probably derived from the beverage prepared from the cacao bean. When the Mayans moved south, they brought cocoa plants with them and started to develop plantations. The cocoa pod was viewed by many at the time as a holy emblem and occasionally referred to as the food of the gods.”

In certain cultures, cocoa seeds were even used as money. During trade negotiations, the Mayans teach the Aztecs about cocoa plants. They retain the custom of preparing a chocolate beverage, occasionally combining it with herbs and spices like chili. Could you imagine carrying a huge bag of cocoa seeds to the store or buying a house? Isn’t that something to be desired?

Spanish explorers returned to Spain with chocolate, and since then, the Spanish chocolate era has started. The first form of chocolate was bitter since sugar wasn’t added until much later. When chocolate started to become popular in 16th-century Europe, it became popular with the general public and one of many households’ favorite delicacies. 

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They start by adding vanilla, cane sugar, and other mild spices to it since they find it to be somewhat harsh. A chocolate shop selling chocolate beverages opens in England as chocolate becomes more popular throughout Europe. Baker’s Chocolate was the nation’s first chocolate manufacturer in England.

The chocolate manufacturing process started actively at the beginning of the 20th century. By 1868, Cadbury had been founded in England. Then, 25 years later, Milton S. Hershey bought machinery for manufacturing chocolate at the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, and now he is one of the most well-known and significant producers of chocolate in the world. 

The first factory for the new chocolate drink was created in the United States in 1780, but it wasn’t until Cadbury in England started making chocolate bars in 1842 that the country started mass-producing them. A teenage Milton S. Hershey was inspired by milk chocolate, which was created in Switzerland in 1875, to create and market his own milk chocolates. In 1900, Hershey’s Chocolate Company was established. 

That’s how the chocolate industry became so popular. Considering that the modern chocolate industry is expanding, even more, it’s no wonder why people celebrate World Chocolate Day more and more enthusiastically every year. Now, let’s explore when is World Chocolate Day. 

Cacao Tree

When Is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day, which was introduced in 2009, celebrates the alleged date of 1550 when this well-known sweet treat first arrived in Europe. Although the precise creator of World Chocolate Day is unknown, they definitely deserve our gratitude. 

Around the world, candy stores and small-town sellers provide discounts on their most popular products on this day so that everyone, young and old, can indulge in a mouthful of chocolate. The seventh of July is designated as “World Chocolate Day.”

According to historians, chocolate began to be freely disseminated across all of Europe on July 7, 1550. This illustrates the spread of chocolate from South America to the rest of the world.

However, this is not the only date created by chocolate lovers. The International Chocolate Day celebration takes place every year on September 13th. Additionally, we also have two National Chocolate Days, celebrated respectively on December 28th and October 28th

Cacao Beans

Celebration Of Chocolate Day

We already know that July 7th is World Chocolate Day. Even though some would prefer to celebrate this day every day, the specific celebration dedicated to chocolate offers you the ideal excuse to devour your favorites in large quantities. There is little doubt that chocolate taste is a global favorite. It adds taste to a variety of foods, including ice cream, sweets, toppings, desserts, and morning cereal. Given its popularity, it most definitely merits a holiday.

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You don’t need us to explain to you how to observe this holiday, do you? Consume chocolate! You may celebrate this Chocolate Day by including chocolate in the following ways: How about your favorite chocolate cereal and a couple of doughnuts that have chocolate filling for breakfast? You could follow that up with some hot chocolate or a chocolate milkshake. Or perhaps you’d like chocolate chip pancakes?

World Chocolate Day gives us a particular day to savor chocolate’s rich, creamy splendor. You’ll find a lot of bakeries, people, and candy stores participating in the celebrations. Why not pull out the cookbook, look online for ideas, and celebrate Chocolate Day by baking and making some amazing chocolate-flavored treats?

Send a package of high-quality chocolates and fresh flowers to your loved ones, or surprise everyone at the workplace with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. People who are unaware of World Chocolate Day will be overjoyed to join you in your celebration. Make it a tradition to share chocolate on July 7 each year.

Major chocolate brands offer a wide range of promotions and gifts on World Chocolate Day. Godiva, for example, provided commemorative chocolate treat boxes in 2021. They sent a sweet Instagram message encouraging customers to rejoice with Godiva goods.

Who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to some truffles? Edible Arrangements has provided positive Facebook updates over the past few years to keep fans informed. Murray & Co., wholesale jewelers, urged customers to spoil their loved ones on this important day. That also recommended mixing your favorite diamond cut with your favorite chocolate to give yourself a new moniker for the day.

Chocolate Cereal

The Process of Chocolate Making

If you’re among those who celebrate World Chocolate Day, chances are that you’d like to know the process of chocolate making as well. The fact that chocolate is a fermented food is not known to everyone. After the cacao pods are harvested, washed off the fruit’s pithy white substance, and dried, the cacao beans are fermented. Once the papery shell has been removed, the cacao nibs are visible. Here is where creativity and fun come into play. 

Then, after separating the nibs into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, chocolatiers crush the nibs into cocoa mass and mix it with milk and sugar. When making white chocolate, all that is needed is chocolate butter mixed with milk and sugar. 

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This procedure is absolutely worth celebrating, especially in light of how much care goes into making it perfect. Each chocolatier has a unique process and has concepts that are well-liked all across the world. As time has gone on, we have shifted toward dark chocolate indulgence. It has a larger amount of chocolate and much less sugar. 

Cacao Pods

Benefits of Chocolate for Your Health

While many people believe that chocolate is 100% bad for your health, there are actually several advantages to eating a small bit of dark chocolate every day. So, let’s explain how chocolate can benefit your health and, therefore, why celebrating World Chocolate Day can be a great idea.

Due to its high antioxidant content, dark chocolate lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improves heart health and circulation, and lowers the incidence of strokes. As if that weren’t enough, eating dark chocolate has been shown to elevate your mood by triggering the release of endorphins.

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is so incredibly flavorsome? Because chocolate melts at a temperature slightly below that of human blood, it is so utterly smooth and delicious. Dark chocolate will melt on your tongue, but milk chocolate will likely melt in your palm due to its greater quantities of cocoa butter.

Similar to claims that chocolate is excellent for your health, it may also improve your attention, memory, and resistance to mental aging. Researchers discovered in 2012 that consuming dark chocolate can increase blood flow to specific brain regions. This surge from chocolate immediately improves task performance and alertness in general.

Bottom Line

To sum up, World Chocolate Day is July 7th. If not the most beloved flavor on all seven continents, chocolate is unquestionably one of the most popular flavors in the world. It needs to be honored since it is frequently referred to as the “miracle bean.”  

Anyone who likes chocolate, whether they prefer milk, dark, with or without nuts, or white, is unlikely to be able to resist the flavor. Even if there is never a bad day to eat chocolate, the 7th of July is the best day to dive into the happiness of chocolate guilt-free. 

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