Hungarian Candy

Hungarian Candy – Delightful Adventure Toward Sweet Realm

Everyone agrees that life without candy would be just a tedious existence. This is especially apparent once we consider the splendor of flavors, aesthetics, and forms of Hungarian candy.

Considering that there is an abundance of charming delights available for you to enjoy, it should come as no surprise that Hungary makes loads of exceptional contributions to this sweet realm. The celebration of flavors in Hungarian candy delights the palate and is relatively well-recognized worldwide. 

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In this article, we’ve selected some of the most delightful Hungarian sweets to satisfy your sugar cravings! 

Hungarian Candy

History of Chocolate Candies in Hungary

The Italian chocolate candy masters were largely responsible for introducing chocolate to Hungary in the 18th century. However, since the country classified chocolate as a chemical product, the new threat was first offered as a medicine.

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Even some imaginative individuals in Hungary intended to patent chocolate as a “medical delicacy” since they believed drizzling chocolate over medication would make it more appealing and simpler for the patient to ingest. To achieve the same effects without compromising the drug’s strength, pharmacists have also tried mixing powdered tablets into chocolate candies. However, as the sweet treat evolved into greater appeal, the public’s image of chocolate began to gradually shift. 

Today, Hungarian candy’s appealing design is even used in commercials, movies, marketing, and even in the gambling industry. For instance, funny online casinos often use colorful Hungarian candy symbols on slot machines to provide an authentic experience to travelers visiting the country.

Although, unfortunately, there aren’t any Willy Wonka candy factories in Hungary, there are plenty of other candy manufacturing companies that can be explored.

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Top 5 Hungarian Candy That Will Amaze You

1. Tejkaramella


Tejkaramella, a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth fusion of milk and caramel, is a delightful confection cherished among a particular segment of the local culinary scene primarily for the recollections it brings up and the flavor it offers. When first chewed, this creamy variety of fudge may taste a bit dry and have a soft toffee flavor. Nevertheless, soon after, the sugary goodness melts over the taste buds.

The Hungarian Szerencsi chocolate company began mass-producing these tiny rectangular rods in the middle of the 1930s after the Polish confectioner Feliks Pomorski introduced them to the world. They quickly became an international sensation.

Their popularity spread like wildfire, captivating candy enthusiasts not just in Hungary but across borders. The candy’s reputation grew and found its way into various cultural representations, including the gambling industry.

In the realm of online entertainment, mobile casinos have revolutionized the way people enjoy international candy. So, whether you’re an avid gourmand or simply a candy fanatic searching for a thrill, chances are that encountering your favorite Hungarian candy among the reels of thrilling slot machines will be tempting.

2. Szaloncukor


Szaloncukor resembles a chocolate-covered bonbon in appearance and is available in a variety of flavors, from chestnut to the favored jelly alternative. Famous Hungarian manufacturers of confections, notably Gerbeaud and Stühmer, created their formulas, leading to the wide variety of forms and tastes offered today.

In the shape of a petite cracker, Szaloncukor is covered in colored foil and wrapped at both ends. This sugary delight is a seasonal candy. The tradition of Szaloncukor, which dates back to the 14th century, calls for the consumption of sweets while adorning the Christmas tree. Szaloncukor, a typical Hungarian Christmas candy, is a necessity for every Christmas tree.

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3. Dunakavics


Although they resemble peanut M&Ms in many respects, Dunakavics are genuine Hungarian delicacies. They are roasted peanuts covered in colored caramel. Thanks to the uneven sugar covering, these dragees resemble the stones along the Danube shore, explaining the title. Since the start of the Dunakavics’ manufacturing in 1964, the Dragees have continued to employ the same recipe. This treat is available in blue packaging at retail establishments.

4. Balaton Szelet

Balaton Szelet

Balaton is a confection of stacked wafer bars filled with cocoa cream and traditionally covered in milk or dark chocolate. There have been plenty of novel flavors introduced in the last few years. Some of these flavors are similar to the best-selling candy bars, while others exclusively vary in the flavor of the filling that is packed in between the wafers. Opt for the traditional flavor if you would like to observe it!

5. Macskanyelv


Macskanyelv is a chocolate bar with dimensions of 5-8 centimeters and featuring round ends that resemble a cat’s tongue. It comes in white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors, and you can either eat it right away or use it as a decoration for desserts.

The idea may have originated with the Austrian Küfferle firm. However, Emil Gerbeaud is thought to have originally invented it at the end of the 19th century. What is definite is that Gerbeaud was the one who decided to serve the candy to clients in his confectionery at Vörösmarty Square, initially in Hungary.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Hungary has an incredible variety of mouthwatering tastes and textures for you to delight in in the realm of candies. One could never guess what delectable miracles may be created with poppy seeds, almonds, and nuts. Fortunately, Hungarians are generous with their creativity and willingness to experiment! We simply succeeded in scraping the surface of all the generally recommended delightful candies you can only discover in Hungary.

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