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Chipotle Secret Menu – 9 Delicious Hacks You Need To Try In 2024

Are you curious about understanding some of the hidden items on the Chipotle secret menu? It’s no secret that Chipotle is among the top fast-food Mexican eateries. Not only do they provide delicious cuisine, but the meat comes from naturally raised animals, and the veggies are cultivated on farms that practice environmental responsibility. 

Chipotle is a great option for many reasons, but once you learn about and try its hidden menu, you’ll be a fan for life. The key, like at many restaurants with hidden menus, is being aware of what is offered. Additionally, there are several methods to order specific products so that the meal is maximized without raising your payment. 

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So, let’s explore the most fascinating items you can order from the diverse and delicious Chipotle secret menu. 

Names of Chipotle Secret Menu Hacks

  1. Quesarito 
  2. Burritodilla
  3. Double-decker Taco
  4. 3-Pointer
  5. Taco Salad
  6. Mix and Match
  7. 2 for 1
  8. Dragon Sauce
  9. Free Cilantro

Top 9 Items from Chipotle Secret Menu You Can Try

1. Quesarito 


A cheese quesadilla and a standard Chipotle burrito are combined in the delicious Quesarito- which is one of the must-try items on the Chipotle secret menu. This burrito comes wrapped in a huge quesadilla rather than being stuffed with all the desired toppings within a giant wheat tortilla. 

The Quesarito adds a whole new layer to the burrito’s contents to really make you feel full to the brim. Your calorie intake is also increased by the enormous amount of melted cheese, but if you’re searching for a treat, it’s totally worth it. 

Even if you dislike spice, you can still enjoy tasty salsas since the added cheese on the outside will help to temper the intensity. Simply order the burrito with a quesadilla rather than a tortilla and fill it with all your favorite fixings. Surprisingly, the Quesarito was inspired by a Taco Bell menu item. Still, most Chipotle employees will be familiar with it when you order it.

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2. Burritodilla


The Burritodilla is your best alternative if you prefer the Quesarito but are unsure if you have the appetite to complete it. This chipotle secret menu item is made with shredded cheese put on top of a tortilla, combining the flavors of a burrito and a quesadilla. Next, a small amount of toppings is added, roughly half of what you would ordinarily put in a burrito. The final step involves adding more cheese on top, folding it up, and grilling it until the insides are well warmed.

Its foil packaging will be opened to reveal a crisp wrap with warm, delectable contents inside.

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Unlike a burrito, which is folded quesadilla-style, a Burritodilla is fried on a heated griddle to melt the cheese and crisp the tortilla.

3. Double-decker Taco

Double-decker Taco

Do you enjoy rides on two-story buses? Well, whenever you imagine this item from the Chiptole secret menu, you can picture having a ride on a two-story bus.

The reason is that this taco from the Chipotle secret menu resembles that bus quite a bit. It may sound as though eating one will leave you feeling like you’ve been run over by a double-decker food bus, but that isn’t always the case because it’s often one of the lighter alternatives available. Based on the customers’ opinions, this Mexican snack is one of the most popular types of food during the time of the Cinco de Mayo festival.

The double-decker is basically a cheddar taco nestled inside of another taco. Simply ask your waitress to top off a normal taco with the filling of your choice after ordering a softshell cheese taco. A tiny corn tortilla filled with protein, cilantro, and even some pico de gallo is used in Chipotle’s tacos to maintain their authenticity as a traditional Mexican street dish.

4. 3-Pointer


You have a lot of options at Chipotle when building your burrito. Rice and proteins are often chosen first, followed by a variety of toppings, including beans, salsas, cheese, lettuce, and, if you’re feeling fancy, guacamole. Did you know that there are a set number of “points” in each of these items?

The 3-pointer, one of the most delicious burrito choices on the Chipotle secret menu, only has two or three components totaling three points. Proteins and guacamole are classified as two-point foods, while fillers like grains, beans, and cheese are one-point foods. A burrito with three one-point toppings, such as rice, beans, and cheese, or one protein and two other toppings, is referred to as a 3-Pointer.

Pricing-wise, a 3-Pointer actually works out to be somewhat less expensive than a regular burrito. So, if you’re low on change, you might want to consider this as another satisfying choice. But don’t attempt to use your 3-Pointer to get free fillings because that will not work. 

5. Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Even though the taco salad itself is no longer offered, there is a little Chipotle secret menu trick that might help you satisfy your taco salad hunger. If you consider the toppings that go in it, the closest thing to a taco salad would either be a burrito bowl or nachos.

Any salad on the Chipotle menu that is served with an additional fried tortilla bowl is considered a taco salad. You can always order nachos with lettuce if it’s not an option at your neighborhood Chipotle to make the most of it. Ask for more lettuce if you want the burrito bowl. Even better, you might request that they serve your burrito bowl atop a bed of lettuce. Simply choose lettuce when you order nachos from the Chipotle Secret Menu. Keep in mind that most toppings are free. 

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6. Mix and Match

Did you know that while placing an order at Chipotle, you are not required to use the word “or”? You may have black and pinto beans, as well as white and brown rice, for no additional cost. By using the “mix and match” menu trick, you can spice up your typical order without paying more. Similarly, ordering extra beans or salsa or doubling the number of other items is free. 

For the price of one protein, you can order half chicken and half pork, or half steak and half carnitas. You will end up paying for the more costly half, but still just for one protein serving. Unfortunately, adding a second protein or avocado costs more. The next time you’re particularly hungry, indulge your appetite and your imagination by ordering an extravagant, flavor-packed burrito using this mix-and-match trick.

7. 2 for 1

Despite claims that Chipotle’s pricing is a little bit higher than those of its rivals, orders can still be rather expensive, sometimes costing more than $10 per meal. Additionally, the servings may be enormous. 

You may get more for your money at Chipotle by using some of the clever money-saving tips on the Chipotle secret menu. By ordering a burrito bowl and dividing it into two semi-full-sized burritos, you may get a deal of two for one. You must order your bowl with two tortillas on the side and double everything for this trick to be effective. This implies that a double protein will cost you an additional $5 and that you won’t be charged extra for extra toppings like rice, beans, salsa, or lettuce.

You may divide the bowl’s contents into two separate tortillas after placing your order, wrap them up, and you’ll get two (slightly smaller) burritos for the price of one. Your burrito will be a respectable size, not quite as big as if you’d ordered a burrito from the beginning but still enough to have a filling lunch, depending on how substantial your Chipotle employee makes their scoops. Overall, we believe this Chipotle secret menu trick is quite cool if you’re going on a tight-budget dinner date.

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8. Dragon Sauce

Dragon Sauce

One of those toppings, sour cream, appears to split people into two camps: either you must have it with your burrito or you despise it to the core. Sour cream and the tomatillo-red chili salsa from Chipotle are combined to create a Chipotle secret menu item known as “dragon sauce.” It will undoubtedly appeal to fans of sour cream, and we’d even hazard to suggest that sour cream haters would enjoy it.

Combine roughly a quarter of a side of salsa with a whole side of sour cream, and it was still very, very hot. This reminded me more of a creamy salsa than a spicy sour cream. In order to preserve the flavor and texture of the sour cream while obtaining a little kick of spice, order burritos with sour cream and salsa separately.

9. Free Cilantro

Free Cilantro

Yes, there are many cunning ways to take advantage of the Chipotle menu and make some savings, including dividing your burrito bowl into two burritos. A side of cilantro, on the other hand, is one component you can get at Chipotle absolutely free. 

Although this may not be the most intriguing Chipotle secret menu item, who doesn’t enjoy free things? To add a light, delicately lemony touch to your rice or bowl and improve every bite, sprinkle some cilantro on top. Go to Chipotle and load up on cilantro if you like it. Yes, the green herb in your Chipotle rice is cilantro. 

Bottom Line

Fresh, sustainable ingredients are crammed into adaptable bowls, salads, and handhelds for Chipotle’s delectable and substantial Mexican cuisine. You have access to a vast array of innovative Mexican recipes thanks to the abundance of ingredients and the traditional Mexican foundation of tortillas, cheese, and meat.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these things are fan-made variations of Chipotle secret menu items rather than items on any official menu, so don’t count on your neighborhood Chipotle to know what your “Burritodilla” order entails without explaining it. These hacks not only level up your order, but they’re typically inexpensive.

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